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    [SOLVED] 3 Questions re: Asus rt-acrh13 as repeater to Nokia fiber box

    OK so sorry for my network N00b Questions but I have a Unique situation that needs to be solved via Forums. I am an english speaker in Sri Lanka where all the tech people for Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) mostly speak Sinhala. I mention this as this is why I need community help... OK here is the...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] SD card corrupted as Internal storage

    Hello guys , I have problem with setting SD card as Internal storage , when I set my SD Card as internal storage after 4-5 days it start to delete apps gradually and after that they when I turn on and turn off my phone it says: SD card corrupted, I can reformat it but after 4-5 It happened again...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Question about my modem

    So I recently moved into my new place, and internet was included. When I connect to the WiFi on my computer I get some severe latency variation and my ping is very erratic when I play video games so I teleport all over the place which is pretty annoying. I tried running an ethernet cable from a...
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    Question PSU noisy on new mobo, not on old?

    My Corsair CX550M is really noisy on my new motherboard and totally silent on my old motherboard. The new motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 UD. The old was a MSI B150M Bazooka. The sound is like a buzzing sound with some crackling in between. My question is now if the PSU is faulty or if it's...
  5. SPECOPS70

    Question Performing below potential? Advice pls

    Hello all. Ok I am not sure if its because my MOBO takes 2400 ram and I bought corsair 3000 rgb dimms. I was told and read that it will work but would run at a max of 2400. Everything is working great. I ran the userbenchmark benchmark and everything is running at above expectations. But I did...
  6. Redpigeon

    Question Spare MB for HP ENVY Desktop - 700-530qe CTO

    My MB Kaili2 died. HP don't sale MB and I can't find exact same (MSI 7826, lga1150, ver2.0). What kind of problem I can expect with MB ver 1.0? Could you advise MB for same lga 1150 uATX size (9.6x9.6) and 4 memory slots?
  7. C

    Question Windows 10 doesn't detect MSI RX 480 graphics card

    Hello. I installed Win10 on a new SSD, because the original one (from a hard drive) got some stuff deleted because I restarted when an update got stuck on a loop. My GPU worked on the new OS, but it seems that doesn't have any AMD driver installed. I tried installing one, but it appeared the...
  8. N

    Question Why is my laptop lagging randomly? Please help!!

    Device details - HP Split X2, 13.3inch, i3, 8 GB DDR4, 64 SSD. I bought this laptop when i was in school around Sep 2013. From the very begining there has has been problem of it lagging randomly at times. Mostly it will boot with a lag and if you leave it for a while, it works normal. Then at...
  9. P

    HELP!! GTA 5 LAGG!!! On my gtx 960 2gb intel 5-6400 8 rams

    Hello i was playing gta 5 2 years ago and i been getting decent fps with no shuttering or lagg almost on ultra graphics. Now i only get 40fps on lowes graphics and over time when i m playing it gets worse and worse i think becouse it heats and also if i do graphics on ultra it is even more fps...
  10. M

    My cpu light flashes then a dram light then it shuts off after 5 seconds and then turns back on plz help

    I have a i5 6600K Msi H370M Bazooka Nvidia gta 1080 EVGA 600 Bq power supply Cooler master cpu cooler And nzxt H400 I turn the pc on and it doesn’t show any display but the cpu light kicks on then switches to the dram light and stays on for about 5 seconds then powers off. I alredy...
  11. T

    What is your expected?

    Hi guy, Just want to ask for your thought, Upcoming game title Devil May Cry 5 What do you think the expected fps will be for this game on GTX 1060 6gb low/medium/high/ultra?
  12. K

    USB Devices Randomly Shutting Off, Computer Randomly Restarts

    I have been having a problem with my custom build where at least once a day all of my usb devices will disconnect, and then reconnect 10-20 seconds later. I turned off the automatic disconnect setting in windows and it still had no effect. Also, my computer will occasionally just shut down and...
  13. D

    i5-7640X O.Cing help!

    hey guys! Do you have the best overclock for my I5-7640x? (current overclock:http://) (the biggest mistake in my life!) and what Water cooling should I use for overclocking? (current watercooling: h55 corsair) I thought about H100x with 2000 RPM fans (worth it?) because I getting like 47-54...
  14. B

    Reset Laptop, Now what?

    Good morning all! Ok, here's the situation. I thought I was going to sell my laptop, so I reset it back to factory, removed everything. Now, it runs like internet speed is horrible, when I run a speedtest, it's slower than molasses (sometimes sub 1.0 Mbps). I run a speedtest on...
  15. M

    PC won't boot with 8 pin CPU power plugged in.

    Just finished building a new PC, wouldn't boot when motherboard was in the case, thought it might be a standoff shorting the board, so I took it out and tried to boot it on a cardboard box. The heatsink fan, PSU fan, and GPU fan all spin for about 2 seconds and the LEDs on the motherboard light...
  16. B

    Is the 1920x1080 resolution normal or smaller ?

    I'd like to buy a new monitor . I have a 19'' monitor and now I'm looking for a 24'' . All the 24'' monitors I looked on have their maximum resolution at : 1920x1080 . I remember some years ago I bought a monitor but I had to replace it with another because its maximum resolution lead to small...
  17. S

    Problems getting the hard drive out

    I am having problems getting the hard drive out of my HP Pavilion Desktop computer. It seems to be locked in place. Cant get to the screws and I am not sure that is the problem.
  18. L

    Z270F and Intel 900P AIC

    Hi and Happy New Year everybody! I kinda need your help guys. I own an ASUS Z270F Motherboard paired with an Intel I7 7700K (which provides only 16 PCIE lanes). According to user manual, the motherboard got the 3 following PCIE slots: 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (x16 or dual x8) 1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16...
  19. B

    Toshiba satellite C655-S5504

    Just stopped working. I was using it, sat it down to mop up melted snow, came back to it and the screen was black, the power light blinks orange 5 times and that's it. New battery as of this past spring. I've taken the battery out, tried using charger cord only, and still nothing. With the...
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    Can I use my old laptop's ssd and hdd?

    I had an old laptop which is broken now(long story).I want to build a new PC. My laptop's ssd and hdd are removeable.Can I use them for my new build? It had windows 10 (activated) installed on the ssd. When I build the pc and plug the ssd,will I be able to use windows 10 (activated)? And the...
  21. R

    Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium consistently disconnecting from Wifi

    Hello! I am really hoping that somebody can help me resolve this issue! My laptop is a Dell Inspiron N7010 with Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit). It is continuously disconnecting me from my wifi for maybe 20 or 30 seconds, and then reconnects again all on its own. At first there's a yellow star...
  22. J

    toshiba sateliite u920t-b919

    how can i download the recovery disc for my Toshiba satellite u920t-b919?
  23. S

    Computer restarts while playing video games

    Im currently having a problem where my computer restarts when playing games like deatiny 2 or even world of war craft but the monitor wouldnt turn on after the reboot happend Spec: Asus strixs x370 f gaming Asus strix rx470 4g 16gb of trident z rgb ddr4 Ryzen 1700 w/ 240 coolermaster. Water cooler
  24. S

    Games' Load Time

    I have a question. I'm building a PC with 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD. Now my question is, does the game file need to be in the SSD for faster load time, or not?
  25. K

    Is PCIe 3.0 enough bandwidth for 4K 144hz or should I wait for PCIe 4.0?

    So I have a dilemma, about a month ago my power supply fried my motherboard and most of the components. I need a new computer because I'm without one right now, but the original plan was to wait until PCIe 4.0 came out to upgrade from my Ivy bridge system. My plan was to get the best consumer...
  26. S

    Booting Problem: PC starts to boot then monitors turn off with PC on

    My pc started freezing today while using it. a few min would pass and it would become usable again. This happened a few times and then just froze. I restarted it and now the pc will begin to restart and will show the boot screen that says press F12 for bios and then the monitor goes into power...
  27. I

    CPU Frequency Changes while playing games,Cause frame drops.

    So as the title says I am currently experiencing something weird with my CPU-i7 7700K 4.5Ghz while playing video games for example:The Evil within,Batman Arkham Origins I experience those cpu fluctuation and the cpu will just drop of speed for a second which will cause the frame drop and then...
  28. K

    Got a new cpu and motherboard. Any prep before installing?

    Anything that I must absolutely do before taking my old MB and CPU out and putting the new stuff in? I will continue googling but I this place always has some great answers so I wanted to ask here My current CPU is AMD 8350 and MB is M5A19. New CPU is I7 and MB is ASUS P8Z77-VLK edit: also is...
  29. J

    Buying laptop £1350 budget looking for recommendations

    I am buying my first gaming laptop and have found one from PCspecialist called Proteus IV. It is £1350 and I am just wondering if anyone knows and can recommend a better possible laptop for the same price or lower with the following specs. The specs are: -Proteus Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD IPS...
  30. S

    BSOD in the first boot and on evening

    PC started crashing every morning, it takes some five reboots and it works like normal. However it also started crashing in the evening and again it worked after few reboots. here are the dumps from last evening Hopefully there is a reason for the crashes as i cant for the life of me figure out...
  31. A

    Random "Platinum server" appear on network location? (Plutinosoft)

    why is there a Random "Platinum server" appear on network location on "my PC"? it say its from Plutinosoft. but i never install anything from them. should i be worry?
  32. C

    Does anyone know what this means

    Not sure if this is correct forum or not, but about a week ago I started getting stuttering and freezing when playing games. On occasion I would have to push the power button to restart the PC. Here is the error: kaby Lake PCI Express Root Port #10 - A2B1 driver not working I've tried to...
  33. xJemmehx

    Asus X99-A Error 53. Cannot use Bios Flashback.

    Building new computer, HDDs and GPU from old build. Got "Error 53". According to the manual, that's incompatible memory type. However, this should be compatible memory. If you read reviews a lot of people have had success in just updating the BIOS. - ASUS X99-A LGA 2011-v3 Intel SATA 6Gb/s USB...
  34. S

    Poor connection only for my PC but no other devices

    My phone is getting 60 Mbps, but my PC it's down to lower as 4 Mbps. They both at the same distance away from my router. This problem occur randomly, even no one using the connection.
  35. R

    Video Editing PC Build

    Hello everybody. I'd like some feedback on a video editing PC build. I'll be working on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, maybe some Photoshop here and there. I edit weddings and shoot at 1080p so no 4K video at the moment (and not for a long time anyways). Here's the part list...
  36. P

    Fps lag on vanilla wow (intel pentium T3200)

    I just bought this laptop for $40, its temporary. It has an Intel Pentium T3200 / 4GB Ram 800mhz. But for some odd reason in vanilla world of warcraft (2004 game) im getting like 12-20 FPS. In drivers it says the display adapter is (Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family) If anyone has any...
  37. T

    Weird Noise Coming From Laptop at Random Times

    Hello I have a Lenovo y50-70 laptop. i7 / 8 gb ram / 4 gb gpu for some time now at random times a weird notification like noise comes from the speakers. I managed to get a recording of it using the system Stereo Mix. (originally i had to record for half an hour waiting for the sound to play but...
  38. jossrik

    Gigabyte Z270 Gaming 7 Bios not keeping settings

    Sorry, gonna be a long post. I got a rig here, it's got a two week old Gigabyte Aorus Z270 Gaming 7, 32Gb RAM 3200CL15 in a 2x16gb config, 6700k delidded under custom water, overclocked to 4.6, RX 470, EVGA 1300w G2, Samsung 960 Evo 500Gb. Stock with just the CPU overclocked ran for two weeks...
  39. C

    Cpu might be dead

    I just bought a new mother board and Cpu and mother board beeps on start up but no post or display Mother board is a m5a 78l- m Cpu is amd fx 8350 Ram 8gb ddr 3 gskill Gpu gtx 970
  40. G

    anyone seen tablet with no camera, no wifi no 3g 4g ?

    anyone seen a tablet on the internet without camera wifi and 3g and 4g ? been looking in google and bing with no luck. amazon and aliexpress search seems not to understand the word no or without. the tablet will be used in a location where cameras and wifi 3g 4g are not allowed. maybe it would...