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  1. R

    Question Built a pc and only one USB port works.

    I’ve recently built my first pc and only one of the USB ports works. I am able to get to the windows setup screen as my usb flash drive is plugged in there but cant set it up due to not being able to use a keyboard or mouse. Anyone know how to fix broken USB ports or how to fix this issue?
  2. Jasonrsj

    Question Can't Get into BIOS Screen Thru GPU

    Hey guys, So I just built a new PC and I had troubles with getting the PC to display on my monitor. I finally got it to work after taking out the CMOS battery pushing the power button and putting the batter back in. But anyways I can now get Display but for some reason when my monitor is...
  3. PurpleNiveus

    Question Peripherals glitch out during streaming ?

    Every time I try to stream in 1080p 60fps, my computer glitches out and my Mouse and Keyboard start disconnecting and reconnecting at a constant and random rate. It's frequent enough to render the PC inoperable. This does not occur when I stream at 720p 60fps. My current specifications are as...
  4. ZuK3r

    Question Completely new PC, won't connect to monitor/mouse/keyboard

    Hello guys, I recently bought a brand new PC (my first build). Everything lights up after connecting it to the PS (ventilators, cooler, MB, GPU), but it won't connect to my monitor (no signal), mouse or keyboard (mouse and keyboard don't event light up – they have RGB). Do you have any...
  5. T

    Question No Signal on Monitor (New PC)

    Hello. Yesterday I built a PC with a family member (who has had experience with this stuff before), and everything went well until we tried to boot up the PC to set up the BIOS. When we turned it on, the fans were running and the PC itself turned on, but when we turned on the monitor we got a...
  6. L

    Question Horrible lag on a new-ish PC with good specs

    My 3 year old PC feels like a toaster. It worked perfectly for 1 year, and suddenly started feeling like this. If you've got any idea what this might be, or which component, please help me out. Specs: Intel Core i5 6402P @ 2.80GHz, Skylake 4096MB ATI Radeon RX 470 Graphics 4GB RAM 8.00GB...
  7. J

    Question First Time PC Build! Help Please!

    Setup all my hardware, no issues. Installed my OS (Windows 10) Updated my BIOS via USB and EZ Flash (Asus RoG MB) Now I need to gain internet access, so I went to the MB manufacturers site, downloaded the correct Net Card/ LAN drivers to USB on another PC. I transferred the USB to my new...
  8. G

    Question Could my hard drive and SSD be the cause of my constant frame drops?

    In January of this year I built my new PC. My old pc was having constant frame drops as well, in every game, where the frame rate would drop to 0, or near 0, and the same image would be displayed for a split second to up to a couple seconds. When I build my new PC, I replaced everything other...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Why isn't my newly built PC DISPLAYING?

    Newly built PC everything put together, the PC turns on and runs, but does not display onto the monitor. The PC beeps 3 times on startup. tried multiple different ways to output on different output monitors, no dice. the fans run, the case leds go on, an orange light on the mother board lights...
  10. G

    Question BSODs in a new setup after running a couple games

    Hello, I am a new user, and I create this thread beacuase I dont know what more to do to fix this problem. I built two days ago a new PC, everything at first was fine, I ran a couple benchmarks like CineBench and Heaven the cpu-Z one and Userbenchmark. In this last one I noticed that my CPU and...
  11. Frankie Sultana

    [SOLVED] I am about to replace my motherboard in my pc and need hwlp with storage!

    So i am planning to replace my motherboard and re install windows on a new drive ssd to be exact. I watched this video View: but it did not explain something. If i unplug my drives and reinstall windows, when i plug the drive back into the new os will...
  12. [SOLVED] Im getting a new pc is it worth the money?

    Also im on a budget. these are the specs!: Specifikacija: Procesor: i5 4570 Grafična kartice: RX 570 4GB Ram: 8 GB DDR3 Disk: 120 GB SSD Disk: 1 TB HDD Psu ( New one ): 450W LC power Ohišje: novo COOLER MASTER Q300L Operacijski sistem: Windows 10 PRO The price is : 425€.... is it worth it??
  13. TheCartoonGuy

    Question New PC components, running into an issue when ever the PC restarts the monitor will not proceed to display anything.

    So, to put this into prospective, I've bought PC parts because my old PC fried so I bought these new components. I7-9700K Intel CPU. z390 MSI MPG Gaming Plus Motherboard. Corsair Hydro 115i RGB Platinum. Old components which I brought from the old build. 1080ti Nvidia Graphics Card. 650 Watts...
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Upgrade to current machine. A few questions?

    Hi All, I'm planning a upgrade to my current machine. I currently have: Intel i7-4790K Nvidia RTX 2080 16 GB DRR3 1666 (Corsair Vengeance) Intel Mobo? 850 Watt Corsair PSU (4 years old) I want to get: Intel i5-9600K Keep my GPU 16 GB DDR4 3000 (Corsair/G.Skill) MSI Z390-A PRO Keep my PSU...
  15. P

    [SOLVED] Is this a somewhat good pc on a budget? I wanna play WoW

    asus h61m-k procesor: i5-3350p 3.10ghz graphic:sapphire dual-x r9 270x 2gb ddr5 ram: 16 gb Disc: 500gb Psu: 700w
  16. R

    [SOLVED] (£700) Building a PC for Photoshop and Photography and also gaming

    Hey guys. Looking to get a new PC that I will be using for photoshop and for photography editing etc, but I also want to play games at like high or max settings with a good amount of FPS and I’m just wondering if anyone would be able to help me pick out parts for the PC? I don’t need windows I...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Hdd not showing up in my computer on my new pc

    I finished building my first PC yesterday, I installed Windows and everything and then went to "this PC" but my hdd wasn't listed there. My ssd was showing up fine. After googling a few things I changed the sata cable and then rebooted but the drive wasn't there. I went into diskmgmt and saw the...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Beginner PC build help...... please lol

    Hello all! So I have been trying to research and I understand the basic concepts but then it turns to Chinese when it comes to intel v amd, the graphic card .2xrs91 etc.. I’m going to leave it to the experts (you all) and could you guys just recommend some solid builds from Pc part picker to...
  19. R

    Question Is a New computer w/ old gpu until new one comes?

    Alright so I am building a new cpu. Have spent over $1,200 on it already. Obviously I need budget money so I am waiting to buy my NEW GPU by march 14th when I get paid. I have an Old GTX970 laying around. Duhhhh I am excited to boot this thing up and play!!! Would it be fine to use the old...
  20. S

    Question New motherboard, cpu and ram computer freezing

    I just bought some new components my computer. When I have assembled everything my computer freeze when I try to install windows, when I try to boot into windows or when I try to launch Ubuntu from a live USB stick. What I have tested so far is my power supply, motherboard, and ram with...