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  1. Xvoinx

    [SOLVED] I think I bought a bad 2070 Super.

    Hi. I bought a Palit Geforce RTX 2070 Super GamingPro (notice the manufacturer) for 598$. However, I could have bought a Sapphire RX5700XT Nitro+ for 563$. Now, I do not think Palit makes the best performance wise GPU's, but I could be wrong. The 2070S has a max clock of 1770MHz, while the...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Cannot overclock my GPU it goes back to base clock (RX580)

    I have a Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 8G GPU and for some reason it wouldn't go over 1250 mhz even though it supposed to go up to 1411 mhz boost clock. I tried to overclock it but every time I set a clock speed and apply it, it instantly reverts back to 1250 mhz. I tried it in Adrenalin and MSI...