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  1. Si13ntX

    Question Router can be pinged, but the given IP address cant be reached - "router denies connection"

    Hey and first up, thanks for your help :) I bought a used Edimax RA21S router. I did a reset, to log into it with the stated PW for the SSIDs. But the router states, that the PW is wrong. So I tried to connect the router via Ethernet cable. It was stated as a not identified object. I couldn't...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Work Computer wont register ethernet switch when other PC's do?

    Hey guys, I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home now, and just set up my desktop at home beside my gaming pc. I ran into a problem, ethernet is ran and plugged in, I verified the cable works fine but I can get internet on my work pc. It keeps giving me the error of "Ethernet doesn't...
  3. CraftBoss

    [SOLVED] Internet not working after factory reset?

    I recently got a new router and internet, today I factory reseted the router because i thought it might have had some caps on internet speed (i play games and wanted lower ping) and after the factory reset it's apparently on, everything is fine but when i connect to it there's that "connected...
  4. H

    Question Is my motherboard dead?

    Hey guys! I'm new here, so here's what I'm up'to, My computer was working just fine last night, but then it froze in my screen. I can't use my mouse or keyboard so what I did is I shut it down directly. I unplug and plug everything power, usb's, vga etc. but my monitor is still not connecting...
  5. Denizfff

    [SOLVED] Pc turns on, Black screen and no Lights on keyboard and mouse

    Hey fellas, i hope someone can help me. I recently got an error when I was playing video games. There was an error with my memory something. I searched around the net to find a solution and got no luck. I tried to update every driver, bios and even windows but nothing helped. The pc kept...
  6. T

    Question After Power Outage, Internet Don't Work

    Hello, After an outage, my Internet stopped working. When I click the Internet icon, the computer is very slow to load. I cannot ping any website, and no connection is detected. I built the computer long ago and remember nothing except that I didn't allow for Wifi, only a cord. I bought a...
  7. L

    Question Connected and able to use the internet on PC, but internet icon says that ethernet has no internet

    Hi there, my pc is fully able to access and use the internet no problems, however, the ethernet that i am using for the internet access claims that it has no internet, and constantly shows the yellow triangle symbol above it. How can i fix this, so that it knows that i am in fact connected to...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] External Hard Drive cant be seen after putting it on my Xbox 1

    Hello! I recently bought a Seagate Backup+ Slim 2TB external Hard drive. I tried it on my pc and it works, I even transfered some files into it. My brother then tries to connect it to our Xbox 1 in order to store games but it doesnt work. I tried plugging it back to my PC but it cant be seen...
  9. K

    Cloned Laptop HDD to SSD Help

    I cloned my laptop drive (Seagate HDD), to a Samsung SSD. They are the same amount of space. I used Macrium to clone, and now neither of them work after being put into my laptop. Tried switching to legacy in BIOS and that did not help. Tried to make partitions active and that did not help...
  10. A

    CPU fan on radiator ramps up

    Whenever I am playing a game for example GTA 5 for about 4-5 hours and the cpu gets to 60 degrees celcius the cpu fan on the radiator ramps all the way to 11 is seems like and yet I have the fan curve to have it on the LOWEST rpm what is the problem here?
  11. S

    Late 2009 Dell Inspiron 530 won't start.

    My late 2009 Dell Inspiron stopped starting normally when I pressed the power button. I would hear the fans go on, and the hard drive start moving, but then everything would go silent. After checking all my power cables and returning to the machine, it booted normally. In the night, I don't turn...
  12. A

    I have 2 Zotac 780Ti OC, is it better to go SLI, or just keep them one by one for 3 monitor gaming?

    My title pretty much describes the question. And is there anything else I need to know?
  13. A

    Fresh windows install running slow and freezing

    so i had this issue with my video drivers that forced me to reinstall windows my computer was really fast but after re installing windows my computer is running really slowly it keeps freezing saying windows explorer has stopped working every few seconds suggestions please?