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  1. J

    So my Power Supply died

    So my psu died after using a gtx 970... i was just wondering what are the chances that the other components die with it? I can't test it so im asking by chance My specs if it helps Amd fx 8core asrock 970 pro3 r2.0 mobo gtx 970 500g hdd apex nx600w psu Link for psu spec...
  2. D

    I can hear clicking noises coming from my laptop's fan?

    I have an Asus X501A laptop, and the fan is on the bottom left side. For the past few weeks, I can hear random clicking noises coming from the fan every 30-60 minutes. I don't know what it is, but I have two theories. It's either: There is something stuck in the fan that is making this noise...
  3. S

    Format my old internal hard disk!!

    I have purchased a new 1tb hard disk which I'm currently using it on windows 8.1, but still my older hard disk contains windows xp which i need to format it and install windows 7 . when i tried to connect my older hard disk in the new pc it beeps out loudly in fear i removed it again i tried but...
  4. GreyCatz

    Can you delete your own post?

    If I've made huge mistake, e.g. revealing sensitive information, is there a way to delete/undo the post? I can't seem to find any buttons or links to this effect. Cheers, GreyCatz.
  5. W

    ThinkPad x220 CPU Extremely Hot and Throttling After Connecting Two 1080p Monitors?

    In the past I was using a x220 with a dockstation at work connected to two montors at 1280x1024 but when I moved to two 1080p monitors the notebook started to automatically scale down the CPU frequency. In the 720p configuration the docked notebook was also hot but not at the point of scaling...
  6. S

    My Laptop doesn't turn on

    My Laptop doesn't turn on. It is HP Touchsmart tx2. When i do do the switch to turn it on, no lights appear up. It is still silent. Nothing. I am thinking maybe the battery is dead, and the charger doesn't work, but doesn't a light signal that your battery is dead or something.
  7. S

    Low FPS without stressing PC (CS GO)

    Hello, With the following setup I reach around 150-200 fps in Counter Strike Global Offensive, since I have a 144Hz monitor I would prefer a stable fps around 300. (Expected even higher with this setup) Setup: i7 4930k OC'd @ 4.5Ghz 2x GTX 780's in SLI 32 GB Ram @ 2400 Mhz (CL11) Windows 8.1...
  8. N

    Video card works in first PCI-E slot, but not second?

    I have a Radeon HD 7970, which I'm hoping to crossfire with. I bought a new PSU and new mobo for this reason, and the new mobo is an MSI Gaming 970. I figured I'd put my current card into the bottom slot so the new one would be a breeze. This caused me to get no video output... I switched it...
  9. G

    New Asus Maximus Vii Ranger Z97 gives me black screen when ever i want to play a game

    I have rmaed my Asus Maximus Vii ranger Z97 mb and now after a few days with a completely new mb i get with my 2x asus gtx 680 dcu 2 4gb black screen, buzz sound in my speakers and the fans on my gpu's are spinning at high rpm for a few sec and my system reboots when theres load on my gpus (when...
  10. M

    Building pc for a friend

    hey guys i'm trying to build a pc for a mate, how's this? Moederboard: Asus H81-PLUS Case: BitFenix Neos Zwart/Goud Voeding: Corsair Builder CX500 Bronze CPU: Intel Core i5 4460 RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury white HX316C10FW/4 Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX750Ti Gaming 2GB...
  11. K

    Gaming on q6600, GTX 550ti,4GB RAM

    Hello Everyone! How much FPS increase I will get by the Upgrade? 1)Current RIG: intel q45 motherboard q6600 @2.4Ghz 2x2GB DDr3 1333Mhz RAM Asus GT 610 1GB DDR3 240watt PSU 2) Upgrade: Acer p45 Motherboard intel q6600 @2.4GHz 2x2GB DDR3 1333MHz EVGA GTX 550ti...
  12. BUlly_boy_2101

    Sparse Vsync in Far cry 4.

    While playing Far cry 4 i noticed that there is no option for turning the vsync off or on. There is only the normal mode and the sparse mode.Can anyone explain the difference between normal and sparse or how to disable the vsync in farcry 4.I have asus strix gtx 970 and a lcd 60Hz 720p monitor.
  13. C

    How to Install GTA V with USB?

    Guys, I live in Turkey, we all have terrible connection here so I want to know if it's possible to install the game by transferring the already downloaded files from another computer to mine. If I download, it might take a week. Can you tell me if it's possible or not, and how to do it? Thanks
  14. C

    Is a SSD and a Hybrid drive a bad idea?

    I've seen many people say get a SSD and a HDD why not a hybrid?????
  15. Andy0432

    Good Water Cooler for AMD FX 8320?

    So I'm building a Steam box and I was wondering what good Water cooler I should get for my FX 8320 just to keep temps as low as possible, Price is not a factor! Thanks!
  16. M

    Corsair K95 RGB or Razer Blackwidow Chroma?

    Thanks for checking out my thread! Today I'm wondering whether to get the Corsair K95 RGB or the Razer Blackwidow Chroma. I have reasons for both so bear with me. Razer Blackwidow Chroma - I have the matching mouse, the lighting is said to be better, simpler program for color customization, usb...