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  1. colinoak

    Question I installed my new rx 5700xt and now I have no sound

    Hello all, so my on board sound AKA (front panel Aux jack for headphones) was working perfectly fine before I upgraded my GPU from a GTX 950 to RX 5700XT, now I have no sound except from my monitor which isn't what I want at all, this has never happened with any other piece of hardware I've...
  2. C

    Dlink wifi problem (plz help)

    So i just did a fresh restart of windows on my computer because i was too lazy to clean it. anyways i installed all the drivers for my gtx 1050ti i also installed the dlink wireless wifi adapter drivers. Before the fresh restart it worked 100% fine always 150+mbps up and down now after the fresh...
  3. U

    If i reformat my harddrive will my win10 digital liscense still work

    So, I have some issues with my OS, want to reformat and do a clean install of the OS and go from there. Only problem is, my OS is Windows 10 and I got it from the free upgrade thing so I don't have a product key. I know my windows 7 key won't work, so I'm hoping this is possible and I won't have...
  4. B

    quad core PC can't play games anymore??

    I've been playing Flight Simulator X for a while now, as well as other games. A few days ago my games have been very laggy (dropping to 1-5 FPS) and I have no clue why. I've cleared my temp folders, updated my graphics card driver (it fixed it for about 5 seconds) and everything I can think of...
  5. M

    Help please. Lag on games when I move my mouse

    Hi :) I've had troubles with this before, and it was caused by a file called stij.exe and I managed to remove it, but it came back a couple of times. The problems I'm having now are identical to when I had problems before with stij.exe, but this time I can't see any stij.exe in the processes tab...
  6. S

    What power supply.?

    I'm just wondering how what wattage power supply should be for these components: Seagate 3tb hardrive Corsair vengeance 8gb ram Msi h87-g43 mother board Asus Radeon r9 270 x gpu Intel core i5-4430 haswell 3GHz quad core desktop processor