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  1. TwinDenis

    Question Hearing a higher pitch noise on the front panel fan

    Hello, I am currently having a PC which is relatively new (purchased last year) the PC seems to be making an odd noise lately that possibly comes from the front panel fan (Corsair 400q default fan on the front), it could be the hard drive as well but it is hard to tell (the hard disk does not...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] GPU fan making noise

    So I bought a new gpu and one of the fans is making a "brrrr"/rattling noise. When i put my pc on the side (so the GPU is vertical) the noise instantly stops. Do I need to replace the fan or can i just lube it and fix it that way?
  3. aquamasteryt

    [SOLVED] Pc cracking spunds

    Hi guys, my pc is like 5 days old and all this time its crack or somerhing, its this okey? ( View: )
  4. A

    Question I hear a wierd whoom sound from my system

    I hear a wierd whoom sound from my system not that loud.I also can feel a little vibrate from that sound on the case.I thought it was COIL wine or something with the fans but idk what it i also been trying to record it for you to hear it but my mic cannot catch the that sound for some...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Sound problem (electric noice)

    Hello everyone, i have problem with pc sound. When use mic. for recording or conversation (skype, discord...) one or five times in 1min, no rules, PC or people hear something like sort "zZz", like electric noice. I was change Mic, Headphone, and at the end USB sound card. Didn't solve the...
  6. rc001

    USN Journal of unknown drive?

    I've had the following pop up the last four or so days. I was wondering if this is my HDD failing or if it's something else? This happens every time I start my computer and if I let it go it just gets stuck at complete forcing me to force a restart. I apologize...
  7. M

    Please help i am confused.

    i had done this earlier, but have forgotten how to do. so what i wanna do is when i press shut down.. instead of shutting down the pc should show me a popup showing options to restart or shutdown... can somebody please tell me set it to do this..