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  1. H

    Question Computer starts, no screen display, no USB power

    So i'm having an issue getting my pc started up, i recently moved and after setting up the system i'm not able to start the pc. The computer turns on, but no signal to the monitor, no power to any of the usbs. I'm getting the warning beep for no RAM detected (1 long, 2 short beeps for asus MOBO)...
  2. Kacperskyy

    [SOLVED] HDD - No screen/USB power

    Recently my pc started to malfunction, I have been using it for 5yrs now. So the problem is with the HDD, its a WD Blue 1TB and I know that its dead (i have been hearing scratching and other signals of its death) So I unpluged it and my pc dont give aby screen signal nor USB power (my mouse...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Fans spinning, no usb power, no display

    I built my first computer in September and it was working great, absolutely no problems. Up until this beginning of November when I decided to paint my room. I put the computer in the living room so I could paint. When I put it back in my room and set it up I started having this problem. I turn...
  4. S

    Question Pc not reading usb and no signal

    #1 Recently, i built a pc. Everything went well, i got into the boot screen, finished downloading windows, and all was well. i restarted the computer to finish driver downloads and to turn my ram to xmp profile. I reached the bios, but decided to leave it on like that and got changed. When i was...
  5. S

    Question New build from hell please help (No signal, USB ports won't work, power button doesn't shutdown pc)

    This is my first time building a computer and I knew I would run into some hiccups but, this one I can't seem to find any answers to online. My pc is able to turn on, all fans are spinning, mobo light is on but, the usb ports won't work as well as the hdmi input. Also, I can't turn off my...
  6. J

    Monitor not responsive with Graphics Card

    Hey guys I have an interesting dilemma here. Recently bought a new psu and 4gb of ram just as a present to myself The psu is the Seasonic M12 Bronze Evo Edition 620 W and the 4gb ram stick is a Crucial one. After plugging everything in my computer boots but no connection to either of the two...
  7. B

    Salvage or Buy Another?

    I spilled c0ffee on my Asus Laptop Keyb0ard. Now it won't even turn on. Sh0uld I try to salvage what I can from the laptop, or go out and buy another one?