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    Question Is this PSU cappable of that rig?

    Hi guys Finally I managed to save some money and want to buy a new pc with those specs : Intel core i5-9400F GTX 1660 TI Asus Prime B365M-K 2x 4GB 2400 or 2666 ( Have to take a look on those ) 1 x SSD 250GB samsung I am not sure weather or not I should spent more cash on the pc for the PSU...
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    Question New PC fails to start up, any suggestions much appreciated

    Hey guys, Just built a PC from brand new components and it fails to boot up. Here is what I experience: PC powers on, CPU fan boosts, CPU fan throttles, CPU fan boosts, CPU fan throttles, repeats this process a few times, then PC powers off, then PC restarts and this repeats indefinitely. No...
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    CM Storm Trooper FAN SPEED LED Lighting up but power button led not.

    Its all working fine, just power button led not working. where my 4-pin molex only has 3 wires coming from top panel.
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    PC Crashing (power supply?)

    Hi there, I built my PC a good 6 months ago, and have had very few issues with it. I play new games, and also use it for work / writing etc. Recently it has been crashing at random times, but also when the system is under a lot of stress (loading games etc). Due to this, I updated all my...