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  1. J

    Article AMD Phenom II x4 Northbridge OC

    Hello everyone, I am writing this article to test the benefits of increasing the CPU Northbridge frequency for the AMD Phenom II x4. This was just a simple synthetic test I carried out using Cinebench R15. The Northbridge connects the CPU, ram and for this and other Denib processors l3 cache. I...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Is there any hardware extention for laptops with a slimline slot?

    I recently noticed that I don't use my slimline dvd-rom, so I thought that people surely thought of some useful extensions that one can replace it with. But I couldn't find anything besides a frame for a secondary SSD/HDD. Is there really no other use?
  3. I

    Will this build work? I’ll be using a Mid size tower instead and I already have a EVGA 500W PSU I’m going to use instead of the ones in the build.
  4. R

    Windows 10 NVMe Driver help?

    So I posted another thread where I was having a problem with my NVMe drive not appearing. Finally, after many different trials, I finally got a notification today in Windows Troubleshooter that "Standard NVM Express Controller has a driver problem". However, it can't identify or fix the...
  5. Y

    New GTX 1080 with random shutdowns.

    As you can guess by the title, I am experiencing random complete shutdowns, no warning just in the blink of an eye the pc is off. This only started after I installed my new Asus RoG Geforce GTX 1080 Strix 8gb graphics card. I previously had a EVGA Geforce GTX 560 TI which still works fine but...
  6. beny1000

    questions about laptop overclocking

    i have an asus X555UF laptop with the i5 6200U CPU and 930M. i tried ocing the GPU up 100mhz and the temp stayed below 65c and didn't thermal throttle and thermals are never really a problem on this laptop. i wanted to know if there are any risks to running overclocked on a laptop that doesn't...
  7. C

    $800USD gaming pc (South Africa)

    Approximate Purchase Date: Withing 1-2 weeks Budget Range: <R11000 (about $800 USD) System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, browsing, very little coding, rendering, potential streaming definitely not priority Parts Not Required: Optical Drive, Harddrives, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse...
  8. I

    Quad SLI on z97s sli krait edition

    Can z97s sli krait edition handle two GTX690 since it is quad SLI?
  9. L

    how to change operating system on Eonon D2101 car DVD player

    Hi, I have the Eonon D2101 car DVD player and would like to change the operating system as it the factory default continues to crash meaning I am unable to use the touch screen without unplugging the unit and restarting. Any advice on how I can do this? Thanks
  10. S

    Looking for upgrade from R7 260x that is paired with an Athlon x4 760k

    I have a R7 260x paired with an Athlon x4 760k CPU. I am wondering what GPU I should upgrade to since i'm starting to have problems with this one. Also, would it be worth it to upgrade to a x4 860k and get a RX 480 or would that just need me to upgrade my entire system basically.
  11. D

    I my memory too high?

    I have a intel i7 980 with the stock cooler and wanted to upgrade the cooler, i saw the scythe ninja 3 witch is cool as balls but i dont think it will fit with my ram (18gb of corsair vengeance, 3x4 3x2) If it doesnt fit what are good cheap coolers since im on a budget (:
  12. S

    Recommendations on a First-Time Gaming Build

    After years of having no choice but to dwell within the confines of console gaming, I have acquired the funds necessary to construct a gaming PC. After Fallout 4 was announced, I had to. My specifications are as follows; any potential bottlenecks, incompatibilities, or general poor choice of...
  13. F

    2 questions regarding Asus GTX 970 DC Mini

    Bought Asus GTX970-DCMOC-4GD5 last week. It went too loud to hoot on stock cooler in Corsair Carbide 240 for my odes the work but sound like a vacuum cleaner when it goes over 80 degree in full load. So, i replace the VGA cooler with my old AC Accelero Xtreme ( used for years on...
  14. InkedQ

    Need help with my GPU

    Unfortunately I have been having problems with my computer lately with dropping frames on my Twitch stream. Even if I lower setting/change servers/restart my modem and pc I still get severe frame drops and once it starts it will not stop. I have also had numerous tech friends try to help me...
  15. celtic_warrior99

    Best CPU for my motherboard?

    Hi. I would like to know what the best possible CPU upgrade is that i can get for the following motherboard? Acer mcp73ve Thanks.
  16. W

    New CPU help!

    I recently decided to begin upgrading my PC. I started by upgrading my GPU, 980 TI (reference). Now that i have some money to spend again, i am looking for a CPU. I am looking for a CPU that is as cheap as possible, without bottlenecking my GPU. I come to you, because i dont really know anything...
  17. M

    Overkill Power supply disadvantage?

    Hi guys I will be building an APU budget gaming rig based on the new A10 7870k. I'm possibly getting a graphics card in the future to upgrade the machine. I put the fact that I might get a graphics card into consideration; probably an entry level 1080p GPU like the R7 260X. So then I thought...
  18. M

    Constant wifi disconnects with usb adapter on windows 8.1

    I am running Windows 8.1 using a Netgear WNA3100 N300 wireless usb adapter. Every time I try downloading a file over 2gb it disconnects before i get to finish. I re-installed/updated the driver, disabled the power management so the pc doesn't turn it off to save power. I have a good signal and...
  19. J

    upgraded from linksys G to Linksys WRT1900 AC GB and now printing is 10 x slower

    I upgraded my router from linksys G to Linksys WRT1900 AC GB and not printing is 10 x slower. I am connecting to an epson R3000 printer and an 8x10 photo used to take 2 minutes and now takes 40 minutes. It seems like the computer is trickling the information over to the printer (where it used...
  20. Tacticall993

    Which seems better?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my GPU from a R7 265 to a Gtx 970. My specs right now: Fx 6300 R7 265 8gb ram 600 watt psu I want to upgrade to a gtx 970, or i was thinking of getting this...