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  1. Gocan Patric

    Question Blue Screen after adding two more RAM sticks of same brand & same frequency ?

    So i have 16 GB(8x2) of ram and bought them as a set, name of the memory Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400MHz, and i bought 2 more separately 8Gb each but not as a set, same brand same frequency! After the installation approximately 20-30 minutes i got a blue screen! After that i tested each of the...
  2. C

    Question Stuttering after adding new RAM (8GB to 16GB)

    Hello everyone, I've noticed that my pc has begun stuttering every now and then (maybe once every hour sometimes twice) when I do things like watch youtube videos or play video games after I upgraded my RAM from (4x2) 8GB to (8x2) 16GB. Motherboard - ASRock H97 Anniversary ATX LGA 1150...
  3. U

    Question Can an incompatible RAM cause reboot cycle?

    Hi! I'm upgrading my PC, new motherboard (Gigabyte Z490M), new CPU (i5-10400F), new RAM (2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX [CMK16GX4M2B3200C16]). After all was set up and connected, I fired it up and got a restart cycle, no POST, black screen, I don't have a speaker, so I can't say if it's...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] My CPU is turning on but monitor, keyboard and mouse aren't (happened after new ram insertion)

    Okay so my build is core i5 7400, with Asus H110M-K motherboard, 8GB DDR4 2400mhz RAM, 550w PSU, and a 1050ti. I just bought 8 GB more RAM for my system. It was working fine before I did this. I turned it off, removed the cover and inserted the new ram chip as far as it went. Tried to turn it...
  5. S

    Question New Ram installed, No display

    I wanted to upgrade my pc 1 GB ram installed already {1GB 1Rx8 PC3-8500U-07-10-ZZZ} NEW RAM {4GB DDR3 PC3 12800-1600MHz} When I replaced my RAM, CPU is turning on but there is no display. then again put my old ram in CPU everything works fine. please tell me how to solve this issue
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Added new 2x4gb ram, windows 10 throws recovery mode

    Hi, so I add new ram and windows wont boot, i try only add new ram and it worked, old one works too, but when i add them together windows shows couple errors. I cant even get to safe mode. so old ram - Patriot, signature line, ddr4, 8 gb,2666mhz, cl 19, kit of 2; new ram - Patriot, signature...
  7. B

    Question No display with new ram

    I recently just bought a new ram kit. My old stick of ram was a Corsair vengeance LPX ddr4 1x16 3000mhz kit. My new one has the same speed and everything.... but I decided to go with two 8gb sticks instead of one 16gb stick. I thought the way to replace them was to take out the old and put in...
  8. O

    Question Bought a new kit of ram, Same brand, Speed and size but cant post windows...

    So recently i started playing a game called ”Rust” and noticed that 8 GB ram isn't going to be enough to have stutter free gameplay. So i searched online that if you mix ram to try and use the same model of ram and brans and everything. I did just that and when i placed the ram in for first time...
  9. R

    Question Win 7 Login screen/soon after login freeze

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with freezes on the login screen or shortly after logging onto the desktop. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, desktop PC. Recently I upgraded my system: GTX 760 2Gb replaced with GTX 1060 6Gb (bought used), added another 2 sticks of RAM, bought used off of Ebay -...
  10. M

    amazon prime explantion

    is amazon prime like netfilx where you stream shows and movies or do you have to buy each episode of a tv show or movie you want to watch?
  11. P

    My Logitech g230 stereo gaming headset's mic is not recognized as "plugged in" by my computer.

    I have checked tons of forums and places for answers but I'm getting answers for questions I am not asking. I am asking why my computer wont recognize the microphone and what can I do to fix it Please note that my computer is a tower not a laptop. It has no default microphone
  12. A

    Ram timings showing up different in Memtest86

    Upon starting Memtest86 trying decide if I have a bad Mem stick, I noticed the info pertaining to the timing sets are different than what my Bios is telling me. The Bios is set to auto timings for my RAM but even when I put in on Manual and input the settings at 9-9-9-24, in Memtest it is...
  13. D

    nvlddmkm stopped responding and has recovered.

    Full history. Most games seem to crash because of this error. I've run through all the solutions I could find online. All of my drivers are up to date on all devices. I've tried every version of my video driver, using Display Driver Remover in between each one. I've had the memory tested...
  14. C

    Need help with slow internet

    Hey all, so recently just built my own computer, I live in ireland and I was trying to install team fortress 2 which is a 6GB game onto steam and its taking really really long and my download speed is only 0.5 mb/ps when it should be around 5-7 mbp/s and when I checked another PC in my house it...
  15. J

    need feedback on new build

    this is the new build I Came up with My question is it decent for 4k streaming movies and for 4k gaming I mostly play mmorpg's and rpg's in genral I would also like to get my feet wet in overclocking as I have never attempted this before I would be...