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  1. S

    Question [SOLVED] LENOVO T510 / Windows OS Number keys do not work except 5 and 6 and signs after 0

    In a previous thread in this same forum someone quite ignorant about technical support assures that in this situation, definitely, the keyboard must be replaced because it stopped working mechanically. Surely, you say so, because you don't know that when a keyboard stops working mechanically...
  2. S

    Question Pc no longer booting and showing bios

    Recently, i built a pc. Everything went well, i got into the boot screen, finished downloading windows, and all was well. i restarted the computer to finish driver downloads and to turn my ram to xmp profile. I reached the bios, but decided to leave it on like that and got changed. When i was...
  3. Noshiz

    Laptop's internal fan broke, need to find replacement as soon as possible

    Hello everyone. I bought a while ago (almost a year) a Proteus II (link from a review) from Pc Specialist in UK and today i decided to open it and change the thermal paste to a better one. Somehow i broke one of the two fans. It doesn't spin at all and the fan itself can be detached from the...