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  1. J

    Question Psu's making noise?

    Hi, I have just finished putting together a second pc, that is located in the same room as my current pc which has been working totally fine until now. When I first started up my second pc I did notice that the psu was making a slight electric noise but I could only hear it really if I put my...
  2. Zdos123

    Question Brand-New WD Blue 5400RPM making strange sound

    Hello, I recently aquired a 3tb WD Blue 5400RPM, was looking for 7200RPM but couldn't find one, it arrived today cloned data over from another drive as my case (Core V1) only has space to mount two drives, and i already had 1tb x 2 in there. i installed it everything is working fine, however...
  3. drosehill

    [SOLVED] Intermittent croaking sound coming from front of computer

    Hi folks, I recently upgraded my GPU (about a month ago). I don't believe the sound began exactly then, but it has certainly started in the interim period. Basically, every few minutes there's a sound that sounds (vaguely) like a frog croaking — which must be a common issue because it is...
  4. P

    Question Lenovo laptop making metallic noises

    #1 Hi everyone, My apologies if there's an answer for this somewhere already but I've been looking through the internet aimlessly and 1)I'm panicking 2) I'm a noob and I don't understand that much of pc and laptops. So double apologies. Today my Lenovo started making metallic noises from the...
  5. G

    What kind of cord do I need

    I've got a new Evga RTX 2070 XC board, and my Dell 2719DC is on the way. From what I can gather, the single USB-C cable from the gpu to the monitor carries the audio, video, and USB all at the same time. So will any 10 foot usb-c to usb-c cable work for this?
  6. B

    Two different Win10 Product keys

    Hi all, I have a new Asus Laptop which had mounting issues with the pre-installed copy of Win10. After repeatedly performing the inbuilt recoveries, I couldn't resolve the problems, so I ran a Win10 ISO whilst logged into the activated Laptop. A fresh Win10 successfully installed and...
  7. C

    Switch to a 4K monitor or stick with 144hz 1080p monitor

    I currently own the asus vg248qe 24” and have had it for almost 2 years now. When I got it I never noticed the difference like many other people did and was disappointed by it. I knew it worked though by moving my mouse cursor. I also think it causes me more trouble now because I wanna run games...
  8. T

    What does only one-dimm per channel mean? And will this work... ?

    Ryzen CPU's support only 1 dimm per channel for higher memory speeds (2666 or 3000MHz and above?) The motherboard I plan on buying has 4 RAM slots, so what exactly is meant by 1 dimm per channel? I have 1x8GB of RAM and I plan on upgrading to 2x8 once I get the money to do so. So if I insert the...
  9. S

    trying to play records through my don't receiver via Samsung soundbar

    I don't see an optical out on the receiver just a sat, bd and tv in. I see 1 HDMI out but that's doing nothing either. not sure what to do
  10. A

    Is that safe to use PALIT GTX1060 super jetstream on Core i3 (6100)skylake?

    Hello guys.It's Alex from Burma.There is smth that i try to figure out a whole day on the internet but i didn't find even one.So i think u guys can help me through it. I already have i3 skylake(6100) Cpu with GTX970 MSI GPU and it's done pretty great But last a few day i've got a GTX 1060 Super...
  11. B

    How to repair Power Armor in Fallout 4.

    Has a death claw chewed through the arm of your favorite power suit and you don't know what to do to restore that shiny new armor smell? Look no further, Here are four easy steps on how to fix that suit up like new and get back into the fray in no time! Step 1) Find yourself a power armor...
  12. H

    What is the best DDR2 Ram for gaming? and a good Price?

    I been looking for some DDR2 ram for an upgrade. I only have 2 GB of ram and to me that is not enough for gaming for me. I have a ASUS m3n78 Motherboard which only supports DDR2 which is disappointing because most places only make DDR3 Ram now unless there is an adapter so that you can use DDR3...
  13. S

    SanDisk SSD significantly underperforming standard benchmarks

    I installed a new SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD (SDSSDHII480G), and I ran two PassMark 8.0 tests (2,336; 2,558) -- my average score was 2,447. According to the overall average score for the same drive is 3,908. That's 60% higher than what I'm getting. I'm running on a Dell...