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    Question PC worked before changing thermal paste, and now it doesn't

    I had this pc for 4 years, and cleaned it from dust every year. Some times I had to reset bios, but that was due to unsuccessfull overclocking, but after returning everything to default it worked perfect. This time I decided to change 4 year old thermal paste on my Ryzen 3 2200G (it works on...
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    [SOLVED] No image on new build, HELP

    I just built my first system and I think I know what's wrong. I just need help, guidance, anything really. I'm not getting a picture from my PC. I used an APU because I can't splurge on a GPU right now. I know the MB supports 3rd gen ryzen with a bios update, but I can't update because I have no...
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    Looking for a gaming laptop that isn't horrendously expensive.

    I have a budget of up to around £700-800, I am looking to buy a laptop that will last me through university (4 years) and that I can use to play games (games like dark souls 3 etc). Since it will be used at uni, it will be moved around a fair amount, so one that has reliable hinges would be...