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  1. ldreyar213

    Question "No Man's Sky" graphical bug? My gpu limitations? Could someone explain the cause if possible?

    View: If you cant watch on reddit then here. I started having this black stuff about 4 days ago. It occurs at times when...
  2. G

    Need a new laptop for $300 or under. Any suggestions?

    Need a new laptop for college under $300, I just need the overall best for the price. Not looking to game or anything like that, just for internet and Microsoft programs office/word/etc.
  3. L

    What processors does my motherboard support?

    Hi! I am a bit new to this whole pc thing, and I would like to know. What processors does my motherborard support? My motherbord is 760gma p34. If you find anything all help would be appreciated. Also what CPU would you recommend? With my setup I have a 1050ti and an amd fx6300. I think my CPU...