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New Installation

Forum discussion tagged with New Installation.
  1. Question PC randomly shuts down while gaming after upgrading CPU

    Hello. After installing a Ryzen 5 3600 on my old MSI Tomahawk b450 motherboard for 1st gen Ryzen, my PC has been regularly shutting down after some time gaming (maybe 30 minutes, maybe several hours). I've updated all of my drivers. I flashed the bios with the newest version to be able to...
  2. nikkolaus

    [SOLVED] Transferring files to new Win10 install

    So, I know this sounds stupid, but it's been forever since I've done such things and I just need a helping hand... I have two M.2 NVME drives. They are both mounted to my motherboard. The old M.2 has an old version of windows on it, all my files, photos, documents, desktop icons etc... The new...
  3. J

    Overclocking Intel cpu

    Can be "K" processor overclocked on H270 Motherboard? I mean with Intel XTU and so on.
  4. J

    Help : Gaming PC Performance,

    Hey, I found a PC Build for my price and it had an Intel Core i5 4460(3.2GhZ ( I heard its a great CPU!)) And i was wondering if the Raedon R7 240 paired with it can play some of the new games on what settings, Take GTA V, CS:GO and Black Ops 3, and see what settings they can run on a 24"...