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  1. A

    Components to create a wired ethernet network with a wireless cess point at a different location from the router.

    My house is wired for Ethernet with Cat6 cable all ran from a room under the staircase. Currently the cable modem and a 4 port Wi Fi router are under the stair case as well. I would like to move the router upstairs to use as a wireless access point and a switch for better coverage. I am...
  2. GingerSloth

    Sound quality on PC very poor compared to iPods and other computers

    So basically, I purchased some extremely good headphones known as ATH-M50s. I first tested them on my iPod touch 5th gen and the sound quality was phenomenal, like nothing I had ever heard before. However, when I use them on my PC, the quality is a bit dissapointing. It's okay with acoustics...
  3. A

    ASUS AM3+ Motherboard for Fx

    Is ASUS M5A97 LE 2.0 a good mobo for 6300? Have it anything like 5x protection type? Want to add a Sapphire R7 240 boost 1gb DDR5 gpu.
  4. S

    Headphone port not plugged in

    Hi I just recently had a power outage that turned off my computer while I was on it twice(the first time lights were out for a minute and then the second it was off for 2 hours) When the power came back on for good I noticed that my headphones were not making sound so I tried it on my roommates...
  5. M

    help please anyone

    I have a Type3 wire for my motherboard m5a78lm usb3 i dont know where it goes in can someone help..
  6. J

    Asus r9 280x

    How big power supply I should use to power PC with Asus R9 280x DirectCUII TOP?? I am planning to buy 600w power supply