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No Signal after restart

Forum discussion tagged with No Signal after restart.
  1. M

    Question booted in safe mode and the monitor says no signal when i turn on the pc

    I booted in safe mode, with this command in the console/cmd: "bcdedit /set default safeboot minimal" and when I restarted it the screen remains black with a "no signal" message, It's no the first time having this problem but the other times the pc returned to normal by it's one I think thanks!
  2. B

    Question PC Fans loud on start up and no dvi signal

    So basically after installing a new cpu into my build and updatin my bios (ryzen 5 3600) I booted up my pc and it was really loud. It sounded like a literal jet engine, and during this period where it was loud, none of my peripherals lit up (which they usually did when i started up my pc) which...
  3. G.russell10

    [SOLVED] Computer stuck in power cycle after RAM installation.

    Recently, I updated my RAM from 8 gbs of 2666 MHz to 16 gbs of 3000mhz. When I first installed it, I checked BIOs as I had trouble getting a signal to my computer. In BIOs, I was only getting 2166 MHz speed. When I changed the target speed to 3000MHz, I could not get signal once again. Could...
  4. Nosesignal

    [SOLVED] No signal suddenly, loses signal intermittently

    TLDR: No signal on boot but win7 boots up normally. If boots with display, loses signal randomly with 'display driver blabla has crashed and successfully recovered.' in event log. Do read the whole story below Long diary/backstory: List of things that i tried: Reseat ram, boot w/ 1 ram, change...
  5. Beleticivan

    Question No display signal after blue crash screen

    I was playing some games when my screen displayed a blue screen with a crash report saying it will restart after collecting some info. After it finished the pc turned of and back on to a black screen saying "no video input". The fans are spinning and i can hear the HDD spinning, however my...
  6. N

    Question no signal after installing amd display driver

    No signal after installing an AMD display driver. without AMD display driver pc working on windows default display driver. spec: 2200g B450 8gb 450w
  7. S

    Question Pc not reading usb and no signal

    #1 Recently, i built a pc. Everything went well, i got into the boot screen, finished downloading windows, and all was well. i restarted the computer to finish driver downloads and to turn my ram to xmp profile. I reached the bios, but decided to leave it on like that and got changed. When i was...
  8. F

    Question Asus Z170-AR DRAM lights up for a few seconds monitor(NO SIGNAL) NEED HELP

    I recently upgraded my Processor from an I5-6600k to a I7-7700k and I also upgraded the cpu tower cooler. Everything is correctly connected andI have tried rebooting, cmos reset and almost every other reboot options I have looked up on this site and Google. Still nothing works, my PWR LED is...
  9. I

    Question My doesnt show any screen.

    Whenever i try to launch my pc my pc screen says no signal detected. After this happrns tho i can turn off the pc and wait about 10 min and then try again, then it usually does boot normally. I am using the MSI Z370 GAMING CARBON PRO motherboard with windows 10, Ehat i belive is causing this...
  10. A

    Question Screen froze, then stopped getting signal

    Hi everyone, I'll keep this short. I hit my pc by mistake and the screen froze. Then when I forced it to shut down with the power button and restarted it, the monitor wouldn't get a signal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you time.
  11. K

    GPU core clock decrease while gaming.

    Hello, i have a Asus hd 7870 GPU, when i try to play with any game after 10-20 minutes the core clock frequency from 1000 decrease to 450 and stuck, only the PC reboot slove it for a while. i already tried to re-install all GPU drivers, and i repasted the GPU. VRM temperature 1 : 61 while...