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    Question Graphics card wont post all of a sudden.

    I have had my PC for 4 years now and it has been running like a beast without any problems. A few days ago I moved my PC to my new appartemen (a pretty long distance actually and by car). When I set up my PC and everything else, everything was working like normal. After a few days tho when I...
  2. Sanchay@i3

    Question My pc does not boot up after changing the base clock frequency to a wrong value by mistake

    I have an i3-340.I recently tried to overclock it.My mobo is intel dh-55tc.THis mobo did not allow me to change the voltage and multiplier of the cpu and only allowed me to change the base clock frequency (133 mhz multiplied to 3.07ghz).my pc was stable at the value of 169(clock speed was...
  3. HawaiiGG

    Question Computer fans firing up, but no signal

    Hello there, today when i built my computer. Everything was working fine until i tried to get the VDG Connector into the Chassis connector and no, with chassis connector i do not mean the cha_fan connectors on my P5Q-E mainboard. But then, i gave little pressure on my ram. And the pc turns off...
  4. R

    Question New built. System does not boot. Single Mobo flash.

    I have the following config built recently : Intel core i5 9600k Mobo : Gigabyte b360 aorus gaming 3 WiFi (supports 9th Gen Intel processors) Ram DDR4 2400Mhz Antec a30 cooler 240gb wd SSD 1tb wd HDD 450 w Corsair power supply My system fails to boot up. The Mobo lights flash once when the...