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  1. M

    Question ps now, xbox gamepass and nintendo online app question

    Does the nintendo online app have all or most of nintendo game catalog? would i be able to play any of those games on a regular desktop or laptop. Also does the ps now, xbox gamepass and nintendo online apps work on all devices?
  2. Z

    Question Nintendo Switch causing buzzing sound through speakers

    So I have my Nintendo Switch hooked up to my Logitech Z333 speakers and I can hear a buzz coming through the speakers. The speakers allow for 2 connections at once so I also have it hooked up to my PC. The PC is connected via 3.5mm jack and the Switch via RCA to 3.5mm (just bought this cable...
  3. Drifter_77

    Question GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 6GB AORUS XTREME Rev1 vs Rev2

    Anyone know what the difference is between these 2 cards? GV-N2060AORUS X-6GC Revision 1 GV-N2060AORUS X-6GC-REV-20 Revision 2 The cards look different with the back plate, but the specs look the same. So whats the difference?
  4. K

    Question Resolution changes after reboot

    I left my computer with one of my friends and he downloaded some old games, however although they are not running but every time i start up the windows the resolution and the monitor refresh rate changes. Is there any way to lock the resolution and the refresh rate?, or maybe a way to know which...
  5. H

    Question x299 why big difference in price?

    Hey guys, I see there are cheap x299 boards like $300 and there are expensive boards that are $800+ All I can see in the compare section on the websites are a couple of connections and what not etc.... like the ram specs are the same, the cpu specs are the same, the pci specs are the same...
  6. B

    Which Capture Card Should I Use?

    Hey guys! So I stream a lot and want to use my laptop to handle OBS so I dont get performance drops. I play at 144hz at 1080. I saw something about the elgato 60 or something screen tearing with 144hz. Which would be the best option?
  7. C

    Question Computer powers on but won’t display

    Recently I have received a few free pc’s and today decided to tear into them to clean and see what the specs are one is a gateway 5694 and the other a compaq sr5605f, like an idiot I didn’t test them before I tore them down to check if all parts are working in their current state but anyways I...
  8. R

    Question Green bar of death, broken windows explorer...troubleshoot help please

    Hi, Since last October/November my windows explorer randomly stops working properly. Sometimes it happens in minutes sometimes after hours of use. I only use pc for 2d and 3d CAD work. The issue is: All of a sudden I start getting green bar of death if I try to open any folder. The thumbnails...
  9. A

    Question Will this PSU handle my system?

    RTX 2060 i7-8700 Will this PSU - Chieftec 600a8 handle my system? Not sure if the PSU has 80 plus certification. Thanks. EDIT: noticed I posted this on the wrong section
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Temperature question

    Hello, I have a GTX 650 and I forgot to open my case when using it today and it reached 80 C is that ok? Cause I dont want it to be damaged or anything.
  11. Melkordc

    [SOLVED] Memory management stop code

    I build my new pc a few months ago , recently ii got a blue screen and i got the memory management problen msg, i ignored and continue after one week my screen stop getting any signal, i fixed the problem after i realised one of my memory rams stoped working or being reconigzed by my computer ...
  12. Farm help

    Question Extend wifi signal

    We need to extend our wifi signal about a 1/2 mile. Can this be done? If so, how and what do we need to do it?
  13. Bizzaro299

    Question Second monitor HDMI to VGA doesn't work.

    Hello guys, yesterday I've attempted a problem with my monitor, it's an Medion 4:3 monitor, I have it from like over 5 years but it's still working, there's no problem from it. But now I have a HDMI to VGA cable because my graphics card doesn't has a VGA input. My first monitor is an Samsung...
  14. V

    Question Which PC to chose from?

    Hey guys i want to buy a gaming laptop and working on it a it for now because im always moving abouts. But i am not sure of the choice to make. Wether MSI GL63 8SE-087 15.6" FHD/Intel Core i7-8750H/8GB/1TB + 256GB SSD/Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB/WIN 10 Home - Black or Asus FX505GM (i7-8750H...
  15. W

    [SOLVED] 3 top fans slot, 1x 240mm rad top mounted

    Hi guys, I am wondering one thing here: PC Case is Azza Inferno 310. It have 2x 120mm front intakes fans and 1x 120mm exhaust fan at the back. There is place for 3x 120mm fans at the top and i want to put my 240mm radiator on the top pulling fresh air in, but i know its not ideal for the GPU...
  16. G

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 washed out color

    Good evening all, So I have a windows 10 computer that I am running dual monitors with. One monitor is an HP the other is a Samsung HDTV. Up until I reformatted my computer yesterday the screens were both full color and not washed out. Since reformatting the computer the TV is super washed out...
  17. P

    Can’t find administrators password how do I factory reset without. Disk

    How fo I factory reset my Acer laptop forget password and no recovery cd
  18. B

    Can't run VGA when I plugged it into my Windows 10 laptop

    Good day sir. I wanted to ask for assisstance on how can I project images through plugging VGA into my Asus X441n laptop. I have tried installing and updating drivers. But it still didn't work. I ask the technician here and he said that I should update my Windows, because my windows 10 has...
  19. A

    Need help with RAM

    Ok I need help I have been looking for another 8gb ram stick but I cant seem to find out what ram stick I have due to the fact that its not listed anywhere on Acers webpage for it and its not online. I have an Acer nitro 5 AN515-53-70AQ. Can someone please help me find or tell me how to find out...
  20. R

    Compatibility between components

    Hello, I'm from Peru. I built my PC with the help of the website PCPartPicker. According to the page all my components are compatible. But I would like to know if it is 100% correct. I already bought the parts. CPU: Ryzen 2600 GPU: ASRock - Radeon RX 590 8 GB Phantom Gaming X Video Card MOBO...
  21. Z

    [SOLVED] i7 4790k vs i3 8350k

    which is better for gaming and gaming only ? , I know the i7 has better multi core performance.
  22. T

    help me fix my computer

    hello i am 15 years old and i have a problem whit my computer. my pc is old but its a good pc. it happend abute a month ago that when i start a game like fortnite, heartstone, rust and all my game that when i move my mouse left to right the fps goose to 140 to 25 in instant and sometime...
  23. S

    [SOLVED] Overvolted CPU by Accident - Damage to CPU?

    Hello, I have a Lenovo X1 Extreme Laptop with the i7 8850H CPU configuration. I was actually trying to undervolt my CPU but instead of setting the core voltage offset to -0.185V, I accidentally set it to +0.185V. Not realizing my mistake, I ran a 15-minute stress test with this +0.185V cpu...
  24. I

    Parrot OS cant change Window title font

    Parrot OS cant change Window title font. How to fix this. Button is frozen, cant change font.
  25. A

    [SOLVED] Failed drive crashes system

    Hi All, I need some help with one of my hard drives. A bit of background first. One of my hard drives, which only has data on it, started malfunctioning. I rebooted my computer and then kept getting the blue screen. After a few failed auto-repair attempts and some command prompt digging, I...
  26. bogdan.isar1

    Fatal1ty Z87 Killer m.2 SSD Support

    Hi there! Currently I own a Fatal1ty Z87 Killer Motherboard, an Intel Core i5 4590, 16gb RAM and a GTX 970. For my storage I have a pretty slow ADATA SSD and a 1TB WD HDD. My question is: Can I upgrade the storage on this motherboard using a PCI to m.2 adapter so that I can have significantly...
  27. Z

    Headphones device missing from "Playback Devices" and Device Manager

    When I plug in my headphones, (regular apple earbuds), sound still comes out of the speakers. I have tried plugging in a different set of headphones, with the same result. As mentioned in the title, there is no "Headphones" device in the Playback Devices thingy... even with the "show disabled...
  28. J

    Toshiba Satellite c 655

    Can a Toshiba Satellite c 655 be changed to a backlit keyboard ?
  29. H

    'No Battery is Detected' Surface Pro 3

    I just replaced the battery in my Surface Pro 3(old one was swelling). Everything works fine, but the battery icon shows an 'x' and says "No Battery is Detected" when I hover over it. However, if I click on that, the battery info shows 100%. I can also unplug the power cord and it runs. I...
  30. F

    A good laptop

    What is a good laptop under 200€ i just need it for minimum specs games im not good at components and all and i need an advice im from germany so yea
  31. M

    hp laptops comparison

    which is better hp elitebook folio 9470 i5 or hp probook 645 G1 AMD A1 I will use it for all adobe programs (AE , PS..etc)
  32. J

    Fans spinning but no display

    Ok so recently I’ve bought a new motherboard, CPU, and ram My motherboard is MSI ProSeries AMD Ryzen A320 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 micro-ATX Motherboard (A320M PRO-VH PLUS) My new Ram is Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 2666 MT/s (PC4-21300) DR x8 DIMM 288-Pin Memory - BLS8G4D26BFSB (Gray)...
  33. M

    Does the ASUS PRIME Z390-A have integrated wifi?

    Hi, I am planning to buy the PRIME Z390-A motherboard from ASUS, but I was wondering if the motherboard had integrated WIFI? I have been searching but I can't find an answer. If the motherboard does have integrated wifi will I still need to buy a wifi card or would the integrated wifi be enough?
  34. rigger922

    MSI X470 Cmos reset confusion

    Hello,Guys and girls i'm currently about to update my bios to its latest version,I have the latest verson of my bios on a usb drive ready to install but im a little stumped with somehting. I know from past expereince that clearing the CMOS after bios update is recommended. However i don't have...
  35. O

    Mouse doesn't work in game.Works fine outside the game.

    hello! I downloaded the RG Mechanics Watch dogs Repack.I installed it and opened it it worked fine.But i saw that the mouse doesn't move in game it just moves behind the game. I searched all over the internet but couldn't find the solution.If anyone knows this problem please help me. Regards.
  36. Y

    [SOLVED] Curious about the state of my PC

    I accidentally stepped on the switch of my power strip midway where it turned off then immediately turned back on to reset. Will there be any damage to my components?
  37. W

    bad wireless speeds

    I currently have a 1gb/1gb connection my computer has a crappy 3600 series intel wifi card, which i get speeds around 200down and 50ish up "shows max speeds of 433Mb, i think" bought an a6210 1200 "max speeds of 867" and im literally getting the same speeds wireless router is an 1750AC . i am...
  38. P

    Front headphone jack broken, how do I use the back panel for my headphones?

    My front panel headphone jack is broken, so I wanted to use the back panel for my headphones and got a 3.5mm male to female extension cable. But when I plug it into the "Center/Subwoofer Speaker Out" jack, I don't have any audio. I disabled "Mute the rear output device when a headphone is...
  39. B

    max ram amaunt?

    GIGABYTE B360M DS3H what is max avalable ram on this motherboard and why does it mater if it has 2 or more ram slots? i canot insert 1x 4 gb and 1 x 8gb (12 total) ? or 2 x 8gb?
  40. R

    High RAM Consumption

    Win10, 16gb ddr3 I've been having a problem with high RAM usage. It steadily climbs after startup and peaks at around 95%. Checking Resource Manager, there isn't a clear reason why this is happening. I understand Win10 is supposed to have superior RAM management, and therefore I shouldn't be...