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  1. S

    Question Will I get A LOT more performance from my 2080 Ti on the new PCI-E 4.0 motherboard slots?

    I am not sure how the new motherboards for the upcoming AMD 7nm CPUs works, I heard there is something called PCI-E 4.0 and it will transfer data a lot faster... So with my current 2080 Ti GPU, will I get like a significant boost in gaming performance, like 50% more FPS? From 200FPS to 300FPS...
  2. S

    Extracting data from part of an NTFS spanned volume

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new around here. Feel free to move if it is. I had a 3TB spanned volume on my Windows machine, consisting of a 2TB hard drive and 2 500GB ones, all 7200rpm. Earlier today, the 2TB drive failed, meaning that the volume can't be accessed. I believe that...
  3. bolobiz

    [SOLVED] ThunderBolt EX II Card For Z97-A

    Hello Tom's Hardware Community, I currently have a home built computer with a Asus Z97-A motherboard. I know it's old but I've been trying to find a Thunderbolt card that compatible with the board and the EX II is the only that I think is compatible. Does anyone know where I might be able to...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Where do I plug in some of my cables?

    Hi everyone! I have an old case(from 2010), that my cousin gave me, and there are 6 cables on it and I can't find out where to put them on my motherboard(MSI Arsenal Gaming Motherboard( The...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Overclocking everythin g

    I want to overclock my cpu, gpu, and ram. What is the max i should go? CPU: AMD Fx9590 MOBO: Sabertooth 990fx GPU: ASUS GTX 1060 3GB VRAM RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB 1866MHz DDR3 PSU: 450 WATT Rosewill (I know its low dont remind me but it runs good.) CASE: Thermaltake X71
  6. L

    HDMI port not working on both motherboard and gpu

    I built a new pc and I am not getting a signal.
  7. R

    Windows migrate SSD

    I currently have a 500gb HDD, bought a 120GB SSD, can I install the windows on the SSD, and have it at the same time on the HDD? I have about 300gb of games, and I would like to install windows on SSD and some programs like Google Chrome, and all games will stay on HDD. My question is if I can...
  8. S

    PC Won’t Boot with 4 RAM sticks

    So I just got my z390 Aorus elite mobo , and I have my 4 Samsung 8gb ram sticks . The B1 and A1 spots aren’t working . Only the other 2 (with the same colors ) . Also just got my 9700k intel cpu. I heard bent pins cause this or a bad mobo , or even the ram sticks don’t work on my mobo - but they...
  9. M

    Motherboard and RAM compatibility question

    Can anyone check for me if the CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO (2x8GB) DDR4 2666MHz is compatible with ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING mobo?
  10. P

    Which of my steam games have cloud saves?

    Hey guys. I plan on upgrading my rig and I will freshly reinstall windows but I'm worried about my saves in my steam games. I know that some of them save at the steam cloud but I'm not sure that every game works like that so a little help would greatly appreciated. My steam games(the ones that I...
  11. F

    no hard drive detected

    Have a Ideapad 11s - default boot device missing and no hard drive is detected, Is there any way I can reset? Was trying to upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10. thank you
  12. N

    Gigabyte ga h110m s2 on gtx 1050 and intel pentium g4560

    Hi guys.Im gonna build my very first pc but im not too sure if the components will be suitable for each other.Can u guys please help me.Heres the specs...
  13. niksonrex88

    My computer just freezes randomly and i gotta hard reboot it.

    I got this problem since i went from win7 to 10 than back to 7. I did the Memory Diagnostic Tool in windows it found no problems in the ram. I tried lowering the overclock nothing, swapped power supplies nothing. What im thinking is that it might be some software error. It doesnt have a...
  14. A

    does a low ampere adapter decreases laptop performance

    Hello there. I have HP Dv7 3085 with 1GB Dedicated graphic memory.4 GB core i7 1.6GHz processor..I'm using 4.74 ampere adapter and recommended adapter is 6 ampere My PC lags too much even refreshing sometimes takes a long pause. Is low power adapter decreasing it's performance or its...
  15. venetskiiviko12

    My PSU doesn't have a 6-pin cable

    i could buy one of those cables with molex adapters, but my psu doesn't seem to have a cable that isn't taken to which i would connect the adapters. i found this 1 cable but it doesn't look like it can be connected to adapters. image here: is there any way i can connect...
  16. Z

    Which CPU for 1070ti - i5-8600k or i7-8700k?

    Title. I play Overwatch, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Fortnite, Civ5 and ARK. I use two 1080p 144hz monitors, one for games and the other for whatever else. I'd see myself going up to 1440p in the future, but never 4k. 1x16gb ram, ssd and 7.2k hdd combo. currently using i3-8100. its not bad...
  17. K

    Microhpone Fixes Please help.

    I have a dual headphone jack into one headphone jack and the headset works but the mic doesnt any fixes?
  18. J

    Gaming temps between 60s to 70s celcius

    So i have a new laptop , asus with i5 8300h and nvidia gtx 1050 and 8gb ram ,idle temp between 40s and while playing game at medium to high settings (gta v) , my core reached to between 60s to 70s most of the time and the highest spike (not constant) i noticed probably just above 80 (never...
  19. F

    Put in new rx580 card and now my pc is shutting down. Help Needed!

    PC shuts down after a few minutes. It wont reboot until I turn off the power to the PSU and then turn it on. Would love some recommendations on what to test first. Thanks!
  20. S

    Internet Dropout every 10 seconds for 1 second

    Im using wired connection on my pc, tested the wifi with other device and it does the same. Basically my internet speed doesn not change the latency doesnt change (its stable 30ping) but every 10 to 25 seconds there is a dropout. I dont get disconnected from the internet on my PC neither on my...
  21. L

    Using GTX 750ti as PhysX card for GT 1030? Worth it or bottleneck?

    Hi all, I was wondering if i should get a GTX 750Ti as a dedicated PhysX card for my GT1030. Is it worth the money and does it increase performance or is the 750ti too good for the gt1030? I currently have in my system a GT 1030 with a old GT 710 as a physX card but i feel that the GT 710 is...
  22. S

    How To How to Uninstall a Program from MacBook Pro

    There could be two types of programs installed on your MacBook Pro running Mac operating system (macOS High Sierra for this example) namely: ■Obtained from a third-party website (.dmg file) ■Obtained from App Store Although the steps for removing each of the program types vary, the removal...
  23. K

    Inconsistant ping (jumpy)

    I've noticed recently in a couple of games my ping isnt as steady as i'd like, no it wont jump to rediculous numbers but it will go from maybe 15 to 25-40 then come back down, resulting in very annoying gameplay as its not steady its very noticable. I did a standard pingtest just to google and...
  24. D

    i5 4690 temps. Please help me bring this nightmare to an end

    Hi, Gonna try hard to keep this short and detailed. All started when I installed an xfx r9 280x into my small atx case and noticed high core temps, but I still cannot get the cooling right so i can enjoy my games without constantly worrying about heat. The card is so big, it almost splits my...
  25. U

    Windows 10 boot issues

    I just installed several drives to add extra space (two 1tb hdds and 1 480 ssd) and now when I boot up I have to go into the bios and override boot from my main ssd. What is causing this and how can I fix it?
  26. F

    Monitor not detected with dvi to hdmi adapter

    I use two monitors, but my secondary monitor only has an hdmi port while my gpu has only one hdmi port. I've been using a DVI to hdmi cable for the past year or so, but my cable one day broke due to a bad angle. I bought a replacement on Amazon only to find that my monitor isn't being detected...
  27. P

    Problem With PC

    So I recently just got my pc. After a few minutes of using it, my pc froze (was able to move the mouse for whatever reason) while trying to connect to my internet. I was getting annoyed waiting for it then I restart it by holding the power button. After booting it up again to my BIOs, I exited...
  28. S

    Slow start for all programs

    Every time I open a program, Word, mail, browser, powerpoint etc, it take around 5 minutes before the program open. When the program is first open, there is no longer problems. Then I can open other files in the same program, fx Word, in 1 second. Ram use is only 25%. Its a HP ENVY dv7. Do...
  29. S

    Soundbar ip 08

    Why does my soundbar keep saying low battery? I put a new one in the remote, is there one in the bar? It has a dc connection
  30. R

    Paypal site keeps coming up with can't load this page

    Paypal sites keep coming up with can't load this page
  31. J

    What upgrade will Impact my PC perfomance most? GPU or CPU

    Please read this before answering I recently built a gaming PC with a Ryzen 1500x and an 8gb RX 580 and was wondering what should I purchase to get more power out of gaming: Another RX 580 in crossfire or a Ryzen 1700x? Keep in mind that The CPU is and will be watercooled while the GPU's will...
  32. M

    Failed Windows update almost every restart

    Almost every time I restart or power down my PC, windows updates. The update follows through as all updates do, but after it reaches 100% the windows update fails and removes the update and restarts which takes just as long as the update.
  33. G

    Computer Under Performing in Games

    The computer ran games at a decent frame-rate and had no performance problems whatsoever, but for a while now it's barely able to manage 60 FPS on most games, even games like league of legends where the requirements are very minimal it only manages to achieve anywhere between 25-45 FPS. The...
  34. D

    Cant decide what case would work best (Atx or mAtx)

    I have two build that i really like but not sure what case would work best one build has a phanteks p400 and the other has a fractal design Define Mini c. Currently my micro atx pc is on the carpet ( i do not have room on...
  35. R

    Advice on buying GPU ?

    Which Better? RX 560 Sapphire Pulse 2G Single Fan or GTX 1050 Zotac 2G Single Fan?
  36. corsairhead


    My system was running as smooth as butter until I came home from work yesterday to find that it was on for some reason? I left it in sleep. I start using it and it crashes quickly with a fast BSOD. I'm able to get back into windows, but within a minute or so, it crashes and gives me a...
  37. J

    Lost Product Key & Clean Installed

    So recently I bought new parts for my PC, i had a lot of problems trying to install windows. My USB mouse and Keyboard wouldn't work in the setup only in the bios. So I had to find an old ps/2 keyboard to even select my language. Once i got past all the installation of Windows I got to the...
  38. D

    ASUS laptop won't boot into Windows after BIOS update

    Hi all, I have a ASUS UX310UAK laptop (UX310UA-FB485T), there was recently a new BIOS released for my unit which I have updated to. This is from .203 to .306. Unfortunately when updating to the .306 BIOS, I can no longer...
  39. S

    NVME boot drive windows 10... slow write speeds around 200mb's Read speed 2100mb's

    So I have installed a new nvme in my i7 pc. My read speeds are to spec. My write speeds are all around 200mb's. Is there any adata xpg nvme drivers? Can I use the Samsung nvme drivers if not? My i7 i7-6850k asus deluxe 2 x99 board adata xpg 256gb nvme Samsung 850 pro ssd pny 500gb ssd xlr 16gb...
  40. A

    No display (black screen through gpu)

    When connecting the monitor to the gpu there is no display but when i connect the monitor through the mobo there is a display. When using the pc this way every component seems to worked perfectly. The gpu is installed in the second pcie slot as the top slot was damaged. It worked for a few...