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  1. L

    Buzzing noise from Asus Gtx 980 Strix after I have been playing games.

    Hi. I have noticed a electrical buzzing noise coming from what I think is my Asus Strix 980 as the noise has only become apparent since installing it. It always happens after I have been playing games and when the card is cooled down to 0% fan . It only usually lasts 2-3 seconds. It almost...
  2. S

    Computer Crash Blue Screen

    I have a PC for 2 years now. After about 1-2 months of buying the PC. I would get the Blue Screen Error at random times. For example twice a day or once a week. It was really really random. Sometimes I would get about 6-7 errors a day. Last time (today) it did not even showed a blue screen it...
  3. N

    how much can i sell my acer laptop for

    It's a Aspire actually Acer d225
  4. T

    Offered a cheap acer?!?!

    Hi, i've been offered a acer x3200 (aspire), with the following: AMD phenom x4 1.8 or 2 ghz (I believe) 4GB DDR2 ram onboard nvida 8200 with hdmi 500gb sata harddrive All this for £100 (could probably get it for £90) I was only interested in the computer as it seemed cheap and i want...
  5. commissarmo

    Windows Update Unknown Error

    New Machine, new HDD, new Win7Ult install... Windows Update is failing for some reason (I was successfully able to install 2 updates, but all of the others fail) I am getting an "unknown error" 80070308, and while there seems to be one other reference to this on a MSFT forum, the solutions...
  6. S

    Cd/dvd hardwere for toshiba satellite

  7. U

    Getting sub par gtx 760 performance...I feared this upgrade

    So I replaced my 560ti and got a geforce gtx 760 boost and was very stoked to get it up and running. However, I am barely noticing big changes in terms of fps and performance. I expected a lot more out of this card honestly for the money I spent. Could my CPU be bottle knecking me like HARD...
  8. J

    How to access a corrupt drive that needs formatting

    Hello, I currently have a corrupt and partially broken down drive that is on it's way out. Drive is making a clunking noise when it tries to read the data. When I plug it into a computer operating windows vista/xp/7 it shows the drive but won't let me access it and I get the disk needs to be...
  9. A

    How to stop a program from installing on vista

    When I start my computer running vista a program tries to install before windows even starts. I cant start in safe mode or even get to a command prompt.
  10. D

    Computer crash black screen blue bottom

    Every time I try to use my canon MP560 wireless printer to either print or scan my HP 3765 laptop with Vista sp2 crashes displaying a black screen, with a blue strp across the bottom. No failures are logged and Windows Resource Checker shows no errors. It did show errors but fixed them and a...
  11. E

    Lost my start button icon please help me

    Hello, i seem to have lost my start button i usually turn my laptop on the hibernate mode and i do this by using the start button
  12. G

    Enlarge print

    Hello, I want to enlarge the printing to the size I want. How is that done
  13. G

    Any way to get my phone records

    Hello, i lost my phone and need some numbers that i have called on it and was just wondering if their was any way to look at old phone records?
  14. C

    Blind - broken screen, wrong graphic driver, external display not supported

    Hello, Having broke my screen, I've transfered my hard drive to another similar laptop build, to have immidiate access to it. It worked enough to view and access my data even though most of the drivers on the drive weren't corresponding to the machine's hardware. Especially , the display...
  15. N

    The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name

    Happened after a Windows Update.....Acer Aspire 5100 After the update I restarted and then a windows says Found New Hardware window with the option of installing, doing it later or don't ask me again. If I try to install I get the message: Windows encountered a problem installing eh driver...
  16. A

    having a little network problem.....

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) i currently have a network of 29 desktop stations managed by an hp netserver its alright i have a hp hub and a cayman dsl modem with a linksys day i leave for lunch, everything is good in this classroom and when...
  17. P

    Vista wireless slow, same adapter on XP is fast!

    So I bought a Linksys WMP54G v4.1 adapter hoping to finnaly get connection on vista (had an old wireless card that was not compatible). I installed the 64 bit drivers from the disk and the device is working properly according to device manager. I get an extremely slow connection on vista, 9...
  18. G

    كيف نغير الباسورد
  19. J

    Need Help with Wireless N Routers

    Good Evening, Need help and or advice about Wireless N Routers... Here is my situation, I want to buy either Netgear WRN834 B Wireless N router or Linksys WRT160 N Router. My needs are, I have 2nd computer about 45 feet away, I have a 30mb Internet Connection, I currently have WRT54G Linksys...
  20. G

    Command to enable wireless connection in compaq nx7010

    Hello, yes I need command to enable wireles connection on compaq nx7010
  21. N

    Message pop up alert that printer is connected

    Hello, I'm getting a constant, I mean every 3-5 seconds, pop up alert that my Photosmart C7200 is connected. How can I stop these alerts? It is most annoying.
  22. J

    AMD FX-8300 vs 120GB SSD

    I'm on a tight budget for a gaming/family friendly PC and have everything decided except the CPU and the Hard drive. AMD FX-6300 ($118) + Samsung 840 ($100) = 218 AMD FX-8320 ($160) + WD 500 GB ($50) = $110 I'm not sure what the tradeoff would be either way to be honest. I plan on playing...
  23. N

    Select which cards to SLI?

    Hey there! first off heres my pc I recently aquired the 3rd card and a 3rd monitor so I have 3 gtx 680's and I use it for rendering alot with Iray gpu renderer. I also play a bunch games. I was curious if anyone knows a way to only sli 2 out of my 3 cards for...
  24. ryuk7533

    hyper evo 212 0r water cooled?

    im looking to build a new pc soon for playing games and i would like to know what i should replace the stock cooler with. im going to be using amd's a10-6800k apu clocked at 4.1hz and i would like to know if i should go with the corsair evo 212 or CORSAIR Hydro Series H90 High Performance...
  25. B

    PC gameboard direcional thumbstick issues logitech g13

    I have had this same issue with both Logitech G13 gameboard and Saitek Cyborg command unit gameboards for my PC. It first started with playing WOW with my Saitek unit. I first noticed it when my spells would get interrupted with my toon moving without me moving him. I thought it was my gamepad...
  26. L

    High-Temperatures on a well-cooled machine

    In the past few months I've taken up somewhat of the computer-building hobby, shortly after I was given a fairly nice new case back in August. After I managed to somehow damage by motherboard during work on it, I decided to begin upgrading my whole system. Currently, I've upgraded to an AMD...
  27. M

    Whats the Problem With 4+2=6gb RAM...

    Well New Call of duty require 6gb of ram SO I was asking Whats the Problem With 4+2=6gb RAM...
  28. Advanced Micro Devices

    will AMD Phenom ii x6 1055t bottleneck hd7770

    will an AMD Phenom ii x6 1055t bottleneck an amd radeon hd7770 1gb gddr5 Sapphire edition??And is 2gb of ddr2 800 ram sufficient for gaming??
  29. D

    Konica ink jet paper

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Folks I recently purchased a pack of Konica inkjet paper (due to its price) instead of my normal choice, Canon Photopaper Pro (PR101). I used it with my Canon I950 and achieved as good a result colour wise etc as the Canon paper. Has...
  30. R

    Monitor decisions

    I'm trying to decide between a HP ZR22w and the HP ZR24 isp monitors. Not having seen them in person I'm wondering if it is worth the extra money for the 24". I use my computer for programming, some music recording, and occassional games. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  31. K

    Input not supported

    I am getting the warning flag "input not supported" I have read several differn't scenarios from people that have gotten the same flag, however I have had two differn't things occur. a week ago I installed an online game Vampire The Mascarade. But after that our monitor went on the blink, So I...
  32. R

    Seeking input on VX2435WM

    Gents (and ladies), I seek your professional input on a monitor purchase. Hopefully, I can solicit a quick response. I am looking to buy a 24" widescreen LCD monitor. My requirements are that it is not a TN - sorry, hate the bad colors, and that there is no input lag. Afaik, 24" PVA panels...
  33. G

    Which network printer?

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) My Epson C40+ has finally given up the ghost(flashing red and green lights, 'maintenance required'), so I want to replace it with a printer that I can connect to the spare output on my network hub. It is for home use only (letters...
  34. G

    HP psc 2510 keeps installing when inserting a DVD

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Something very weird is happening I have a HP PSC 2510 all in one printer/fax/scanner , since installing the drivers and digital imaging monitor software, every time I insert a dvd or mount a cd image (using daemon tools) the software...
  35. G

    epson stylus CX5200...cartridge problem

    Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?) Printer run out of ink, I replaced all cartridges and I now get an error message stating out of ink which obviously isn`t the case. Anyone know how to resolve this? any help appreciated. thanks
  36. K

    Need Pro Advice

    To establish my commercial design centre, i need a color laser printer of sufficient dpi to output 4 color seperations of A4/A3 size colse to an image setter quality. can anyone kindly recommend me an HP color laser printer capable of performing the job most satisfactory also the kind of the...
  37. G

    Compaq 7020 response time?

    Hi, What's all this about the 7020 having a response time of 40ms?! Anything I can find states 25ms (typical). I've even spoken to Compaq UK and they say it's 25ms! Where does this 25ms rise and 15ms fall info come from? If anyone's got any proof of this can they email it to...
  38. J

    Logitech z-2300 + z-5500 -- how will it sound?

    Hello, Not quite sure which sub-category this belongs in... I'm considering getting a logitech z-5500 speaker set. I currently have a z-2300 set. My question is - can anyone tell me how the two sets sound together? For example, when playing music. If it helps, I will be getting an Audigy SE...
  39. A

    Dell restore partition

    Hello, I want to restore my laptop 1318 dell back to the factory settings. I had spy ware . I have 3 partitions I can see it on my computer but dont know how to access it. C: is primary. D:is logical
  40. J

    How to find my password of remote desktop

    how to find my password of remote desktop