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    Question Is my PC Dead? Power on, NO boot, NO BIOS

    Hi all, Is my old laptop dead? Recently my old Sony Vaio (VPCEA3S1E) has had booting problems. It powers on, the fan runs steady for about 5 seconds, after the 5 seconds the fan starts to speed up until my machine turns off completely. I am unable to get into my BIOS, my screen is completely...
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    Question BIOS not coming up at all, computer is potato.

    The desktop I’m currently having trouble with I personally built around 4 years ago. The specs are a GTX790TI, i7 4760k, Asrock z97x killer motherboard and 16gb of ram. The only maintenance I’ve done on it was installing an external CPU fan on it around two years ago. Yesterday I noticed that...
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    PCIe Lanes question for 960 pro

    Hello, I have a 6700k, z170 board, gtx 1080, sound blaster Z pcie card, 2x sata 850 pro's, and 3x sata WD black 1tb drives. Just ordered an m.2 960 pro. I do not understand how lanes work. Can I just drop in the m.2, or will I have lane issues with this configuration? I could remove the 2x...