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  1. D

    Question No lights no sounds on startup - PSU is OK

    Hi, After electricity outage the PC is completely dead. Switching the PC results in no sounds and no lights. I checked the PSU with voltmeter using paperclip method and it fine. I also connected another PSU to my computer, but the result was the same as with the first one. I disconnected all...
  2. RedWire98

    Question My Asus Stix RTX 2060 board seems bent?

    The board on my Asus ROG Strix RTX 2060 seems bent. I dont know if this is bad or normal. Also the lighting worked fine at first but now starting a few days ago it won't light up at all or be recognized by aura sync. Im not sure if this is related to bent PCB. Please help. Here's a picture...