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  1. S

    Question No beeps, no POST after changing the CPU ?

    I upgraded my CPU from an AMD Ryzen 3 3200G to a AMD Ryzen 5 5500, I had updated the BIOS some time ago, but not sure if it was new enough for the next CPU. Once I had swapped out the processor however, nothing worked, no beeps from the pc telling me to fix something (even when no ram was...
  2. Zodiacrogue

    Question New Intel DH77KC won't POST or beep, restarts 3 times ?

    Hello, I'm new to the forums and struggling to find the specific answer that'll help my predicament (several close but no working solution) . My problem is that my new self built computer won't start at all. This is the second computer I built, my first lasted me about 9 years before beginning...
  3. D

    Question Reboot cycle without beep

    Hello everyone. I recently underclocked my cpu because i wasn't going to use it so roughly and didn't want it to heat much. When i tried to take it back to normal, system stuck on windows logo and started rebooting. After 10-15 reboots I powered off the system, plugged off everything, removed...
  4. Barty1884

    Question Likely dead motherboard, second opinion?

    Hi all, Picked up an ASUS Z370-I, i5-8400 combo today (with a couple coolers - L9i and a Shuriken 2). Seller informed me the board one day just stopped posting. He took it to MemEx, but all they did was put another CPU in and the issue persists & sold him a whole new setup. My...
  5. ssbaraskar99

    [SOLVED] Intel CPU contacts stabbed by socket pins, contact pads condition not good; does this cause random Reboots ?

    SYMPTOMS (from 2 weeks) : My PC keeps rebooting randomly, Sometimes it keeps turning ON-OFF & never even reaches POST (no BEEP) OR Sometimes it comes to desktop (with in 20 - 60 secs) reboots, OR Sometimes works completely fine as if nothing ever happened ! Now it just stays ON, No BEEPs, NO...
  6. S

    Question PC won't start or turn off

    I wanted to use my PC one day but when I was about to turn it on I noticed it had its fans turning and wasn't displaying anything and didn't turn off when I pushed the power button I turned it off using the psu switch and when I turned the switch back on the fans started spinning immediately...
  7. Urgenthell123

    [SOLVED] CPU & DRAM EZ Debug Leds flash once when I start my PC & it doesn't POST ?

    So i just finished building my pc but that happens My specs are: B350 pc mate Gtx 1070 Ryzen 5 2600x Corsair vengeance 2x8 I have tried almost everything in this thread:
  8. Ralph AJ

    Question PC turns on, no beep and no display

    Hello, I have a 10 years old pc. When I turn it on, all fans and hard disk turn on, but there are no beeps and no display (no BIOS). I removed all RAMs and turned it on, and got the beeping error thing. I changed the PSU 2 years ago. Can it be faulty? Thank you.
  9. D

    Question Issue with system having no video after installing GPU

    Hi there, PC SPECS: Motherboard: ASUS B85M-G Plus CPU: i7-4770 Cooler: Arctic Alpine RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600mhz Kingston PSU: Silverstone TX300 GPU: Yeston RX-550 4GB / Gigabyte GTX 1050ti 4GB Note: This PSU was used previously from new with a Ryzen 5 2600x / GTX 1050ti I made another post a...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Aorus x570 i Pro Wifi and 5900x - no post

    I wanted to assemble a pc for Christmas but it is not booting and not giving any beeps. I'm getting desperate, having spent weeks trying to figure out the problem, so I decided to post here I hope that somebody can help me diagnose the problem. I will try to write down all the information...
  11. W

    Question new pc stop working after 2 days

    just got my new pc working after 1 day of tweaking new bios for b550 for ryzen 5 5600x specs: Cpu : ryzen 5 5600x stock motherboard : asrock b550m steel legend ram : 2x8gb 3600mhz corsair rgb pro psu : corsair tx750m gpu : gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1080 i have just changed my whole system except...
  12. H

    [SOLVED] No post, no beeps, hd led blinks periodically

    Hello, so my pc worked fine until today when i tried to boot it. Fans are spinning, there is no post, and no beeps. Both red and green leds are working on mb. This is what happens in detail if it helps: I press the power button and fans start working, rear case fan is not yet working and hdd...
  13. jprado

    [SOLVED] ASRock A320M HDV no post & no beep

    hi, I have an ASRock A320M HDV R4.0 motherboard with a Ryzen 3 3100 and an ASRock Challenger RX 5500 XT 8 GB. i've connected all the font cables correctly but the pc is not booting up (not even to the bios) and the speaker doesn't beep. even when I remove my two RAMs it does not do the usual...
  14. GeckoPirate

    Question No Beep/No Signal/No keyboard or mouse

    Hi! Today I just wanted to change the route of the 8-pin cables at the back of the case so it would look nicer and arranged (a little cable management). To do that, i had to disconnect everything from the PC. Then, I realised that I had to reinstall the graphics card into the slot because I...
  15. StativeDog

    [SOLVED] Computer Will not Post (NEED HELP URGENTLY)

    I recently build a computer (outside the case to see if it will post) and I can't seem to get anywhere with it. The motherboard LED's are all working, and all of the fans are spinning. My Hard Drive is also spinning up. I Don't have any beep codes coming from the speaker either. I've tried...
  16. M

    Question PC just died and need to know why

    I recently upgraded my pc with a ryzen 5 3600 and new ram. Everything worked fine for a couple of days until today while playing fortnite and messing with settings the screen turns off but fans and stuff still spin. I turn off the pc and then turn it back on. Fans spin, leds light up on...
  17. S

    Question PC turns on , no display

    First time PC builder here Built this rig at the start of the year, never once had a problem with it until yesterday. Motherboard: Asrock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2060S RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 (2x 8GB) PSU: Toughpower GF1 650W Gold Tried to...
  18. Z

    Question No post (all common symptoms and I promise I tried the sticky)

    Hey everyone, I’ve looked everywhere to try and get the solution so maybe one of you can point out something I may have missed. I tried the sticky (probably 3-4 times through) with no luck. problem: no boot, no usb (motherboard or front), no video, no beeps. Orange/yellow light stays on in...
  19. C

    Question New PC wont POST, no beep codes

    I'm a first time PC builder and am having a lot of trouble with my first build. I've tried everything i know, done as much trouble shooting as a i can, and i have no idea why it will not post or boot to bios. It turns on, and all the fans spin, and the (Very minimal) LEDs on the case light up...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] First Gaming PC wont Post or turn on

    So, i have been watching tons of videos on how to build a pc and what to do and get and the parts. So lets get onto it, i just bought a Ryzen 3 1200, GA-A320M-S2H Micro ATX mother board and 1 stick of DDR4 Ram From Ballistix and Matrexx 30 case. Thats what i bought and what i had already was...
  21. A

    [SOLVED] power on no boot no fan no display no beep

    I recently bought a dell optiplex 390 motherboard and all was working good I did pût My PC hibernate , today i woke up to start PC : I sée power light on MBoard but non fan working no no display nous beep ( Not even PSU fan spin all fans no spin ) I5 2500k ( not overclocked) 12gb RAM ddr3 12800...
  22. buffalomcfriture

    [SOLVED] First start: fans on, lights on, no image, no beep

    Hello experts, I've got a big issue after mounting a fresh new computer and tried to start it: mobo and tower lights and fans are on, but there's no "beep" and no image on screen... I'm completely lost and I don't know where it could come from... I first thought about a contact failure then I...
  23. Z.D.E

    [SOLVED] PC wont boot (No beep-No bios image) fans are spinning and lights are on

    This problem doesn't happen all the time, but it happens usually when i switch some cables, if i plug for an example the speakers in a different USB port or when i remove all the cables and plug them back again.. it used to happen often when i plug an old headphone but i got my self a new one...
  24. B

    Question No POST no beep no display pc

    Hello 3 month i build my pc everything is okay but today When i turn on pc fans spin a few sec then stop i try again turn on pc everyting is work but i cant get signal on monitor and phase leds are flash green green orange red . MOTHERBOARD: gigabyte GA-P55-US3L CPU: Xeon x3440 3.2 ghz RAM ...
  25. B

    GT 1030 OC Phoenix Edition on an MSI H77MA-G43 Motherboard

    I have an MSI H77MA-G43 that will NOT support the newer GT 1030 OC Phoenix edition. The older ATI HD 5830 runs very well in it though. When I boot up, the resolution is all messed, making the BIOS all jumbled up. I can start windows, but the resolution is so low, that I have just a few of the...
  26. C

    What's best to run a 3000 watt car amp at home

    Need to run a 3000 watt car amp at home
  27. J

    SSD and Lifespan

    I have Windows freshly installed on my SSD with updates just installed. I want to install Microsoft Office and Ableton among other apps but I've heard that SSDs have a limited write count, so why do so many people recommend installing apps to the SSD if the lifespan could potentially be reduced...
  28. T

    Windows transfer method

    so I'm going to build a new gaming pc and I would like to know if I could move my windows from my old gaming pc to the new SSD ill buy and then put that in my new pc and run windows like nothing changed on my new pc and then just shove some Linux on my old pc
  29. L

    Alienware 15R2 (No display, 8 MB beeps)

    Performed a Battery Replcement in Alienware 15r2. Upon startup, screen doesn’t work and receiving eight motherboard beeps. If I remove memory, it changes to two motherboard beeps and still no screen. No burns on motherboard, no noticeable frayed connections. Tried to drain CMOS with no effect...
  30. T

    need help with audio

    I have a logitech speaker system for my computer. but the cable that plugs in to the headphone jack has been stripped, with just the wires exposed. It did have a (diy) phone jack connecting to another headphone jack and was working fine but has come apart now before I could take a picture...
  31. C

    computer crashes problem

    hello members, i am having a hard time dealing with my system crashing. It started with random crashes since it is fairly old system and the psu and cpu fan were getting old so i thought dat is the problem, i replaced the psu and got a new cpu cooler.the computer was still crashing. then i put...
  32. J

    Computer part compatibility

    So I know this is a cheap set up but please bear with me. CPU- Motherboard- Power-...
  33. J

    Looking to build a high end gaming pc, possibly 4k for under 3000$cad

    Hello everyone, as of june 13 2016 which are the best parts I can get for 3000$cad? A monitor should be included, i am looking to play latest games on max settings (if possible). Let me know if this is doable.
  34. N

    Sound card help?

    So I recently bought Sennheiser Gaming Ones. I've heard getting a sound card can improve sound? My motherboard is a Asus Hero VII and it has a built in SupremeFX 2014 intergrated sound. Would I benefit from getting a sound card? I was looking at Sound Blaster Z. I didn't wanna spend too much but...
  35. A

    No POST after CPU upgrade

    Hello, I'm having problems upgrading the CPU on two separate machines so apologies for posting in the same thread. First machine is a Dell Dimension 4600. Upgraded from a 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 533Mhz FSB 512Kb L2 Cache to a 3.4Ghz Pentium 4 HT 800Mhz FSB 512Kb L2 Cache. System does not POST with...
  36. C

    Worth-It 770 Benchmarks?

    4670K with a Zotac GTX 770 2gb. Disappointed by the benchmarks. Unigine Heaven: 4.0 :FPS=37.8/Score 951/min19/max84.8 Unigine Valley: FPS=43.7/Score 1827/minm 22.2/max80.1 3DMark Firestrike: 6503 (graphics 7619/physics7081/combined 2929 I know benchmarks are subjective but my scores seem very...
  37. S

    Ram not working correctly

    Hey, so I got 2x8GB last xmas, and I do not think it works correctly. Its almost always on 100% on task-manager. I am running windows 8. When I play World of Warcraft it says its using 250 MB and if I change it to percent it shows 46 percent..? That means that only half a GB is available..? Is...
  38. R

    Replacing existing Win7 pc's on a domain with a new Win7 pc

    So up front, I'm more of a hardware guy. I have a customer who wants to replace 3 older PC's with newer ones and they're the same OS (Win7). The customer has their users doc's and such on the server and not the individual PC. How do I backup whatever needs to be on the current PC's and convert...
  39. D

    How to build a PC

    I'm so f*cking lost lol I'm regretting so hard to order the pieces and not have asked someone to build it instead of myself. Can maybe someone help me (through skype)? sigh