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  1. W

    Question PC will not post, no signal, no beeps

    Hi there, I have been having this issue for quite a long time now. When I turned on my pc, there was no post at all to the screen, I have now done many troubleshooting methods to try and fix this. Replaced the power supply (got it rma) Got new ram (went from 3000 to 3200) Returned the...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] PC is not starting up

    My PC stopped booting fully up. All fans will spin, the mobo LEDs are reporting 00 but I am not communicating with the monitors. These are the steps I have taken so far without any luck. Tested and replaced the Power supply Re-seated all 4 RAM sticks Tested each individual RAM stick. Removed...
  3. D

    Question Monitor No Signal Error Only In One House

    Hello. I am having an issue with the desktop and monitor set-up that I have been using for years, in that it displays a No Signal Error despite both the tower and the monitor (visibly) working properly. I have recently moved and have been attempting to get my set-up to work in the new home I am...
  4. W

    GTX 1060, Overwatch FPS

    I recently upgraded to a GTX 1060 in hopes of running Overwatch at high to ultra settings while consistently staying above 144fps. However, no matter what graphics settings I play on (Epic or Low, even turning Render Scale down to 50%) I'm always hovering around 80 - 100fps. People online and...
  5. ZoRiii

    i5-3570 feels like Core 2 Duo

    I don't know why, but I use the same graphics card (GT 1030) and hard drive (WD Blue w/ 1TB) as I did with my old Inspiron with a Core 2 Duo. The only difference is the type of ram. The thing is, it is still slow, like loading pictures, or opening the file explorer would take about the same my...
  6. N

    Computer Apple/Mac keyboard types wrong

    when I press 1 or two it does 12 , when I press q or w it does qw, when I press a or s it does as, and finally when I press z... What do i do?
  7. L

    Looking for atx case and Motherboard

    Hello, Do any of you guys have a recommendation of what motherboard i can get that supports Kaby lake(7th gen) CPU's that is under or around 70-80 dollars (US)? I am not into overclocking and probably will never and I play simple games. I also do not want to have to update bios for it to support...
  8. A

    need help upgrading everything

    i had a dell studio slim 540s but moved everything to a bigger case, also changed the psu bcuz of my new psu of 500 watts. i need help in choosing the best motherboard and processor of at 3.5 ghz, nothing too expensive please thank you