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  1. Iszko

    Question PC won't start when CPU in the socket ?

    Hi guys, so I have complete assembly my new PC, here's the issue: When switched on, the idle light on the mobo light up for less than a second, and nothing happened after that. But whenever I took the CPU out from the mobo socket, mobo light normally. Tried pulled of RAM, GPU, and all the...
  2. I

    Need help: Added Radeon 7770 Video card and now system won't sleep (S3)

    I'm going to offer a ton of information, because I've googled the heck out of this problem and nothing works for me. There are MANY symptoms, but I can't put it all together for a fix. *I added a Radeon 7770 graphics card to my Gateway DX4860-UR28 *My Windows 8 system no longer has any sleep...