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  1. Z

    Question Can i install sata ssd on my b85 g43 motherboard ?

    So i have an old rig that i've bought couple years ago, and it is slow af, i've done plenty optimizations and its still sucks ( compared to nowadays boot speed), so i planned to install a ssd to my rig which has a b85 g43 gaming mobo. is it possible to install an ssd onto my rig ? sorry im...
  2. M

    Question Best Budget Motherboard

    HI everyone, im in my mid teens and have a huge interest in building computers. The problem I can't overcome today is the fact that I don't whats the best motherboard to get. It needs to be LGA775 and support PC3-10600U ram ( hopefully more than 4gbs), and lastly it has to be micro atx, I work...
  3. R

    Question Strange stuff. Need help!

    Hi all! I'm brand new here so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place or a totally stupid question but I really hope someone can help me here? I built my PC just before Christmas last year (my first...woop!) and everything's been going great but I have just stumbled into an issue I don't...
  4. JPODP22

    Question Acer Aspire T3-710 Upgrade help - Newb here

    Hi everyone! Long story short... I am a newb to this website/forum and was in need of a little help if possible? So I have an Acer Aspire T3-710 PC specs as follows: i7 6th Gen 6700 @ 3.4Ghz 16GB Ram @ 1600mhz (2x8) 64Bit Windows 10 Home + Student edition motherboard from what i can gather...
  5. J

    Question Building a new pc, need advice

    Hello fellow gamers! I have quite a decent rig right now which serves my needs, let's say, just fine. Although it performs well now, I want to make a future proof pc that can last for at least the next few years. Right now i have an old haswell cpu, which still packs a punch (i5 4570), 12gig...
  6. L

    Question PC budget build 500$ with no HDD or SSD or gpu

    Hello I have 500$ to spend on a new PC already have GPU and SSD and the GPU is 1050 GTX ti 4gb and please leave nice desk and chairs and mouses OUTSIDE of the build so any builds u can come up with to help me thank you
  7. Crash_Overiidee

    Question First PC Build Disaster. Need Help to fix it.

    I build my pc in 2015. At the time I posted in this forum, I wrote that I needed a pc able to edit video and maybe play a game or two.. at the time all these parts and monitor came to be about $1400 and now as you can see the part list only comes out to about $470. Well times have changed for...
  8. H

    Does my motherboard really comes with a free copy of Windows 10?

    Hi, today I bought the MSI TOMAHAWK B350 AM4 motherboard. On the box it says “Microsoft Windows 10-Ready”, I would like to know if it means that I won’t have to buy Windows 10 and I will automatically have it for free. Thanks
  9. T

    PCIe WiFi card

    Here is the card I’m looking at I’m wondering what you guys think about it http://
  10. T

    Looking for some Threaded inserts!!

    I'm looking for some threaded inserts for some brass standoffs and basically a standard size pc screw but i cant manage to find any i would like some help.
  11. K

    Reset my pc

    PLEASE ANSWER ALL 3 QUESTIONS 1. Hello, I recived my ibuypower gaming computer . I wanted to change my colours on mek 2 keyboard so I download hera. And I touched something and suddenly my keyboard went wrong. Sometimes it types one letter infinitely and when I type it types wrong letter. So I...
  12. I

    Recommend Me A PCIe Sata III card

    Simple request. I often write elaborate posts explaining what I want and why but this should be simple enough. I have a z620 with only 2 Sata III ports and I need more. I also need it to reliably handle being written to and read frequently and under heavy load as I run simulations and render...
  13. B

    Ethernet Unidentified network

    I've tried almost every solution there is: Restarting PC, Restarting Router, Reseting Router, ipconfig /release etc. , netsh etc. I am wondering if anyone can help me in my situation, i'm open to any suggestions even if it means repeating the solutions above. Extra info: -When ipconfig /renew...
  14. A

    Best g-sync gaming monitor at minimum 144hz please help :D

    Hello there! If anyone could help me find the best gaming monitor that would be great. the requirements for the monitor is. - g-sync - at least 144hz I mainly play CS: GO, where i get around 300fps, therefor a 144hz, or above monitor would be great. However, i also play other games where my...
  15. G

    Pc crash need help fast

    So i just installeren mu new pc fan but after like 2 minutes of werking fine the pc Saïd bad system config info what To do?
  16. L

    What drivers do I need and where can I get them?

    I just built my computer, I am in the process of getting Windows 10 installed, and I realize I'm going to need drivers for anything to function. What drivers will I need and where can I get them?
  17. Y

    First screen turns black for a few second & driver crashes , now suffering massive fps drops . is my gpu dying?

    Hey folks , i'm trying to figure out the problem of my computer . My pc was completely normal until the last 3 days , the first 2 days i appear mysterious driver crash - game crash - screen turns black for a few seconds quite constantly when i play video games . The weird thing is those 2...
  18. S

    i have core 2 duo e7400 , and want to use nvidia 1060 3gb ,does this work??

    i have core 2 duo e7400 , and want to use nvidia 1060 3gb ,does this work??
  19. M

    How much dedicated memory my NVIDIA have?

    Hi. I was trying to discover how much dedicated memory my graphic cards have, but I'm somewhat confused. I found how much dedicated memory the Intel Graphics HD 4000 have, but I don't know where to find the dedicated memory of NVIDIA GeForce. I had opened the msinfo32.exe, as recommended...
  20. C

    computer crashes problem

    hello members, i am having a hard time dealing with my system crashing. It started with random crashes since it is fairly old system and the psu and cpu fan were getting old so i thought dat is the problem, i replaced the psu and got a new cpu cooler.the computer was still crashing. then i put...