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  1. BruSV


    Hi, I've just mounted a PC for the first time. The PSU is making a static noise and I'm woried. The components are the following: I7-13700K RTX 4070Ti Z790 Gaming X AX Corsair RM850e ATX 3.0 80+ Gold Thank you!!
  2. O

    Question Clicking noise from the PSU area ?

    Hey, i hear a clicking noise from the psu area. i can hear it while the pc is on and while it is turned off. The pc is new and the psu is 500w. View: it is not loud, but i can hear it effortlessly at night, my cpu is i5-12400f, gpu is 3060...
  3. M

    Question PSU clicking noises, is PSU wattage too low for my setup ?

    Hello :) I noticed today that my PSU is doing some strange noises, they sound like this: This sounds a bit like a cable is sticking to a fan but i checked a couple of times and it doesn't seem like there is any that does it. I also unplugged my GPU form the power...
  4. marlomite

    Question One of the cooling fans on a new build has started spinning slower ?

    Hello, I have a new pc build and today one of the cooling fans at the top of the case started spinning slower and is making an annoying sound. Does anyone know what the problem may be? Here is a video I took of the fans running: View:
  5. J

    Question Strange system behavior after visiting BIOS

    My PC is brand new and is very silent when I directly boot into Windows. However, the moment I go into BIOS my system gets a bit noisy in the sense that it makes a kind of "oowoowoowooo" sound. The weird part is that this sound goes on even when leaving BIOS and booting into Windows. It only...
  6. C

    Question Unknown on-off buzzing noise coming from PC

    I'm getting random buzzing sounds coming from my PC. It goes in and out at random and doesn't seem to be affected when my system is under load (such as heavy gaming). I have replaced both my power supply and case fans as they seemed like the most obvious culprits, but the noise has persisted...
  7. biirf

    [SOLVED] PSU noise fixed by GPU fan replacement?

    PC specs Gigabyte B365M DS3H i5-9600kf no oc with Cooler Master H412R Zotac GTX-970 - 7y old EVGA 500W PSU - 7y old 2x 8GB DDR4 1x 500GB M.2 SSD 1x 2TB HD Windows 10 Context A few weeks ago my computer started making a very loud fan noise coming from the PSU, it sounded like it was spinning...
  8. K

    Question PSU noise issues in ASUS PRIME AP201 case.

    PSU noise issues in ASUS PRIME AP201 case. The Build I've build this PC last week, first with the CoolerMaster Masterwatt 750, which had noise issues: The build was running super well, and otherwise absolutely silent. Then I swapped to the, here recommended...
  9. M

    Question Record hard disk sound

    How can I record my hard disk noise . . . My PC detail: Optiplex 990 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 3.4 GHz 8.00 GB RAM Windows 7 Professional - 64-bit Operating System I have installed Autodesk screencast "will this record my hard disk sound ?"
  10. K

    Build Advice The PSU in my new build is constantly making weird noise (it's vertically mounted in Asus Prime AP201 case) ?

    Hello guys, I've build this PC yesterday and the PSU is making different kinds of noises. Oftentimes when I'm just browsing its making a weird rough noise that I can not really explain but under load there is a constant humming which is very annoying and...
  11. skad999

    Question Would changing the fans of gpu make it quieter

    I bought a used zotac rtx 3070 ti and it's been great except for one problem, the fans. They are super loud even at 30% power. It is not a temperature problem as it's always under 60°. I tried cleaning it I wanted to oil the fans, but the fins were not detachable, or seemed like it and I didn't...
  12. Pururaj

    Question Gigabyte P850GM making static/buzzing noise

    I just recently made a new build with a ryzen 7 5700x and an rtx 3080 10gb, everything is running fine until recently my psu started making this buzzing or static noise, its coming right from where the power cord is connected and its not the cord i checked with a different one, the noise is...
  13. B

    Question Why does my monitor have a fan noise?

    I recently got a new 48 inch OLED monitor. It's the LG 48GQ900-B Ultragear monitor. When I first turned it on, everything seemed good but then after a little bit, I started to hear a noise that sounded like a fan spinning. The problem is that this noise is the loudest noise coming from my...
  14. Herbata

    Question i5-11600 very noisy

    Hi guys i have pc with intel i5 11-600k (3.9Ghz so stock) and intel basic/stock cooler. Well my pc is getting very loud, so i reach out to bios settings and i dont know how to set the cpu fan curve to optimal. Now it's "Default" as it says.
  15. Muhammad Jahid

    Question Intel Stock Cooler runs at same rpm whether the cpu is idle or in load. Is this Normal?

    I am using Cori3 10105 with its Stock Cooler. I recently found that the cpu fan keeps running at around 2700 rpm. It never changes whether the cpu is idle or in load. It always stucks in same rpm and causing noise. Is this Normal for stock cooler?
  16. alehandroGr

    Question Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1660 temp/fan speed

    Hi guys I received yesterday a new GB 1660 OC. My previous GPU was a GB 1050ti. I installed the new one and from the very begining I noticed that during gaming it is way more noisy than the previous one. I tested it with RDR2. I installed Aorus and started monitoring the metrics. It starts...
  17. Curry_Cat

    Question AX1200i Fan Replacement

    Hi all, first time poster here. My AX1200i fan has recently started getting quite grindy, the rest of my system is very quiet and I can't bare the clicking of the FAN spinning up. Unfortunately when I contacted Corsair I was asked to provide a proof of purchase, which I after so many year do...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] arctic liquid freezer ii 280 radiator/fans too loud

    I just built a new pc, and there is really loud and annoying noise coming from the radiator/fans, is this normal or do I have faulty item or something ? I'm doing top mount, so I guess there shouldn't be any bubbles. and I'm talking while pc in idle and all temps around 30C. here is what it...
  19. Lucas G

    [SOLVED] Weird short vibration like sound coming from PC in intervals

    So recently I've been hearing a sudden vibration like sound coming from my PC. Best way I can describe it is a "Brr" like as if a cable got stuck on a fan but not as high pitched and it barely lasts a second. I've checked for loose cables and have no idea what could be causing this. The only...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] New RX 6600 rattling-like noise at medium fan speeds

    Finally got a new dGPU after 12 years. MSI Radeon RX 6600 Mech 2X 8GB. I have noticed this strange rattling-like noise. First I thought maybe some cable got in there but there were no obstructions. I watched a few coil whine videos and it sounded like none of them, then I saw this video from...
  21. kryskan

    Question GPU Fans spin up to max for 5 seconds every 2 minutes while gaming.

    Hi! I got a ASUS TUF 3080, while gaming I noticed it was very very loud and very hot. We're taking fans spinning at 100% and GPU being at 85celsius. I decided to go ahead and undervolt it, to help with the heat and noise (silent GPU is super important to me) I also edited the fan curve and...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Is this noise something to worry about?

    I hope this is the correct section of the forum for this post, if not please let me know! I just recently built a new rig (hooray!), however it has been producing a slightly worrying noise. The only moving parts in this PC are the fans, and I've checked to make sure no wires are getting caught...
  23. Royvds

    [SOLVED] HDD Makes weird noise (not ticking)

    I've got a WD Red Plus 2TB in my PC, which is making a strange noise frequent and irregularly. Though, only when it is actually doing something (it's a second harddrive). E.g. when I'm just playing games off my SSD I won't hear it at all. Only when writing or reading files. However, it's not...
  24. S

    Question Strange Chirping Noise From PSU

    I've attached a short video to demonstrate the sound I'm hearing View: This is a closer video View: it shows the fan somewhat slowing when the noise occurs Fairly certain at this point the noise is coming from the PSU. The noise only...
  25. U

    Question RTX 2080 makes metallic grinding noise ?

    Hello! I just did a fresh re-install of Windows 10 and drivers. Before that, i cleaned the PC with compressed air. My PC has been running without issues and the main game i play, the GPU temp would sit at 60 degrees C. NOW. I installed all my drivers and games. I started the game and when i...
  26. S

    Weird grinding/crackling/revving sound when running games

    Hi there. On Tuesday while gaming my computer suddenly began revving up and the CPU fan or fans of the GPU started making a horrible grinding/crackling noise. This happened a few months before on July 30, 2022 and lasted until I rolled my drivers back on August 7, 2022. I posted on the AMD...
  27. R

    [SOLVED] RTX 3080 FTW3 fans off, making grinding noise, especially on startup, now during idle.

    I have no idea what is going on. For the past couple months on startup, my gpu will make a revving, grinding noise, like it's a failing fan, it would make the sound for about 45 seconds then fade away. Now it's happening constantly, particularly at the desktop or low activity. The problem is...
  28. Ahmed1356

    Question Loud at idle after upgrade

    So I upgrade my PC it had a 3700x with a wraith cooler and a rog Strix 2070 in the meshify c with two front intakes a one exhaust fan, My PC now has the same CPU but with a x53 Kraken and a 3090 ftw3 I added a Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM to the front and the aio is mounted on the top with the two fans...
  29. F

    Question Casing fans making buzzing noise when Air conditioning's compressor turns on

    I am facing this weird problem when the fans inside my casing start making electrical buzzing noises whenever my air conditioner's compressor turns on. The aircon and the computer are plugged into different outlets. Both the power outlets have their ground connections intact. The noise goes away...
  30. Xmias3

    Question Weird noise like static but very low when gaming

    My pc specs: B450 tomahawk max 750w g+ evga 80plus gold Rtx 3070 ti Msi gaming trio 2x8 g.skill Amd Ryzen 5 3600 I recently changed my components from a Gtx 1650 super, 600w 80+ no bronze just normal to my current set up. What I discovered after playing games with my new setup which never...
  31. O

    [SOLVED] PSU making a lot of noise ?

    Hi, im new here on tom's Hardware. I've come here to ask about a problem I have currently on my pc system. I built my rig using: Intel i5-12600K RTX 3070 Gigabyte Gaming OC 16Gb Kingston Fury 3200mhz Gigabyte Z690 Gaming PSU: MSI MPG A850GF and ever since I built it I've had an issue with the...
  32. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Question Anyone know what this noise is?

    I have no idea what this noise is, its coming from my CPU cooler (99% sure it is) its really been bothering me as it can get quite loud, it only starts making this noise once my CPU reaches 70C+ Video of the noise: (I pointed my phone towards...
  33. A

    [SOLVED] Weird fan noise on PC startup

    New Pc ( about 3 weeks old). I noticed that whenever I boot up my PC there would be this weird fan noise for up to a minute or something, then it disappears. Was wondering if it's anything serious? I couldn't decide for sure but I suspect it's coming from my stock Intel CPU cooler. You can hear...
  34. I

    Question Fan noise when playing game but doesn't stop

    I have a new custom rig that I got and it makes almost no noise, until I start up a demanding game. If I start up Witcher 3, it will start to spin like crazy after a minute of having it on my screen. This also happens with lower demanding games after more time like half an hour on rocket league...
  35. Kerygam

    Question Motherboard coil whine

    Dear Gaming community! I just built a new pc, and unfortunately something happened that I am not very happy about: Coil whine (Or something like that) Videos: View: and The noise around the CPU only occurs when the GPU is...
  36. velocci

    Question Ironwolf 8TB vs 10TB+ NAS HDDs

    Hi all, take a look at this video that talks about why 8TB NAS drives are a standard. If you don't feel like watching it, no problem. The first reason is that hardrives that are 10TB or bigger use a technology that is very loud. I have a 14TB Ironwolf and 14TB Ironwolf Pro and it is pretty...
  37. SilverChad

    Question Wierd sound on a brand new liquid cooling fans ?

    Hi, I have a brand new Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Illusion cooling system, 2 month passed since I got this cooling and now it started to make weird sound when it gets accelerated and speed up. fans are initialized at the top side of the case. When I run firefox or start a render or game...
  38. nanocurry

    Question 3080ti buzzing (not coil whine)

    I just bought a new EVGA 3080ti (XC3 Hybrid) a few months ago. It was silent at first, but it's been steadily getting louder. I'm fairly certain it's not coil whine. It's not a high-pitched electrical sound. It sounds more like something touching a fan, even when the fan isn't spinning. It...
  39. O

    Question Power supply noise

    I have recently built a new computer and everything seemed to be fine. Yesterday when the room was quite I noticed a quite clicking sound from psu that start and stop after a period of time. I have no idea my psu is a850gf from msi. I'm pretty sure the noise wasn't there. You can listen to the...
  40. F

    Question Weird constant buzzing noise from PC when playing a game!!!

    Dear reader, I have just recently replaced my old gtx 970 by a 2070 super, everything seemed great, until i fired up a game. When in game, i can hear a slight buzzing sound coming somewhere from my pc (I think from the middle). When I alt-tab out of the game, i do not hear the sound, but when I...