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  1. Epicguy12

    Question VGA ez debug led and no display

    First time build - Every component powers up, initially with startup, cpu ez debug led turns solid and gets replaced with VGA ez debug led in 30 seconds and the latter last forever. Is my gpu is faulty? But gpu fans are spinning. Troubleshooting I've tried : clear BIOS try to boot with...
  2. SSLexSS

    Question Monitor shows No hdmi cable detected, or the same for vga.

    Hi! I have an older Dell St2010 monitor. I bought it in 2012, since then, all ok. Suddenly, after I unpluged from the wall everything (cause i use to do it when i leave home for longer periods, just in case of thunders, which didn't happened), my monitor shows this message forever and i cant...
  3. B

    Question [Help] No VGA detected sound from speaker

    Hello, so I recently bought all new parts to make a new gaming PC and I built it myself, the PC works and boots just fine but whenever i'm turning it on i'm getting the one continuous beep followed by three short beeps which means no VGA detected by the motherboard manual, the problem with that...
  4. rekiso102

    i7-8086K Coolers(no delidding)

    Hello, I’m working on a project to upgrade my current system and make it a little more powerful. I’m looking for a great cooler for an 8086K. Currently I have the NH-D14 in my cart(the NH-D15 won’t fit my case). ALSO No Delidding please, I am way too beginner to even think on attempting...