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  1. JohnS110

    [SOLVED] New gaming build won’t turn on.. only the lights on motherboard and graphics card fans turn on ?

    Specs are: Ryzen 3800x Asus tuf 3060 12gb GPU DDR4 32gb team group asus tuf edition Asus tuf 750 watt PSU Asus tuf 570 plus wifi motherboard Hard drive 2tb seagate 250gb PNY SSD Asus tuf GT501 PC case i have tried reseating all the connections and tried the ram reseating and trying to see if...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] Need help with upgrading my setup

    My Current Personal setup: (Not overclocked) CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 Motherboard: Asus PRIME B450M-A Memory: 16GB Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4 DRAM (8 * 2) Graphics: Asus Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB Monitor: ASUS VG248QE 24 inch 144Hz PSU: Corsair TX650M Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Storage: Western...
  3. Jasonrsj

    Question Can't Get into BIOS Screen Thru GPU

    Hey guys, So I just built a new PC and I had troubles with getting the PC to display on my monitor. I finally got it to work after taking out the CMOS battery pushing the power button and putting the batter back in. But anyways I can now get Display but for some reason when my monitor is...
  4. DirtySZN

    [SOLVED] How can I boost FPS/Brand new build expectations

    So I am going to try and put the most information possible in this post here that I can think of as I am trying to get more FPS/more consistent FPS in the following games that I play quite a bit of: Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone & Call of Duty Cold War. My new custom PC build (not built by me)...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600/5700XT Bad Performance.

    Hi there, first post on this forum :) I've recently built a new machine to replace my dusty old one. The specs are: Ryzen 5 3600 Sapphire PULSE 5700xt 16gb Kingston HyperX @ 3600MhZ ASRock Steel Legend B450M ATX Cooler Master MWE 750w Gold From benchmarks I've seen, the computer is supposed...
  6. pepejamming

    Question First PC Build,I keep getting Kernel 41 and don't know what is causing it

    I keep getting Kernel 41, no other details (case=0), indicating a power failure. I checked my drivers, mobo, power settings, turned off quick start up, etc. What I've found is that the issue starts when I'm using a larger portion of my processing power, usually multiple tabs of chrome, league...
  7. Dribbly

    Question New(b) Build - HELP

    Hey guys, hoping you can help me out. Would love if you would tell me exactly what parts to buy. I know there’s new CPU/GPUs out but don’t feel it’s necessary to spend hundreds extra to overkill, rather than buying the cheaper predecessors. Let me know opinions please. Approximate Purchase...
  8. M

    Question Alyx - min CPU spec required

    Hi all. I own an Oculus Quest 2 and really want to play Alyx. I'm told my PC (see build here at pcpartpicker) won't be able to play it due to Alyx's CPU demands (see min specs for Alyx below). Should I try and find a better CPU for my build, or should I sell up and build a newer PC (am4; ddr4...
  9. D

    Question HELP ME!!!!! I KNOW acting really funny. Hard to explain.

    This is a tough one. I will do my best to explain it clearly.. Firstly, this is my first build by myself. System specs are: AMD Ryzen 3900xt MSI 5700 RX MECH OC EVGA SuerNOVA G3 850w 80gold plus MSI B550-A ProSeries Corsair Vengeance LPX DDr4 2 x 36GB 2400mhz Cooler Master Hyper 212 cpu...
  10. H

    Question 1st New Built PC, won't post

    Hi there, new to these forums. I've been building a pc for the first time for my little brother. Specs are: Cpu: Ryzen 5 3600 Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition MoBo: AsRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 Ram: G.Skills Ripjaws V 2x8GB Gpu: GTX 1080 founders edition Storage: hp m.2 256gb...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Build List opinions

    Its been a while since i've owned a PC that could handle gaming but I figured I have the money and have been wanting a computer for a while. Any opinions on what would be the best bang for my money? I'm looking to spend roughly $1200 or so and I already have all the peripherals. I play games...
  12. I

    Question HELP! System w/ No Post!

    I'm currently building a pc, comprised of new and used parts. This is my 3rd build, I'm not a rookie at this but certainly not a pro. The system turns on, fans spin, mobo lights up, and everything seems to be on. I get no display. The mobo's ez debug boot led is on. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 -...
  13. yoyash1

    [SOLVED] Computer won't start in the morning

    I build this pc just 3 days ago AMD RYZEN 7 2700 16GB DDR4 3000MHZ CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX COOLER MASTER MWE 550W MSI B450M GAMING PLUS GIGABYTE C200 GLASS EDITION GTX 750TI 2GB (From old build) I have old LG FLATRON monitor which is perfectly working without any problems one night my...
  14. V

    [SOLVED] Red light cpu with new build

    I just finished putting my new build togerther after my previous build stopped working. The motherboard LED didn't work and it didn't boot up even. So I went on saving some momey and buying a new motherboard and psu. After installing everything I went to switch my new build on and by no...
  15. J

    Question First Time PC Build! Help Please!

    Setup all my hardware, no issues. Installed my OS (Windows 10) Updated my BIOS via USB and EZ Flash (Asus RoG MB) Now I need to gain internet access, so I went to the MB manufacturers site, downloaded the correct Net Card/ LAN drivers to USB on another PC. I transferred the USB to my new...
  16. H

    [SOLVED] New 3700X/2070Super WHITE RGB build advice

    Hey guys, So I am currently planning on putting together a new build, and I think I have it mostly worked out but wanted to see if there were any opinions for possible better options. The Idea for the build is a white build with RGB throughout. Willing to spend/pay more to achieve the...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] New Build and constant freezing during boot screen logo and cannot install Win10Pro

    I cannot get passed the boot logo on my fresh build. To be specific, its always the black screen with the AORUS bird logo and the spinning dots at the bottom. Spins around about 2-3 times before freeze. Ive changed the BIOS with quickboot and boot priority even. Was able to install Windows in...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Advice on Self Build Spec Please

    Hi Guys, I am doing my first self build in a very long time and was told by a friend this was a good forum to join. Could you cast an eye over the spec, I would be greatful of any advice. I have left off a graphic card and will use the onboard one until I can afford a decent one. Motherboard...
  19. M

    [SOLVED] First gaming PC - Is this a good build?

    I was wondering if i could have some advice on the below build. Is it worth the money and will all the parts work well together? (This is my first gaming pc) £568 before VAT Overview CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G - 4-Core 3.6GHz, 3.9GHz Turbo - 4MB L3 Cache 65W Processor w/ Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] Help with Gaming PC build. Link to my configuration within, seeking for advice. Budget preferably £1000, willing to stretch to £1600 for future proo

    What will you be doing with this PC? I'm going to use this PC for mostly gaming and browsing; No edition nor streaming. I'll be playing most New AAA Games such as the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Red Dead Redemption, Apex etc. Looking for a PC build that would be long-lasting and future...
  21. B

    [SOLVED] New Build Idea - Feedback

    Hey Guys, Below is a build I have put together. I have around £1200 for a complete system and I would like to mainly game at 1400p res @ 144hz. Any feedback would be great. Thank you
  22. A

    [SOLVED] New build trying to get the most for a buck

    Hello dear community, My pc started to act slow and doesn't worth an upgrade, So i've made a new build and i need your opinion on this one : Asus TUF B450M Ryzen 5 3600 2x8 Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz cl18 Sapphire rx580 8gb Crucial PT1 1TB m.2 Corsair CX550M Things that went through my mind ...
  23. B

    [SOLVED] Looking to build a budget gaming PC, need some part suggestions

    Hey guys, my current system is starting to get very outdated and recently I bought BF5 and I literally can't run the game without huge stutters so I think it's time for a new pc since this one has lasted me 10 years haha. I've been very out of the loop with all the new hardware and really just...
  24. Khang trinh

    [SOLVED] No boot

    I have a raedon rx 5700 Ryzen 2600 Cx 450 450watts psu 16gb ddr4 ram X42 kraken water cooling 240gb of ssd 2tb of hdd Led on, fans on,cpu cooling running No display even when i remove the gpu
  25. Q

    Question Potential Build (Suggestions, Comments, Etc.)

    CPU: I7-8700k Cooler: Corsair H115i RGB Platinum 97 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Mobo: Z390 Aorus Elite Ram: G skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (2x8) Storage: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB, Samsung 970 Evo plus 250GB GPU: EVGA RTX 2060 6GB ultra gaming PSU: EVGA Supernova G3 750W 80+ Gold, Fully modular Case: Lian-Li...
  26. Z

    Question What power supply should I use ?

    Hi, I'm stuck on this damn power supply thing ... i just don't trust pc part picker watt estimation.... here's my build... btw, is 650 watt enough ? thank you in advance
  27. R

    Build Advice Looking for comments and advice on this build

    Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: June 20th, 2019 Budget Range: $1100-$1200 Parts to Upgrade: Motherboard: ASUS Prime X470-Pro AM4 AMD X470 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard SSD: Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 Internal SSD High Performance Solid...
  28. R

    Build Advice Looking to Upgrade my PC

    Wanting to upgrade my PC. The only thing I'm keeping is my GPU (Gigabyte GTX 1070). I want to replace everything else. I have a budget of about $1100-1200. I'd prefer an all white build if possible, but its not a deal breaker. This is what I'm looking at so far...
  29. R

    Question Basically just want to know if it's relevent!

    To cut a long story short, I would like to know if what I'm doing is worth my while? So background story starts with.... I am studying software development in college. After my first year (And connecting my laptop to a display big enough to code everyday basically.....) I realise I had to have...
  30. Elizabeth_B

    [SOLVED] Trying to get this system purchased soon. Need case advice and critiques please!

    Approximate Purchase Date: This week. Budget Range: $1800-$2200 before monitor and keyboard. Less is better! System Usage from Most to Least Important: Multipurpose family computer, Steam gaming, Netflix streaming. Are you buying a monitor: Yes Want an IPS or VA 1440 over 60Hz and at least a 27"...
  31. C

    [SOLVED] 1150-1250€ New pc

    Hello guys, this is my first post in a while, today is a great day. Soon I will re-join the sacred army of pc gamers and I could not be happier but before I come to you for some advice. I have picked all the parts for my build already, part list here...
  32. D

    Advise regarding my PC upgrade.

    Good day, Since I am not going to vacation this year, I have a little bit of extra money to upgrade my PC. I'm running now on a 3570k with 16 gigs of DDR3 and a GTX 1070. So I would like to upgrade my proc, motherboard and memory. My budget is around 550 euros or 490 pounds. What I think I...
  33. G

    Experiencing disturbing stuttering

    Basically, some days ago, I noticed that my FPS are much lower in Fortnite (from 60-70 it went to 30-40). I said "Ok, maybe there's an update waiting to be installed, but there wasn't any update. One week ago, I planned that this week I would reinstall my Windows (so I did). I was hoping that...
  34. S

    [HELP] Storage issue mouse freezing

    Recently my computer has been struggling such as getting 40 fps on WoW and 30 on CSGO so I further investigated to see if it was a hardware issue. So I restarted booting up windows and this occurred 2minutes later. I later figured out I restarted during an update. Then later I checked after the...
  35. R

    Titan Z or Titan X for Gaming/Grid Autosport SLI

    Which one is better for gaming and does Grid Autosport support SLI if I get Titan Z. I'm building a mini itx overkill with 5960x
  36. T

    Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X Installation? HELP!

    Ok so I have a Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X and I need to know how to install it properly and overclock it right so I don't get screen tearing or issues in my game or black screens, etc. I've heard that it has that. PLEASE HELP!!
  37. syked3

    Should I return this PSU? Do I have a pin missing?

    Hey guys, so recently i bought the EVGA 500B 500W 80+ BRONZE PC Power Supply for my PC. When looking at the 24 pin bit I noticed a pin missing. Since I am new to this, I was hoping someone could tell if this pin is supposed to be missing or I should get a refund/exchange. I have attached a...
  38. A

    r9 290 - problem via hdmi with non hdtv display

    Hello, I bought a new graphic card - ATI R9 290 There is 4 displays that connecting to it. The monitor with the problem is- proview 22' - native res- 1680*1050 - the only way to connect to this monitor it's via HDMI. and this monitor work perfectly with 9600GT and ati 5450. The problem is that...
  39. F

    $3000 build. Can i take out 120hz monitor and fit 4k monitor

    The link for my build is I am trying to decide if i should stick with the 120hz monitor in the build as is or take out some non essentials and add this ASUS PB287Q 28-Inch Screen LED-Lit 4K Monitor 4k montior. I still want to stay within my $3000 budget. I am...
  40. T

    Build Specific Optical Drive Help

    Hey guys, working on a mid range gaming PC, here's my part list: Just wondering what would be some cheap but not garbage optical drive options for this build. I would potentially like the ability to burn CD's, but for the most part my computer will be used...