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no bsod

Forum discussion tagged with no bsod.
  1. W

    Question My PC would crash with the Kernel-Power 41 error from time to time.

    I got this problem for a while now and I tried changing my PSU but error still appears but less often. How do I completely fix the issue? Is my ram bad? I have tried to completely uninstall my drives using this website...
  2. theBlackshot

    Question My PC needs to "warm up" (after boot or standby) for it to not crash under heavy load

    I've been using a Acer Predator G3-710 desktop for about five years now and suffering from a continuing crashing issue the last couple months or so. To explain the title a little further: Whenever I try to play a (perhaps CPU intensive) game (and run Steam, Discord and usually the streamer...
  3. Aihara Shiro

    Question PC Crashes and Reboots While Gaming no BSOD

    This issue has been persisting for a while now and I can't quite wrap my head around it. There are certain games that have been able to cause this repeatedly while other games that should be equally if not more intensive run just fine. For example I can run Red Dead 2 at medium settings for...
  4. ceejay7

    Question Computer freezes suddenly when surfing on google? NO BSOD

    Hello, if anyone can help me. I have this problem that occurred 3 times now from the last few weeks. recently my computer freezes when I click the back button of the google chrome (The last time when it was opening a new tab). I moved my mouse and no sign of movements on the cursor AND no BSOD...
  5. B

    Question Computer Freeze/crash

    I have had my computer for about 2 years and 4 months and just recently (1ish month ago), my computer has started crashing with not BSOD or any audio playing after it just freezes and never reboots (except one time it rebooted after 5 min). I have updated all my drivers but I am not sure how to...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Why does my PC restart randomly?

    So, my PC is already a few years old but around half a year ago i got myself an upgrade wich included a new motherboard, CPU, RAM, and PSU. All worked well for the last few months but since 3 days my PC keeps restarting without any error message or bluescreen. It happens most of the time when i...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] pc crashes whenever i play any game

    so i have had this problem for a month now. what happens is after a of gaming my PC crashes without a BSOD and restarts automatically. some times it takes 5 minutes for this to happen some times it takes half an hour. this happens with any game i play. specs: CPU: i5-4460 3.2 GHz GPU: gtx 1050...
  8. E

    Question Computer randomly restarts, no BSOD or errors in the event viewer, hardware worked in a different system

    Hello all! I recently moved my PC parts to a new case, but after about a month of having it in the new case it started to randomly restart/crash with no warning, no BSOD, and no relevant errors that I can find showing up anywhere on my computer. This is completely random, sometimes it'll happen...
  9. F

    [SOLVED] No bsod, computer freeze randomly

    So my pc keeps on freezing and sometimes restarts randomly and it it froze I have to use the restart button to restart it, i'm clueless I asked in many places ppl cant seem to help me or they just stop responding maybe because they are clueless like me. The freezing happens randomly 1.while...
  10. J

    Ryzen or Intel?

    I want to build a new pc using some old parts and some new ones. I was thinking about getting a ryzen 3 1300x and a new motherboard but then I realized I have ddr3 RAM. I don't know if I should buy new ram for the ryzen cpu or keep this ram and buy an older Intel cpu and an older motherboard...
  11. mjslakeridge

    Will this PSU be overkill?

    Here is my current system (except for the PSU, which I am considering buying). My current PSU is a Thermal Master 500W, and I assume it is of very low quality, and I have been using it for about 4 years. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/mjslakeridge/saved/BqsnQ7 I wanted to get a quality PSU...
  12. H

    Will cooler master tx3 will fit on cpu and motherboard?

    Hi im building a new PC with a Intel core i3 6100 (LGA 1151 socket) with an msi mortar motherboard ( also LGA 1151) . I was wondering if the CoolerMaster TX3 heatsink will mount on my MOBO with the brackets provided with the heatsink. Thank you
  13. M

    I Need Help Upgrading My PC!!!!

    My current rig has a top of the line 980 ti GPU but the other specs on my computer aren't so great so i'm basically trying to upgrade the following: my motherboard, cpu, memory, power supply, and case. I was wondering how to do the following: transfer my SSD and HDD, how to move my OS? Also I...
  14. C

    Lenovo E520 Screen problem, Black screen and Backlight is lit up,but no actuall picture. But works on external monitor however

    Hi All, I really would appreciate if anyone can help me out here. The Problem: Lenovo E520 Screen problem, Black screen and Backlight is lit up,but no actual picture(basically a bright black screen. I can confirm it works fine via a plugged in monitor works on external monitor however. Also I...
  15. J

    Windows 7 installs with varying partitions

    I re-commission a number of business class mini-tower computers (HP & Dell mostly) re-installing Win 7 or replacing XP with Win 7 pro. Most of the time the Win 7 install protocol creates a small partition 0 (for certain system maintenance functions, I'm told), about 50 MB, along with a partition...
  16. X

    HELP! Second Monitor can't be detected!

    Just finished building my own PC and everything seems to be in order except that my second monitor can't be detected when on the screen resolution page. My first monitor is hooked up to my graphics card through DVI-I cable and I'm also trying to do hook up a DVI-I cable between my second monitor...
  17. ThatAfricanDude

    Things to fill up my extra 5.25 inch bays, is this worth it?

    So id like something like a fan controller in my extra bays, now is something like the nzxt sentry dual bay fan controller worth it, because they are really cheap, or can someone suggest something else?