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    Question GPU at Max speed fan after booting, No display and weird power button

    Good afternoon, I recently shipped my pc because I moved out, when I was preparing the package, I removed only the GPU(brought it with me in a backpack), I closed the case and put the PC into the box. When I received the PC, it had nor scratches nor visible damage at all. I put the GPU into the...
  2. 7

    Question Why does my monitor disconnect while playing games?

    I currently run a 980Ti, 16GB RAM, i7-6700k, ASRock Z170M-ITX and a 750w PSU. Games have all run perfectly fine the whole time I've had this system, until about a week ago or so, when after 5-20 minutes into playing a game, my monitor loses signal and I have to restart my computer. I've tried a...
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    Question delete

  4. L

    Question PC wont boot, tried everything I know and read

    I do a lot with computers, I just cant figure this issue out, its driving me nuts. SPECS: Processor: i7-3930k Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X79s-up5 PSU: (new) EVGA 650W Bronze (previously had 500w chinese PSU) Memory: 16gb HyperX Fury Blue 1333Mhz (4x4) GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G STORY...
  5. M

    Question PC POSTs, but there's no display until the Windows welcome screen appears ?

    Hi guys. Here are the specs: I7 13700k AsRock Z690 Steel Legend (DDR4) 2X8Gb of ddr4 ram 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance (I already have this kit from my previous build) Corsair RM1000X Coolermaster masterliquid PL360 FLUX ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP EXTREME (from my previous build) nvme 240gb Kingston A1000...
  6. S

    Question Pc shutting down and rebooting, wont start up now while white VGA light lights up on mobo.

    Hello, I built myself a brand new pc this month, after 2 days I came back and saw my system didnt have any power and didnt start. Found out pretty quickly that the PSU didnt work anymore so I got the same one as warrenty. My system ran without problems for the next week until I experienced...
  7. qoodL

    Question PC not entering POST

    PC not working Hello everyone! I’ve had my build now for about 4 years now and decided a few days ago to upgrade the GPU and PSU. After adding a 2060 12GB and 750 watt psu, the PC wouldn’t POST at all. The issues were characterized by the GPU fans not spinning at all, my peripherals not...
  8. Katz8474

    Question Pc not displaying anything and the cpu fan not working

    Recently I got a ga z77hd4 motherboard from gigabyte and I went to power it on last night and the cpu fan lit up for a second then shut off note the case fans were still on and there is no display output (I’m using a gpu that runs off of the motherboard power) I’ve tried a bios reset changing...
  9. UniSense

    Question No signal to monitors

    Hi, please help. I recently got a rtx 2060 and that worked amazingly, but I wanted to upgrade my cpu too. I bought a new ryzen 5 5600x and installed it only to find out that my motherboard doesn’t support it, while waiting to get a new one I still want to use my computer so I installed my old...
  10. R

    Question No Video output from PC

    No video output from computer, monitor is still functioning and fully working on old mobo. I bought a cpu+mob+ram combo tried to run it and get no display from pc tried with gpu and without it, tried to run it in single ram didn't work i did settle ram fully, pluged all the cables, so what could...
  11. sonaf

    [SOLVED] New PSU sparked and now I dont get any display

    I have had this setup for over a year, and I recently upgraded my GPU. I also bought a better CPU and more RAM aswell as a new PSU. Today I put in the RAM, changed the CPU and changed my PSU. When I connected the PSU and switched it on, I saw a flash, probably a spark, from inside the PSU. All...
  12. Dragoon30784

    [SOLVED] New CPU - No Display

    I recently upgraded to a new CPU. Now the GPU does not work (probably needs a driver), but the integrated graphics doesn't work either. Mobo: ASRock A320m-HDV Old CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2300x New CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x GPU: Radeon something- or- other (can't remember and currently can't turn on the...
  13. JJJJere

    [SOLVED] New Motherboard NO DISPLAY

    Hello everyone, is me again and this f** PC About a month ago my motherboard died, so I bought a new one, just 1 week of using it and it started to give me the same problem that the previous one. I turn on the pc and instantly have no display. The first time it happened, I could turn it on and...
  14. AlergicToTheSun

    [SOLVED] Mac Pro not displaying anything?

    I recently ran into a late 2000's mac pro that will not display anything but everything will turn on and the fans will start spinning , I put the graphics card (Quadro 4000) into my desktop and it worked just fine. I know macs aren't so friendly with Nvidia so I threw a old AMD card I had in...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] No Monitor Display after Restarting PC

    My PC was working fine until I restarted my PC. After restarting, there was no Display. I can hear the fans running and see the GPU lights. Only the display. So I tried one solution: reseating the memory sticks (RAM). After that, the display came back and everything is running smoothly. Until I...
  16. E

    [SOLVED] New Ram - No Display

    So I've recently bought a new pair of RAM (2x8 Ripjaws) to add to the ones I currently have so I could have 32 gbs of RAM in total. At first, it worked just fine, I checked the system in control panel and I had 32 gbs of RAM like it was supposed to. I tipped my pc upwards and the pc shut off...
  17. Babarali85

    [SOLVED] Gtx1080 with No Display

    Hi, I was playing a game when suddenly my computer shut down with just my RAM's lights working. After restarting, the system seemed to boot up just fine but the problem was that I was not getting any display (just a black screen). The gpu is an msi gtx1080. Luckily I had a spare gtx970 with me...
  18. D

    Question No display

    So, my PC is suddenly not giving me a display. It is getting power and the case fans and GPU fans are all running, but not my CPU fan. Except when I unplug it and plug it back in, it runs for a second then stops. The computer also won't turn off with the power button, but will turn on with it. I...
  19. H

    Question PC starting but no display please help 🙏

    Hi, Guy's my PC is starting fan spinning but no display I checked my ram, graphics card, monitor, cables and Psu on my friends PC everything working good but I don't know what's causing my PC to not start I even clear the CMOS multiple times still no luck and someone please help me with this...
  20. joshwells357

    [SOLVED] System Boot Issue After Ram Upgrade

    SO, I ordered and install new corsair vengence rgb pro 16gb (2x8) 3600mhz sticks in my prebuilt Intel setup. Had one single 8gb stick of xpg 2666 in it when purchased. The mobo/chip is an asus prime b360m-a Intel i5 9400f. When I turned on the tower after install, everything booted visually...
  21. Moplop

    Question Newly built PC in a bootloop after switching RAM slots.

    (SPECS): 1660 GTX Super Ryzen 3600 ASRock B450 Pro4 16GB Ballistix memory Hi, My friend recently bought a new PC by parts and got them assembled by a professional service. He connected the PC to the monitor with a HDMI cable, it booted fine but there was no display at all on the monitor. I...
  22. TheNinjaToothpick

    [SOLVED] No Display, Tried Two graphics cards and multiple cables

    I’m upgrading a pc to a i5-9400, MSI Z390 and DDR4 ram the graphics card is a GTX 960 everything was placed in well and such but I get no display from multiple cables so I tried my GTX 1070ti in its place and still no display what could be my issue?
  23. B

    [SOLVED] PC stuck in boot loop with no display.

    Hi in need of major help troubleshooting what happened to my computer. New to pc gaming so take it easy on me but I bought a used computer with a friend who knew what he was doing and he said it was a good pc for the price i was getting it for so I bought it. will list the specs below. Ran great...
  24. M

    Question Gpu spinning for awhile then stop,constantly. also no display

    So i just bought GPU its RX 470 and got it installed right away into my pc. (oh yeah it only has DVI output so i put dvi to vga converter) but i only got 6 pin power so i convert it from 2x6 pin power to 8 pin power. When i start my pc the gpu is spinning at low rpm, then it stopped. Doing...
  25. Michael.Brown2779

    Question ASUS PRIME Z270-A no display

    First time boot, all fans spin, motherboard RGB lights all come on, motherboard power light is on solid green. No POST beeps (but if I fully remove all RAM, I get beeps telling me theres no RAM). Red CPU light flashes and then goes off, Yellow RAM light flashes, stays on for about a second and...
  26. P

    [SOLVED] New Threadripper Build Showing 00 LED and No display

    my NEW Gigabyte x399 arous extreme motherboard showing 00 code and no display at all cpu warming up everything working fine but no display i tried to clear CMOS still no luck Threadripper 2990WX , gskil trident z 3000 thermaltake 1200 watt 970 evo 1 tb rtx 2080 ti and gtx 1080 ti
  27. J

    Question Computer not displaying image after a cooler change?

    I recently swapped my cooler from a cooler master air cooler to a deepcool aio. The build went smoothly, and no issues were to be found until trying to start up the pc. Everything in my pc turns on when I press the button, but for some reason, the usb devices (keyboard, mouse, etc) don’t light...
  28. T

    Question Computer booting but monitor is not reacting

    Hi , I have problem with my PC because mu pc is booting but i dont see any reaction on my monitor. I have tried to use different monitor, Ram , power supply and I even order new motherboard . Also cleaned cmos but still is not working and I tried to connect my monitor to mobo or gpu with...
  29. S

    Help me to find this movie

    What is this movie? The female warden was asking prison numbers to woman inmates They have legirons, shackles legcuffs or anklecuffs One woman says number correctly But the woman behind spits warden´s face when she ask prison number? Then a man liberates one inmate from her chains with the...
  30. D

    pci cannot read gtx 1070 please help !

    hello i have msi z97 pc mate and i bought new gtx 1070 my old card was 970 when i plug the gpu my motherboard cannot read the new gpu, i tried to unistall drivers and clean every thing i use ddu , formating my pc but when i switch to another pci it works fine with pci e4 i tried to install...
  31. Niklas_13

    Audio recording PC

    A friend is looking to build a PC for recording music. I guess a fast cpu and at least 16 gigs if ram 2 TB hdd SSD 256 ? What would be a good system for this ? I guess it will have to be a quite system Budget is around 1100 us Also would they need a sound card ?
  32. E

    Problem with PCI-E devices, no video output. Bent motherboard pins?

    I can't see the pictures as the title says. Basically my Mobo keeps giving the error code for problems with pcie devices. So I can't get any output from the gpu and igpu dosnt work. If there are any bent pins, it's the Mobo, if there aren't it's probably the CPU. Tried multiple video...
  33. O

    Help please Completely insane things

    Please help me some one , I have some problems with my windows seven 64 bit seriously I don't know why but my pc Is not detecting anything I mean whenever I connect my phone to pc it put my phone on charging mode instead of storage mode this happens with every single phone I connect. It says...