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  1. noobandstupid

    [SOLVED] Ultra Fast Boot display problem ?

    I have a problem since I turned on Ultra Fast Boot . Now, whenever my PC is outside of Windows there's no HDMI signal or sometimes I'm not even sure that my PC receives my input such as entering Windows Recovery , Splash screen , Windows (Safe mode) , UEFI settings , etc.. Im using Asrock...
  2. ManicMarksDog

    Question Motherboard or CPU killed by thermal paste on the pins ?

    Initial problem was temps of 90c+ while gaming (98-100c in borderlands 3). I did a 100% cleaning of all fans, no effect. I repasted the cpu, no effect. I reseated the cpu, no effect. My AIO h110i water cooler was working fine according to multiple temp and fan control programs. I admit, I have...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] How do I solve this 'No signal output' problem?

    So this is a problem that I woke up to today (a single on Valentines day) where my new build that’s been working pretty great since November suddenly won’t output any signal to my two monitors. After looking around I’ve already tried a bunch of different things. New DisplayPort cables, tried...
  4. WittPebble

    [SOLVED] No signal to display after power was cut from pc

    So coworker of mine has been using a computer that I built him for a while now no problem with anything until just recently. While he was away from his computer his sister unplugged everything while it was on now no signal is being sent over to the monitor. Everything seems to be getting power...