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  1. H

    Question RTX 3060 no signal after restarts ?

    It gives signal only if I do the following: Plug my HDMI cable to the motherboard before turning on the PC Switch the output to HDMI port of my 3060 card when I'm logged into Win 11 If I restart computer with the HDMI cable plugged into the GPU then both motherboard and GPU give no signal...
  2. J

    Question No Display and no RGB on Mouse or Keyboard

    My system: I5 6600k Z170 Extreme 3 16GB Ram Ribjaws 2666Mhz 250gb ssd cruial 600W PSU Corsair AiO from Cooler Master 120mm Asus HD7970 3gb Hey, I recently got a weird problem. I downloaded a few games from Steam and walked away. After some time my screen was blue. Not this blue from Windows...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] laptop won't POST, tried many solutions ?

    hi, my parents have Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 (intel core i5 2410m), my brother cleaned it too much thoroughly, even if not needed, laptop was perfectly working before he cleaned it, he wanted to clean it because laptop was bought second hand just a week ago. he used medically purified gasoline to...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] No signal when gpu plugged in despite using integrated graphics

    I've recently tried reviving a gpu i had laying around and thought I made some progress, it had an error 43 so I looked up some things about it, it seemed that the most effective method i saw was to reflash the gpu so I did that and I'm sure I followed the right steps/ used the right bios so...
  5. ceejay7

    Question Computer freezes suddenly when surfing on google? NO BSOD

    Hello, if anyone can help me. I have this problem that occurred 3 times now from the last few weeks. recently my computer freezes when I click the back button of the google chrome (The last time when it was opening a new tab). I moved my mouse and no sign of movements on the cursor AND no BSOD...
  6. G

    AMD A10-7850K Running Very Hot

    Hello everyone! So, I just recently (by that, I mean yesterday) finished building my first new PC in about five years. I've got Windows 7 64-bit installed on it, and I have all of maybe three non-standard programs installed so far (Namely Chrome and Speccy). I've been using Speccy on the PCs...