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  1. B

    Question Black screen after BIOS when GPU is plugged in

    I just installed a new GPU. When I boot the system I have normal access to the BIOS, I can change settings, select a boot device, etc. As soon as the BIOS part is over, I get a black screen. The monitor doesn't turn off or lose the signal, the signal is just all black. When I unplug the power...
  2. WOWDood

    Question PC not giving any signal after turning on some settings in BIOS

    So basically, here's my issue; Looked at some Windows 11 videos and thought that the OS looks cool and was curious to try it out. Tried to update PC from Windows 10 but it said I needed TMP 2.0 and safe boot turned on. So, regretably, I did turned on safe boot first and sadly the last one...
  3. Common Gamer

    Question Monitor shows no display when windows load

    Hi, I'm facing an Issue where, when my windows load my display goes off says no signal, sometimes it work for 5-10 mins then shows no signal message and my system doesn't shuts down all CPU fan, Cabinet fans, PSU fan and GPU fans keeps running, when I try, press and hold power button it still...
  4. jazuk

    Question No display after BIOS update.

    So I downloaded a BIOS update through the official ASUS website, flashed it, it said the flash is successful and the PC will now reset, and the screen went black and since it hasn't shown any signal on my display. All of the fans are on, all of the lights and peripherals are on too, I tried...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] No Display on Monitor after Tweaking BIOS

    I wanted the windows 11 update(I get it. Bad idea, should've waited. Noted. But it's already done) I was told I need TMP enabled, so I went to the BIOS and turned on Secure boot, Fast boot and TMP, also enabled XPM for RAM. I click on save and reset and then the screen went blank. I tried...
  6. Diablowinnx98gt

    Question motherboard green light computer on but no SIGNAL?

    When i plug the power supply, automatically Motherboard shows Green Light. When i turn on the Computer it works shows light but Graphic card stops spinning in 5s and no display shows. It says no signal
  7. shaikyahiya

    Question No display after enabling Secure Boot (Gigabyte Motherboard GA-H110M-S2 Rev 1.0) ?

    Hi guys, After Microsoft released the requirements for Windows 11, I tried enabling Intel PTT and Secure Boot in my Motherboard BIOS and since then I am unable to see any display. The CPU fan runs for a few seconds and stops then starts again. This happens in a cycle. I don't see any display...
  8. I

    [SOLVED] New build, PC turns on, Beeps once, No display

    Problem: I assembled a PC from new parts but have trouble displaying my monitor/BIOS. Context: When I finished assembling the PC, I connected a HDMI cable, connected my PSU and connected the small motherboard beep speaker. Then the PC starts, all fans spinning, then I hear 1 short beep, but...
  9. Adefted

    [SOLVED] PC won't display on monitor

    I recently turned on CPU virtualization in my BIOS and then when it restarted, there was no display on my monitor. I replaced my graphics card and psu after this happened and it is still happening. I also tested my monitor with a laptop so it's not my monitor. I am thinking it has something to...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Fans spinning, no usb power, no display

    I built my first computer in September and it was working great, absolutely no problems. Up until this beginning of November when I decided to paint my room. I put the computer in the living room so I could paint. When I put it back in my room and set it up I started having this problem. I turn...