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  1. lizakates

    [SOLVED] PC sometimes doesn't turn on, GPU fans are running at high speed but no display, also occasionally crashes, usually after sleep mode ?

    I have my PC for around 7 months now and from the beginning I had issues with startup. I thought it might be how I built the pc but I have no clue. The PC sometimes, around 40%, doesn't start and just the lights are on (sometimes not) and the GPU fans spin rapidly. In the beginning it also...
  2. B

    Question Is my Gigabyte B85M gaming 3 partially dead?

    My specs are as follows CPU - i5 4460 Motherboard - Gigabyte B85M gaming 3 RAM - 12 GB DDR3 1333MHz (8+4) PSU - Corsair VS 650w GPU - Zotac 1060 6gb mini When I put a GPU in the motherboard and take display output from it, the GPU fan speed ramps upto 100% and display signal is gone and this...
  3. wow431

    Question MSI B350 Gaming Plus Motherboard powering on without display

    Hi, Yesterday, I tried switching on my PC and while the motherboard did power on, (CPU and Cabinet fans running at normal speed with all system LEDs on) I have not been able to get my monitor to work. I tried switching off the PC in order to reset the BIOS using the CMOS jumper but haven't...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Graphics Card Is Not Detected / No Display When GPU Is Plugged In

    Backstory: Symptoms came earlier this week when I tried playing Dead Space. The screen would pixelate every time I start it up, and even after ending the program my screen would have pixels everywhere (not dead pixels) and have random black shapes flickering appearing at random places when I...
  5. C

    Laptop turned off when battery discharged at 50% - 55%

    Hi, my laptop is Asus X550ZE-XX111D AMD FX7500 Processor 4GB Ram Dual Graphic R7 500MB + R5 250 2GB running on Windows 10. Several days ago i was going to calibrate my battery laptop by discharging the battery until the laptop turned off by it self running it on battery white wifi and...