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  1. I

    Question No signal on both my displays. Motherboard damaged?

    My PC Specs: MSI Z370 Gaming Plus Motherboard Intel i5-8600K CPU CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO Heatsink Palit Nvidia GTX 1050Ti GPU FSP Raider II 750W PSU G-Skill Aegis DDR4 2400 8GB x 2 RAM Hi. First time posting here so forgive me if there was a better place to ask this. Okay, so I've had this...
  2. shint4ro

    Question PC boot unstable/no monitor signal

    Hello I recently upgraded most parts of my PC and am running into some issues booting Basically I have trouble booting sometimes when my memory is overclocked to its advertised 3200MHz clock speed in its default DOCP settings , though it does seem to work normally at 3000MHz. Once I'm actually...
  3. P

    Good enough pc Low fps

    I have a pc that should be more than capable to play some of the games that I want to play yet I only get about 11-12fps on the game that I want to play which is Drive which makes no sense since on my older system which was not the best could run the game fine no problem. no matter if I...
  4. X

    Would cherry mx red keys be good for me?

    I tend to bottom out my key caps so i don't think i really need the tactile bump, what kind of key switch do you guys think i should get?