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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Static electricity desktop

    Greeting, guys please help me.. I'm experiencing static shock on my desktop when using.. Before it just small shock on the case.. But lately I can feel static shock from my other components, e.g: keyboard. One time when I switch on my desktop psu, it literally trip the circuit breaker.. Can you...
  2. M

    Old/Faulty Wiring Effecting Upload Speed Need Advice

    This is a problem I've been having for a while now and don't have any idea how to go about fixing it. First of all my full time job is streaming and making video content for youtube. I need upload speed in every sense of the word to preform my job. Its been insanely frustrating these past couple...
  3. G

    Help a troop build a PC

    Greetings! Ex-army mechanic here. Honorably discharged and recent college graduate thanks to the GI Bill. I'm looking to give building a computer a try to celebrate my first civilian job since flipping burgers in high school! I'm pretty good with putting things together when given a pile of...
  4. T

    Computer Won't Post, No Signal to Monitor, No USB Connectivity

    Hey everyone, First post here, but I've been doing a lot of lurking lately. Long story short, I just attempted to build my third computer this last month. The first two went off with no difficulties; I was able to put everything together and they both worked on the first attempt. This time...
  5. P

    GTX 1080 GPU usage low

    I have really low usage on my GTX 1080 sometimes only pushing 25% in DayZ Standalone but I have friends with similar builds who get way better performance and more usage. In BF1 where its getting 70-80 usage. Now I only have 1 stick of 16GB 2400 DDR4 ram could that be whats stopping it? My...
  6. G

    Boot problems due to overclock?

    So I recently overlooked my fx 6300 with an after market air cooler to 4 ghz and it was very stable the temperatures where on the high 50s and sometimes low 60s, also my ram was overclocked to 1600 from 1333. Well my system was running pretty good until I was using Linux which is installed on a...
  7. A

    i7700k Power Consumption/Temps

    So I have a i7700k at 4.7ghz, usually when I play games its consumes from 30-70wattts, is that fine. And the most my cpu will hit while gaming is 70c, but it usually is 45-66, is that fine IDLE: 29-35
  8. O

    Adding a drive bay DIY

    I'm going by this post that asked if toms hardware had a DIY/modding forum and was answered to put it in components, but if there is a better forum for this let me know. I have a Phanteks Eclipse P400s model, and I was...
  9. D

    Can This Run Oculus Rift VR?

    Hey guys here will be my soon to be rig, I'm just wondering if it can run an Oculus Rift VR as I have heard the PC requirements for that is high. -AMD Ryzen 5 1600 -Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb -16gb 3200MHz My motherboard should have 3 usb 3.0 ports as well. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. I

    Help For Shopping

    Kindly tell me which online shopping site is better for shopping ?
  11. L

    Help checking my motherboard

    Hi, i have msi z97 gaming 3 and while in gaming it suddenly shutdown by itself, and i can't power on my pc anymore, nothing, no fan spinning, no post no bios loaded, no light completely silent. I have test that the psu fine i even test using other psu but still silent when i turned it on, but...
  12. nikos123211

    My pc will work properly with 1 ram of 8 GB?

    Hello, im going to build a new pc and im having a question. It is possible to install 1 ram of 8gb on Asus Z170 Pro Gaming with i7 7700K? I order 1 piece of RAM and i am worried if its going to work properly. (This is my first build)
  13. P

    Intel core I5 6200U vs AMD A12 9700P

    Will an Intel core I5 6200U with 8gb RAM handle games like Cities: Skylines better than an AMD A12 9700P with 12gb RAM?
  14. yuvalpapo

    1080 vs 1080ti

    Hi! I would like to ask two questions. I currently have a Gtx 1080 with an i5 6500. I would like to know if there is any reason to upgrade from my 1080 to a Ti? And will a Gtx 1080Ti will bottleneck an i5 6500. Thanks a lot!
  15. Valkyrieneos

    I got £200 for a gpu upgrade has to be compatible with a 550w psu Current gpu to be upgraded current psu bronze version of that
  16. D

    Opening CS:GO "Your graphics hardware does not support all features (CSM) needed to run this program"

    I just purchased a new computer, I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated my graphics card. It is a AMD Radeon HD 8470D if that helps. Please. I just want to play CS:GO
  17. 2

    2nd hand Motherboard combo price help!

    Hi guys, I'm looking to sell my gigabyte 970a-ds3p Motherboard, along with 16gb (2x8gb) of Hyper-X Fury DDR3 Ram, and an AMD FX-6300 processor, would anyone be able to help give me a rough price estimate for the lot? Its all just 1 year old as of this christmas, and is in perfect working order...
  18. G

    Colored threaded cables/ sli GPU

    I will be purchasing my first PC next week and I want to buy white threaded cables to match my build. I know I'll have to buy a 24 pin separately but don't know if all the cables in the kit will be enough. Can anyone shine some light in my direction...please? Here's my build. I know it's a bit...
  19. S

    Help me Build a Video Editing PC

    Greetings: Have been a long time lurker on the forums and did my best to educate myself before posting this. I am a photographer thus far editing stuff on my MacBook pro but the need for storage space and better performance finally convinced me to start building my FIRST PC. I am getting into...
  20. Z

    ASRock z68 extreme4 RAM upgrade question

    Hello, I have the MB specified above and I'm thinking about upgrading the RAM from 2x4GB to 4x8GB, specifically Kingston HX421C14FBK4/32. The memory is much newer than the MB and my current old RAM is basically my main bottleneck when working with graphics so until I have the funds to upgrade...