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  1. J

    Question PC cant detect headphones and microphone and cant install Realtek driver

    Hey! Suddenly my pc didnt detect my inputs both front and on the back of the motherboard. Have checked bios if the audio there is enabled and it is, even tried to give my pc a fresh install of windows and drivers but nothing. Only audio i can use is through nvidia throug hdmi, and thats the only...
  2. Recon96

    Question I dont have any sound output from motherboard since reinstalling Windows ?

    Since i reinstalled my windows i got a single problem:i dont have any sound output. I have tried doing: Reinstalling windows again Reinstalling the audio driver from the official site. The windows sees that i have connected the audio and says that there is sound through the bar. My pc specs are...
  3. Z

    Question No post (all common symptoms and I promise I tried the sticky)

    Hey everyone, I’ve looked everywhere to try and get the solution so maybe one of you can point out something I may have missed. I tried the sticky (probably 3-4 times through) with no luck. problem: no boot, no usb (motherboard or front), no video, no beeps. Orange/yellow light stays on in...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Updated Realtek Audio, now there's NO AUDIO

    Hello. I updated to my Realtek High Definition Audio to the most recent one, R2.82, now there's no audio at all. I've reinstalled the driver a bunch of times, tried to install previous versions and nothing worked out. The current one I've installed is the R2.81, which still has access to...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] No Audio on YouTube/Netflix with headset, help/ideas??

    So every time I try and watch a video on Youtube while my headset is plugged in, there is no audio. Sometimes when I try, the ad has audio and very very rarely so does the video, but generally no audio. Discord, skype, spotify, game sounds, all work. Netflix also hase no audio. Chrome is not...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Monitor not listed in Playback

    Since updating my Display Device. Radeon has robbed me of my monitor's audio as nothing is listed on playback except for Realtek HDMI Output and 'unplugged' Speakers. I do receive sound from my headphones but hey, I paid good money on a monitor with speakers, for a reason. So far what I'd...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] No Sound in Windows 10 - Abruptly Failed and Cannot Res

    Hello, I have a friend who recently lost sound on his Desktop device with Windows 10. I tried to go through basic, amateur troubleshooting with him such as trying different stereo jacks on the device, testing another device (did not work), stopping and restarting Windows Audio Services (and...
  8. T

    Question New mobo no audio windows 10

    So I just swapped out my motherboards/cpu and everything went smooth until I tried using my headset. I just swapped to the msi z270 pc mate with an i5-7600k. I use a hyper x cloud 2 headset which uses the 3.5mm pink/green audio plugs. Realtek recognizes the headset being plugged in and allows me...
  9. C


    so i recently installed the ryzen 5 2600, and upon doin so everything was dandy :D until i noticed my audio was not working. so i did hours upon hours of research and found one "solution" saying to uninstall all realtek related things (which i did) and then to restart, thus windows installing...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] no audio!!!

    hi out of the blue my audio stopped working i tried installing new drivers but it didnt help when i go to "sounds"in the right corner i can see my audio devices my monitor is active but the bar that indicates if there is audio playing doesnt move since i cant hear anything what do i need to do...
  11. N

    Question Realtek HD Audio No Longer Working - ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0

    I've seen similar topics to this but so far have seen no real advice or people who seem to explain the problem well enough, and they get advice that I've already done. Anyways, my audio setup was working perfectly fine - I had my Razer keyboard plugged into the rear green line out audio port...
  12. B

    How do i use usb devices on a laptop with broken usb ports?

    I have multiple usb devices I'd like to plug into my laptop, but my laptop usb ports are broken. Is there any converters or anything I can use to plug usb devices into different ports?
  13. Rafael Mestdag

    How long, on average, does an SSD last?

    I've just bought a 120GB Kingston A400 SSD drive and I'd like to know how long a drive like this lasts. Thx in advance!
  14. U

    Excessive backlight bleed?

    The monitor is the Dell S2417DG. Picture at 75% brightness: I tried getting the picture reasonably close to what I actually see, but it's not perfect. The part that concerns me is the blue-ness on the bottom of the display. It doesn't bother me too much but I'm wondering if it's at a normal...
  15. M

    how many watt psu do i need to buy

    i currently have this in my pc: Intel Core i5 6400 2.7GHz / max. 3.3GHz (Skylake) Quad Core Processor Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H DDR4 Moederbord 8GB DDR4 2133MHz Geheugen 120GB SSD S-ATAIII 1000GB S-ATAIII 7200rpm Harddisk DVD±ReWriter Dual Layer Gigabit Netwerk en 5.1 HD Geluid onboard Intel® HD...
  16. T

    Is this pc good?

    i just ordered this pc to hopefully play some games like DayZ,Rust and GTA5on normal but was wondering if the pc is good enough to play high-maxed out settings on the games with a decent fps. and how much fps do u think i could get if it can run high-ultra. Specs: Intel LGA1151 Core i7-6700 OEM...
  17. U

    Sold my PC on eBay, what do I need to do to ensure all of my data is wiped off the PC?

    I recently sold my gaming PC on eBay and I need to send it off by tomorrow. I have data installed on both the HDD and SSD which I want wiped off before I send it. How would I go about doing this? and how will I ensure the operating system (windows 7 professional) stays on the PC for the next...
  18. T

    Should I upgrade my CPU to gain them most performance for games?

    Alright well right now ive got an a6 6400k dual core and a nvidea gt 545 gddr5 and i run games at 1440x900p. I play games like titanfall, cod and other fps and they seem to run fine even at high settings. But for games like GTA v and Dayz dont run good at all.. So Ive got a tight budget and...
  19. A

    i7-3770 bios update

    hello guys i finally bout i7-3770 for my old mobo which is the p8-h61 asus i did a reaserch on asus website about my mobo and it says i could pair it with 3d gen cpu which is the 3770 but i have to update my bios ! i checked mine and it...
  20. X

    WTS PowerColor R9 270x DEVIL 2GB $200 OBO

    Hi, I want to sell my PowerColor R9 270x 2GB DEVIL. It's a really mean looking card, very cool! I am trying to upgrade however. The card is only 6 months old, never been overclocked, and is in very very good condition, I still have the Original Packaging, Port Covers, the whole shabang! $200 or...