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  1. itsthecon

    Question Pc Doesn’t Display Anymore But Turns On

    I just upgraded my i5 6500 to a Ruben 7 2700x, new mobo (Asus TUF b450m), and used my existing rosewill 500w power supply, 16gb TridentZ ram, ssd, hard drive, and 3gb 1060. The system displayed outside of the box and now with it inside the case, it boots but won’t display. Things I’ve tried...
  2. R

    Question Help new pc (everything) no display from gpu adn motherboard.

    Welp i was done i double checked everything maybe someone here has an idea what am i missing :whistle: as title says no display, im new to this gsync and freesyn i have an old benq gl2230 with a dvi to hdmi i dont know if that is the problem but i tested it also with my tv "hdmi" and still no...
  3. I

    asus rog gl753vd

    i have an Asus ROG GL753VD and my hdd is terrible. I have the laptop opened next to me and I installed a SSD and I'm thinking of removing the hdd. Can anyone tell me if that will hurt the laptop since the windows is on the hdd? Also, I can't tell which one is the hdd in here. If anyone can guide...