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  1. C

    Question NVME M.2 drive too hot; suggestions?

    I have a pre-built MSI desktop that I recently purchased from CDW. It originally came with a SATA SSD as the primary drive, but I've replaced it with a Samsung 970 PLUS NVME drive in the M.2 slot. It works nicely, but according to the Samsung Magician app (and also HWMON) the temps on the M.2...
  2. teenagerfrommars.gc

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 on Hades Canyon NUC

    Hi everybody! Just joining the forum, looking for some help. Got a Hades Canyon NUC few days ago, with 2x16gb of ram and 2x512gb sabrent rocket ssd nmve m.2. I can't get how to install windows 10. I describe you my steps: mounted ram and both of the ssds downloaded the windows10 media tool...
  3. CyberspaceKitten

    Question NVMe m.2 cooling

    Hello all I am planning a new build and the z390 motherboard has two m.2 M key slots; I am planning to buy two corsair m.2 NVMe drives. However, on the board, one of the m.2 slots has a heatsink above it for cooling, regardless of if its even a 0.1-degree difference i would like to know which...
  4. F

    Question PC doesn't boot after SSD slot change

    Hello, I have a ASUS Z370i with 2 NVME slots. I installed a fresh windows on my new SSD a week ago. Today I changed thermal paste and also moved my SSD to the 2nd slot with heatsinks. Now it won't post anymore (already tried the "old" slot). It always goes back to the bios which oddly...