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  1. M

    Question PC not detecting VG27AQ despite DDU, monitor power cycles then I get DisplayPort no signal error

    Device manager is displaying both of my monitors as generic PNP monitors, I deleted both of the drivers and the issues began. I figured my GPU wasn’t detecting the DisplayPort so I powered off my PC and unplugged everything from the motherboard and waited 30 seconds before plugging it back in...
  2. Vox

    Question GTX 760 DisplayPort - no signal

    Hi there, I just bought a new monitor (Acer XF240H) and tried to connect it via the DP cable (came with the monitor) to my good old MSI GTX 760 OC graphics card. I used that graphics card via DVI cables before without any problem. Now everytime I plug the new DP cable in, the monitor...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Pc starts but no signal. Tried everything

    So my pc starts but it shows no signal. No lights on my keyboard and mouse. A week ago I was using it normally and then the screen went black. I switched it off and put It back on. Then it just showed no signal. Things I have tried: Tried a different psu Tried a different cpu Tried...
  4. Manlybunny

    Question My new widescreen monitor refuses to work with my RX 580

    So i've been ripping my hair out trying to fix this tedious problem. On Labor Day I decided to buy a Widescreen monitor that was relatively cheap. (LG- 29WL500-B) I bought this monitor while I was on vacation so when I came back home a month later, I unboxed the monitor and hooked it up. First...
  5. Blardow

    Question New build, no signal on monitor [SOLVED]

    I have an msi tomahawk b450 and I've tried pretty much everything I can think of to try to get this to work, but not once have I gotten a signal on my monitor. The monitor is confirmed working, I've tried multiple different cords, hdmi and dvi, ones that definitely work, and none of them work...
  6. pistiC

    Question No signal to monitor

    Hi, I've built a new pc, specs are: • mobo: ASRock X370 Pro 4 • CPU: AMD Ryzen 1800 X • ram: 2 x 8 GB G. Skill Ripjaws 3200 MHz • GPU: Asus GTX 1070 dual OC • PSU: Be quiet! System Power 9...
  7. K

    Question "No signal" after installing GPU drivers

    Every time I install GPU drivers on my 2060 for my new build, the screen goes black right after it installs and says "no signal" the only way to fix it is to boot into safe mode and uninstall the drivers. I have a Ryzen 5 2600x so I can't use integrated graphics to try and fix it either. I reset...
  8. J

    Monitor not responsive with Graphics Card

    Hey guys I have an interesting dilemma here. Recently bought a new psu and 4gb of ram just as a present to myself The psu is the Seasonic M12 Bronze Evo Edition 620 W and the 4gb ram stick is a Crucial one. After plugging everything in my computer boots but no connection to either of the two...
  9. B

    Is the 4770k a 1150 socket?

    I'm upgrading my CPU for my motherboard (asus B85M-G) and was wondering about whether it was a 1150 so I could buy one. Any help appreciated! :)