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  1. C

    GPU Fan Speed

    I just installed MSI AfterBurner. I have a Asus Strix R7 370 that runs just a bit too hot for my taste while playing witcher 3 ( Approximately 78°C at most with max load) with a mix of medium and high settings. On low/medium settings, I get around 60-71°C. My question is how much rpm can a gpu...
  2. J

    GTX 770 Classified for PHYSX and GTX 970 Windforce for Everything else

    My system has a GTX 770 Classified in it now and i just received my GTX 970 Windforce Edition. My original plan was to swap the 770 with the 970. I've been reading up on two different cards in one PC without using SLI. Is this a good idea to use 770 for PHYSX and my 970 for everything else? I...
  3. H

    Lag With High FPS !URGENT!

    Hi guys, this problem is getting into my nerves now, I get 100+ fps average all the time even in the biggest fight never drops below 60. I got a problem that even though I get this high fps, it feels more like 45,50. What I mean is that FPS doesn't give me the value which my pc shows... If you...
  4. 1LiquidPC

    Windows 8.1 Image Backup doesn't recognize internal drive....worked before

    Hello. I'm having some trouble here and hoping somebody can help. I'm trying to use the Windows 8.1 Image Backup software to create another total drive image of my Primary C: over to my D: Drive. I made an image just fine when I first got 8.1 up and running w/ drivers installed. It's been...
  5. K

    Old battleship game

    Hello, I've been searching for the name of a game 10 - 15 years ago. I don't remember anything from the title but in this game you first had to build a battleship that was out of earth. The building stage was a hexagon pattern. You had to equip it with thrusters, generator, cannons, spikes...
  6. apcs13

    Best Gaming Keyboard(s)?

    Hi everyone, During the winter season, I built my first gaming PC, and although it had a lot of issues, I've gotten them all worked out within the past few months and have really enjoyed using my PC. However, being my first desktop in almost 10 years and my first ever dedicated gaming PC plus...
  7. B

    new built won't start up

    Hello guys, I am building my first gaming computer so I apologize in advance if Im a noob. But I got done building my computer and I think I wired everything correctly. But when I connected everything to power there was a red light on my motherboard and then I tried to turn on my new built...
  8. T

    Will everything in my computer work well together?