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no hdmi detected

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  1. SSLexSS

    Question Monitor shows No hdmi cable detected, or the same for vga.

    Hi! I have an older Dell St2010 monitor. I bought it in 2012, since then, all ok. Suddenly, after I unpluged from the wall everything (cause i use to do it when i leave home for longer periods, just in case of thunders, which didn't happened), my monitor shows this message forever and i cant...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Gaming Keyboard Keeps Connecting And Disconnecting

    So I recently got myself a gaming keyboard, a Redragon vajra s101, and once I plugged it into my computer, it appeared as if it were working (lights on the keyboard would be on), but it kept connecting and disconnecting constantly. I could still type on it, but I could only do it for about half...