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  1. M

    Question PSU noisy on new mobo, not on old?

    My Corsair CX550M is really noisy on my new motherboard and totally silent on my old motherboard. The new motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 UD. The old was a MSI B150M Bazooka. The sound is like a buzzing sound with some crackling in between. My question is now if the PSU is faulty or if it's...
  2. SPECOPS70

    Question Performing below potential? Advice pls

    Hello all. Ok I am not sure if its because my MOBO takes 2400 ram and I bought corsair 3000 rgb dimms. I was told and read that it will work but would run at a max of 2400. Everything is working great. I ran the userbenchmark benchmark and everything is running at above expectations. But I did...
  3. Redpigeon

    Question Spare MB for HP ENVY Desktop - 700-530qe CTO

    My MB Kaili2 died. HP don't sale MB and I can't find exact same (MSI 7826, lga1150, ver2.0). What kind of problem I can expect with MB ver 1.0? Could you advise MB for same lga 1150 uATX size (9.6x9.6) and 4 memory slots?
  4. C

    Question Windows 10 doesn't detect MSI RX 480 graphics card

    Hello. I installed Win10 on a new SSD, because the original one (from a hard drive) got some stuff deleted because I restarted when an update got stuck on a loop. My GPU worked on the new OS, but it seems that doesn't have any AMD driver installed. I tried installing one, but it appeared the...
  5. N

    Question Why is my laptop lagging randomly? Please help!!

    Device details - HP Split X2, 13.3inch, i3, 8 GB DDR4, 64 SSD. I bought this laptop when i was in school around Sep 2013. From the very begining there has has been problem of it lagging randomly at times. Mostly it will boot with a lag and if you leave it for a while, it works normal. Then at...
  6. P

    HELP!! GTA 5 LAGG!!! On my gtx 960 2gb intel 5-6400 8 rams

    Hello i was playing gta 5 2 years ago and i been getting decent fps with no shuttering or lagg almost on ultra graphics. Now i only get 40fps on lowes graphics and over time when i m playing it gets worse and worse i think becouse it heats and also if i do graphics on ultra it is even more fps...
  7. M

    My cpu light flashes then a dram light then it shuts off after 5 seconds and then turns back on plz help

    I have a i5 6600K Msi H370M Bazooka Nvidia gta 1080 EVGA 600 Bq power supply Cooler master cpu cooler And nzxt H400 I turn the pc on and it doesn’t show any display but the cpu light kicks on then switches to the dram light and stays on for about 5 seconds then powers off. I alredy...
  8. T

    What is your expected?

    Hi guy, Just want to ask for your thought, Upcoming game title Devil May Cry 5 What do you think the expected fps will be for this game on GTX 1060 6gb low/medium/high/ultra?
  9. K

    USB Devices Randomly Shutting Off, Computer Randomly Restarts

    I have been having a problem with my custom build where at least once a day all of my usb devices will disconnect, and then reconnect 10-20 seconds later. I turned off the automatic disconnect setting in windows and it still had no effect. Also, my computer will occasionally just shut down and...
  10. D

    i5-7640X O.Cing help!

    hey guys! Do you have the best overclock for my I5-7640x? (current overclock:http://) (the biggest mistake in my life!) and what Water cooling should I use for overclocking? (current watercooling: h55 corsair) I thought about H100x with 2000 RPM fans (worth it?) because I getting like 47-54...
  11. B

    Reset Laptop, Now what?

    Good morning all! Ok, here's the situation. I thought I was going to sell my laptop, so I reset it back to factory, removed everything. Now, it runs like internet speed is horrible, when I run a speedtest, it's slower than molasses (sometimes sub 1.0 Mbps). I run a speedtest on...
  12. M

    PC won't boot with 8 pin CPU power plugged in.

    Just finished building a new PC, wouldn't boot when motherboard was in the case, thought it might be a standoff shorting the board, so I took it out and tried to boot it on a cardboard box. The heatsink fan, PSU fan, and GPU fan all spin for about 2 seconds and the LEDs on the motherboard light...
  13. B

    Is the 1920x1080 resolution normal or smaller ?

    I'd like to buy a new monitor . I have a 19'' monitor and now I'm looking for a 24'' . All the 24'' monitors I looked on have their maximum resolution at : 1920x1080 . I remember some years ago I bought a monitor but I had to replace it with another because its maximum resolution lead to small...
  14. S

    Problems getting the hard drive out

    I am having problems getting the hard drive out of my HP Pavilion Desktop computer. It seems to be locked in place. Cant get to the screws and I am not sure that is the problem.
  15. L

    Z270F and Intel 900P AIC

    Hi and Happy New Year everybody! I kinda need your help guys. I own an ASUS Z270F Motherboard paired with an Intel I7 7700K (which provides only 16 PCIE lanes). According to user manual, the motherboard got the 3 following PCIE slots: 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 or dual x8) 1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16...
  16. B

    Toshiba satellite C655-S5504

    Just stopped working. I was using it, sat it down to mop up melted snow, came back to it and the screen was black, the power light blinks orange 5 times and that's it. New battery as of this past spring. I've taken the battery out, tried using charger cord only, and still nothing. With the...
  17. B

    Can I use my old laptop's ssd and hdd?

    I had an old laptop which is broken now(long story).I want to build a new PC. My laptop's ssd and hdd are removeable.Can I use them for my new build? It had windows 10 (activated) installed on the ssd. When I build the pc and plug the ssd,will I be able to use windows 10 (activated)? And the...
  18. R

    Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium consistently disconnecting from Wifi

    Hello! I am really hoping that somebody can help me resolve this issue! My laptop is a Dell Inspiron N7010 with Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit). It is continuously disconnecting me from my wifi for maybe 20 or 30 seconds, and then reconnects again all on its own. At first there's a yellow star...
  19. J

    toshiba sateliite u920t-b919

    how can i download the recovery disc for my Toshiba satellite u920t-b919?
  20. S

    Computer restarts while playing video games

    Im currently having a problem where my computer restarts when playing games like deatiny 2 or even world of war craft but the monitor wouldnt turn on after the reboot happend Spec: Asus strixs x370 f gaming Asus strix rx470 4g 16gb of trident z rgb ddr4 Ryzen 1700 w/ 240 coolermaster. Water cooler