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  1. K

    Please help me to choose a low budget gaming laptop

    Hello, I have a low budget to spend for a gaming laptop to use when I am away from home and I found 2 at the same price in Japan (80,000yen which is around 420 GBP / 650 USD / 590 EUR) but I would really appreciate someone's opinion on which one would be the best. The games I am currently...
  2. M

    R9 390 1080p low fps

    Helllo all, I just bought a Sapphire r9 390 Nitro and I installed it along with AMD CCC driver v15.2. I started Unigen Valley benchmark on 1080p resolution maxed out and I am getting extremely crappy fps. I swear that it never hit 60fps I am pretty sure the highest it hit was 40fps. This is...
  3. C

    *HELP* Opinions Or Tips For My PC Build Please!

    Hello :), It would be highly appreciated if anybody could give me their honest opinion about my first pc build. Price range is set roughly around $2000-$2500 and I will be using it for everything (Rendering, High quality games, Movies, etc..) don’t need the best computer going around but some...
  4. G

    Graphic card psu

    I have amd 8320 cpu and sapphire r7 260x 2gb graphic card. Can i ball 450watts psu will handle both of these?
  5. N

    Random Small Horizontal Pixelated lines Appearing on the screen randomly and briefly in different spots.

    Just started my pc after 2 days off, started up steam , a random horizontal line showed up and disapeared quickly.. while browsing , i noticed some lines showing from time to time. Next morning (today) i cleaned my pc a bit with some aerosol spray. after that tried to start my pc , light...
  6. A

    R9 295X2 vs R9 390X Crossfire

    I can't decide between these two. Can someone please help me out? I'm looking for best performance in 4K gaming. Thanks
  7. ajjcon

    Would an SSD help performance in a business network model?

    Im not an IT professional but have been left in charge of sorting IT for my own family run Transport and Haulage business. Currently we operate 2 servers, WINDOWS SBS2011 (Handling exchange and domain and some small processes relating to our business and a the second is a SQL 2008 server...
  8. M

    Help with cheap pc

    I am going to be using a lot of Adobe products such as Premier and Photoshop. I'll mainly be using this pc to make mods and work slowly on my own game. I will be doing gaming on it too but I don't expect ultra settings or anytging at this price. Budget: $450-500 Canadian (possibly a tad over...
  9. P

    Rate my PC rig (first time builder)

    I plan on building a gaming PC within the next 6 months. It's primary for Street Fighter 5 whenever it comes out. It maybe overkill for that game, but it will be for other games too as afterthought. I want to budget about $2000 USD in this rig, as I want it to last for 7 to 10 yrs without...
  10. S

    Looking to buy one of these 3 phones and can't decide: Huawei P8, Samsung Galaxy S5+(SM-G901F) or Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

    Looking to pick one of these 3 phones and can't decide: - Huawei P8; - Samsung Galaxy S5+(SM-G901F); - Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. I'm on Orange Romania with a subscription and i'm offered one of these three phones with around 100 euro price tag and a contract extension. What would you advise?
  11. A

    Will my PC Build support 2560x1440

    ב"ה I have a monitor that is 2560x1440 capable. My pc build that i am thinking of doing right now is with a GTX 780 GPU 3GB . Would it support this display? Also would a standard HDMI be enough would it require a special cable. I dont intend to use it for gaming but for Video editing software...
  12. D

    Is NCIX Canada a reliable retailer?

    So I have all of my computer parts chosen for my up coming build. 9 of the 10 parts are from the site. Just wondering before i go through with it, if anyone has anything good or bad to say about them. PS. My friend recommended them so thats why I turned to them as a primary retailer for my...
  13. F

    can i play batman arkham knight on high????

    Hi,can anyone tell me if i could play batman arkham knight and get 45-60 fps on high settings,FXAA,with 1440X900 resolution or not??? My PC: I5 3340,3.1 GHz GTX 960 windforce 2X OC 2 GB Kingston yper-X FURY blue 8 GB 1600 MHz Asus P61 M-K socket 1155 motherboard Thanks.....
  14. PCgamer81

    Xbox 360 w/ Plasma TV > PC gaming???

    I am having this discussion on youtube with this guy who keeps insisting that his Xbox 360 and plasma television offer better quality than my crossfire rig and 1080 LED. While I admit my setup isn't as powerful as it once was, I find a hard time believing that a plasma TV makes that big a...
  15. F

    Safe voltage to overclock 290x

    I'm going to get an MSI Twin frozr 290x soon. I may overclock it, and if so, i was wondering what the safe limit of voltage i can put into it without dramatically shortening the life of the card - Finn
  16. M

    New cpu needed new bios, now I can't boot original cpu

    I bought an amd fx 8350 cpu for my M5A78L-M LX V2 motherboard. I installed the cpu and when I turned on my pc nothing happened. No beep and no output to the screen. I searched around and it would seem I need an updated bios. I downloaded the appropriate bios and tried turning on the pc with...
  17. Niteowl71

    Removing the MSI GeForce GTX 970 100 ME Cover?

    I was wondering if there was a way with out voiding the warranty to remove the cover on the MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB 100 Million Edition? The black and green don't match the case color scheme so if I could remove the cover so I can Plasti Dip it that would be great.
  18. F

    Home Networking Problem

    Okay here's the problem, I have my home router in the living room. Then I have a 30 meter outdoor ethernet cable all the way to the back of the house into my bedroom, I then have a decent ethernet switch. I now want a wifi connection in my bedroom so I brought a cheap wifi router and connected...
  19. Seelkadoom Bluestar

    CS:GO Help with performace

    First of all, here's my PC specs: Intel Core i3 2100 @ 3.1 GHz 8GB RAM GeForce 210 1GB (I know it's a toaster) So my build pretty much matches the minimum settings for the game but in-game I get 30-40 fps. I need help and please don't tell me to buy a better GPU.
  20. T

    970 overclock help

    I overclocked my MSI GTX 970 with afterburner core clock +200 and memory +220 and ran valley and did benchmark and it was fine but then 10 minutes later while on desktop windows says my gpu driver failed and then was recovered so what should I do now?