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  1. Eddie Mitza

    Question PC makes high pitched noise when overclocking RAM

    I've built a new system a few days ago consisting both of brand new and some older parts from my former PC. The problem is that when I try to overclock the RAM by either enabling the XMP Profile or manually increasing the frequencies (they're supposed to work at 6400 frequencies), the PC starts...
  2. I

    [SOLVED] Solved

    Hi. I got an Omen 16 laptop almost 3 months ago and I recently noticed that it occasionally makes a short high pitched noise right before shutting down normally. This started happening shortly after I turned off fast startup in windows. I was wondering if this is normal or something I should be...
  3. O

    Question Speakers produce weird frequencies on one pc, but on other they work fine

    Hello everyone, recently I built 2 computers and bought set of speakers for each one. My first system has Genius speakers that cost 100 euros, and 2nd system has Logitech Z323. When I connect 1st pc with Genius speakers it works fine, when I connect 2nd pc with Genius speakers it works fine...
  4. M

    Question Laptop making high pitched sound when turned off.

    Hi, I recently got a year old HP Elitebook 840 G7. It works perfectly fine, but I've noticed that after I turn the laptop off, it produces a very faint high-pitched sound followed by constant periodic high-pitched clicks. I can only hear the sound when i put my ear in the back of the laptops...
  5. TheFlyingCelt

    Question high pitch low volume beeping like morse code from my PC

    Hi guys, a month ago or so I replaced mobo, CPU and RAM and everything worked and still works well, but during the last days I've been noticing a high pitch but low volume continous beeping like morse code from my PC that I can also hear through the speakers and that randomly occurs. Note: It is...