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  1. X

    Question No audio device detected

    Hello, Installed Win 11 from scratch. Connected via HDMI to a monitor with integrated speakers. Worked fine under Win 10. Now Win 11 only sees Headphones (analog output) as sole output for audio. I even manually installed the correct Samsung monitor driver but that didn't help. Also made sure...
  2. CatYoda_EU

    Question no audio

    It was a normal day after school, I turned on the PC and wanted to play GTA and Minecraft. I turned on the game when I noticed that I didn't hear anything. the only thing is the snarling wraith prism of the RGB cooler. I use pioneer speakers that I have connected to my PC via a normal jack. I...
  3. [SOLVED] no sound on pc

    hi guys, I have long time no sound on my pc, I've tried to fix it but barely sth changed. So I just decided to buy a sound card, what was a temporary solution but now I pull myself together in order to repair it. However, whatever I do, nothing works. I tried to change settings in BIOS, install...
  4. G

    Question Replaced thermal paste, cleaned fan, now there's no sound ?

    I don't know what else to do...hope you guys can help me so I have this PC that was making a loud noise with the fan so I thought it might have dust on it so I decided it would be a good idea to replace the thermal paste and clean the fan a little, so I did that, cleaned the heatsink, the...
  5. Koninosss

    Question HELP NO SOUND

    Hi so my pc has no sound for some reason. I tried everything. I tried 3 different headsets but they dont work. I did a format but it still doesnt work. I removed ram gpu but nothing. What can I do
  6. T

    Question Windows 10 Freezing when restarting & shutting down, plus there's no sound ?

    Hey guys, So today when I turned on my PC I noticed I wasn't hearing any sound and my mic wouldn't work either. I then later realised that whenever I try to restart or shutdown my PC it will show a black screen but the computer will still be running. I can only stop this by holding down the...
  7. C

    Question MSI Tomahawk B450 MB HDMI port is not producing Audio

    Hey there, So I purchased a Samsung HW-T410 Soundbar and wanted to utilize it on my PC. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this sucker only has a USB port that only reads files, Bluetooth, and S/PDIF port. Well the average PC doesn't have S/PDIF ports and that's the situation I'm in. I just bought...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] No lights no sounds on startup - PSU is OK

    Hi, After electricity outage the PC is completely dead. Switching the PC results in no sounds and no lights. I checked the PSU with voltmeter using paperclip method and it fine. I also connected another PSU to my computer, but the result was the same as with the first one. I disconnected all...
  9. H

    [SOLVED] NZXT H510 Front Panel Audio (Mic) Not Working

    I recently upgraded CPU, mobo, and RAM from an i7 4770k (MSI Z87 MPower Max) to an i7 10700k (Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Elite AC). Both in the same case, had no problems using the front panel audio connection (3.5mm) for mic, and sound with the old MSI board. After upgrading and installing the new...
  10. BillWiTheScienceFi

    [SOLVED] Volume wont play through TV?

    I posted this earlier but for some reason its missing on my threads so ill post it again I like to watch online shows sometimes on my TV but I'm having issues with the sound not coming out of my TV when i hook my pc up to it via HDMI cable. (I unplug my monitor and plugin the hdmi connected to...
  11. V

    Question How can I fix the problem of no sound with headphones?

    I now have no sound when I try to use headphones. The sound works without headphones, just not with them. It was working yesterday but not today. I use headphones a lot daily and it's driving me crazy not being able to use them. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  12. Kamykaze2019

    Question Windows 10 hardware error. Pls help!

    I have a problem in witch my screen goes black for a few seconds and then i have no sound. When I go to the reliability monitor in windows it says it's a hardware error. Pls help me if you have seen the problem and have a solution. I attached a photo with the reliability history...
  13. [SOLVED] Nvidia High Definition Audio No sound

    Hi, I am quite hopeless now. I have an Nvidia 750TI, a monitor wich has only a VGA output and I am using a speaker. I installed Windows 10 on a brand new SSD. I have only 3 Nvidia output at "Dispaly" and that's it. (If I plug in my projector, it has sounds, but I think it's not relevant...
  14. Aamir112233

    Question Headphone detected but no sound

    Guys my headphone and speakers both are not working with my windows 10 Headphone works on my android and is also detected by windows 10 but no sound is there. i unninstalled realtek drivers and also uninstalled hd audio drivers and then reinstalled them one after another but still no luck both...
  15. K

    Question No sound

    Hello, I have not been using my PC for a long time, but when I started using it again, no sound comes out from the output. I have an ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS motherboard. The things that I’ve tried are: Installed the Realtek HD Audio Driver 2.82 Uninstalled and Reinstalled the High Definition...
  16. S

    Question Not Working - ASUS Essence STX II 24-Bit 192KHz Sound Card

    Is there any chance someone could please help me? I'm trying to install a ASUS Essence STX II 24-Bit 192KHz Sound Card + 7.1 daughter card using UNi Xonar Driver 11.5 v1.80b r3. The card will be used to output to a set of Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers using RCA to 3.5mm for 3 channels (1. front...
  17. D

    Question Problems with hdmi audio output ati radeon rx470 asrock mother

    Hi there, I bought a new computer a long time ago with a motherboard A320M-DVS R4.0, a ryzen 3200 and a video card rx470, everything works great, except that I can't get the sound to come out through the outputs HDMI to Tv display, I have tried everything, the board was already installed on my...
  18. L

    Question Has this ever happened to you while gaming? Black screen and sound stopped, computer still running.

    Hello all! I have been researching similar problems, however, sound usually keeps playing unlike mine. Last night I was driving on IRacing when suddenly my monitor went back “HDMI no signal detected” and game sound stopped through the external speakers - however, the computer was still...
  19. H

    [SOLVED] Strange issue

    Hi, Having trawled the threads I find my issue remains so I turn it to you the people. Last night I was using my pc as usual playing a game and watching some youtube. 1am shut down for bed. This morning I boot my pc and the display (a tv connected by dvi to hdmi cable) is in a different...
  20. T

    Question sound no longer working

    I have been using the same PC for over a year, and have got a new headset a few months ago. Nothing new to mess with my settings. Onto the issue. I have a USB headset, and a set of speakers that plug in to the 3.5mm Jack on the back of my case. I like this setup because I can switch between...
  21. IIDustyII

    Question Notebook's Audio issue, should I consider a DAC?

    Hello, Good day. I have an old K55VJ series laptop from ASUS, I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on my SSD as my mechanical hard-drive failed after eight years of faithful service. When I booted up the PC after the install, I noticed my speaker (audio) icon with a red cross on...
  22. JC Static

    Question Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Rear Audio Jack with Realtek not working.

    Hi guys. First time posting here. I recently built a new PC with Gigabyte's Z390 Auros Pro (no wifi). My issue is with the Rear Audio Jack not working when I plug in my speakers. No sound is coming out of it even though my window's settings show that the speakers are plugged in. I've already...
  23. Dcopymope

    Question My PC is totally screwed

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this. I can't connect to the internet, there is no sound, and I can't even do a system restore. I updated the BIOS to the latest version before these problems occured, so I updated it again back to the previous BIOS version, and the problems still persist...
  24. K

    [SOLVED] No Sound in Windows 10 - Abruptly Failed and Cannot Res

    Hello, I have a friend who recently lost sound on his Desktop device with Windows 10. I tried to go through basic, amateur troubleshooting with him such as trying different stereo jacks on the device, testing another device (did not work), stopping and restarting Windows Audio Services (and...
  25. M

    [SOLVED] Motorola G6 Plus - No Sound at all

    Hi all, Have been having a rather strange issue with my Moto G6 Plus that I've owned for around a year and a half now. My speaker has been rather temperamental after having my phone bend whilst inside my pocket, to the point where if the bending of the phone is causing the speaker to die and...
  26. Raikko Kiminen

    Question Updated graphics card and now I have no sound??

    Okay, so yesterday I launched my AMD Radeon Settings for my RX 570 and it showed the update available, so I downloaded it and installed and...I got no sound now. I looked up on google, 3 pages (desperate attempt to find something but unsuccessful) and I've read about possible solutions, none of...
  27. K

    Question possible Sound card malfunction?

    hi. im trying to fix a laptop that has no sound, not even when connected with speakers or HDMI. the sound symbol has a red x and the audio category was hidden in the device manager. has anyone experienced this before? while i was looking into this problem i decided to upgrade to SSD (fresh...
  28. I

    [SOLVED] No audio output on new interface

    I recently set up my new audio interface, a Behringer UM2, but it will not output any sound. For my microphone, I am using a Blue Ember (requires phantom power) and for playback, I am using a Logitech G430 Headset with a 3.5mm to 1/4 adapter to fit the interface. When I use direct monitor, I can...
  29. N

    Question Really weird glitch.

    A couple of days ago I built a new pc. Every now and than my mouse wil freeze for like a second, and i will hear a pop/crackle in my headphones. After that weird glitch, I am unable to hear in specific programs such as discord or games. Is there a way to fix this? Specifications for if needed...
  30. H

    Question PC sounds work on some certain apps/websites

    Hi y'all, been having an issue with my pc lately... Sounds dont work for most apps now. My headset, speakers and Monitor speakers no longer work for chrome. However they do all work for groove music and sound does come out when im using the test via sounds. Yesterday discord and youtube worked...
  31. funboyfun23

    Question PC Power Button Light Turns on, but nothing else turns on

    Hello, A few days ago I accidentally spilled water on top of my PC, almost instantly my computer turned off and wouldn't turn back on. When I opened the case the water had mostly got on top of the GPU, however some droplets got onto the motherboard. AfterI let everything dry off, I turned on my...
  32. godamuss

    Question What happened to my HDMI audio ?

    i was streaming some fallout 76 and the game ALT+tabbed. maybe i hit windows key, maybe its that weird registry bug that you have to go into the registry and change to stop it from alt+tabbing in the middle of your match. idk. it doesnt matter. My HDMI audio output is gone now. It shows that it...
  33. subduck9

    Question Audio issue msi b150

    Just upgraded my brother's PC: MSI B150 Gaming M3 i5-6600k DDr4 Corsair 2400mhx 2x8gb I cannot, for the life of me, get the GD audio to work. There's just a big red X over the speaker. I've gone to the official MSI page and tried only the Realtek Audio Drivers first. Didn't work. Went back and...
  34. H

    Question No sound on headset

    Hi, my headset and earphones do not display emit sounds but however do have sound affects eg notification sound and works when using the sound test on control panel. The mic works and the lights do work but just no application sounds going through. My headset uses a usb 2.0 port Cheers
  35. C

    [SOLVED] Should i buy an ex mining gpu?

    Should I buy an ex mining rx 470 for ~100 dollars?
  36. I

    PC underperformes and games stutter !!!

    CPU: Ryzen R3 1200 no OC GPU: GTX 1050 2gb RAM: 8gb DDR4 2666Mhz SSD - Samsung 750 evo 250gb HDD- Hitachi 250gb PSU: XFX 550w (had problems with it before - the PC randomly turned off and wouldnt want to turn on, got it replaced) I'm playing TF2 and CS:GO and im getting low low fps(under 100)...
  37. L

    Whats the best GPU I could pare with my AMD a10 5800k?

    -Thanks for any help, I know this cpu isnt the best.
  38. J

    Can I transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to my ssd?

    Hi, im getting an Samsung 860 evo ssd and I dont know if im going with a 500gb one or 1tb one. Since the prices for the 1tb one is so high compared to the 500gb one I wonder if I can only transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to the ssd. My hdd currently has 2tb with over 500gb used so...
  39. 2

    PSU fan case

    Hey, when I turn on my newly built PC the case fan and PSU fan turn on for 2 seconds then stops, then it repeats. My display is picking up a HDMI signal for a spit second when the fans start to spin, then nothing when the fans stop spinning. Help me!
  40. C

    Does my HP Envy x360 Have a Digitizer?

    Hi, I recently got an HP Envy x360 and was wondering if the screen has a digitizer built in or not. From what I can find online, some do and some don't. I have a device listed under device manager as "HID-Compliant Pen" and think that might be it but I'm not sure. Here is a screenshot of my...