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  1. Freezefreaky

    [SOLVED] Pc Powers on but gives no Singal

    Pc Starts and gets really loud bc of the fans running on100% speed ( includig CPU and GPU fan) the RGB on Graphicscard and the RGB fans are lighting up but no Signal appears on Monitor and neither does my Keyboard RGB start lighting Already tried Different GPU Different monitor Different Power...
  2. katon22

    [SOLVED] My PC won't boot unless i swap & reseat the Ram

    i have dual channel ram 2x4G and 4 slot ram (dual channel mobo Gigabyte GA-Z97X). the problem is i need to swap and reseat the ram every time i power on the pc. i.e: lets say ram1 is in slot1 and ram2 in slot 3, to succesfully post or boot the pc i need to reseat the ram like ram 2 in slot 1...
  3. Norad1

    Question New build with old gpu crashing at benchmarks. Please help!

    Hi I recently built a new pc and am stuck, pc seems to run fine during furmark and prime 95 stress testing. But hard crashes giving my moitor no signal while benchmarking Heaven, Warhammer 2 rdr2 and 3d mark. New pc specs are : Ryzen 5600x Asus B550m plus motherboard Antec hcg750w gold...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] No signal when gpu plugged in despite using integrated graphics

    I've recently tried reviving a gpu i had laying around and thought I made some progress, it had an error 43 so I looked up some things about it, it seemed that the most effective method i saw was to reflash the gpu so I did that and I'm sure I followed the right steps/ used the right bios so...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] No Signal When Booted Up

    Hello, I am Adam Ravid, and I am a PC Builder beginner. I Have just built a Gaming PC, but the monitor says no signal when I boot up. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 AsRock B550M-HDV Micro ATX Motherboard 16 GB Ram (2x8 GB sticks) ASUS Phoenix 1050ti EVGA W3 Series 450W 80 plus AMD CPU Cooler that came...
  6. Daniel_X

    Question PC boots but no signal to monitor ?

    Hi, I've implemented some new components into my build. It boots up, every fan spins, every led glows. The only problem is, monitor keeps switching between HDMI and Analog. It's like it is unable to decide which signal to take in or doesn't recognize any signal at all coming from the GPU...
  7. idiaz40

    [SOLVED] Should a pc display anything even tho my cpu is missing?

    I am building my first gaming desktop and i literally have everything except the CPU. Should my system at least display an error or something? There is no signal coming through. Kinda worried something is faulty. SPECS: Gigabyte GTX 1660 Ti Oc Windforce Tforce 16gb Ram 3200 MSI BAZOOKA MAX...
  8. J

    Question Monitor goes black, fans very loud

    For some reason, quite frequently my monitor has been going black and saying "no signal" while the fans go crazy. I've tried reinserting the hdmi on both PC and monitor but no change. The computer will not even shut down if I press the power button. I still hear all audio but cannot use my...
  9. Sethm407

    Question No signal, entering power saving mode

    Hello, first thread so Im sorry if its in the wrong place. SPECS: Ryzen 1600 cpu Msi gtx 970 gpu rog strix b350-f mobo 16gigs Gskill rgb 3200 ram 2tb firecuda hybrid hard drive Corsair h115i cooler Lg ultrawide monitor Now that that’s out-of-the-way, this problem has been getting...
  10. n_m_k

    [SOLVED] why do I get no signal detected at home

    I started my PC, it booted but monitor said no signal detected. It didn't even show bios. However it boots directly into windows and I can even play music with my shortcut keys and turn the pc off. I was trying to narrow it down to GPU or psu, when I decided to take my PC to work, and it...
  11. Erikction

    [SOLVED] GPU HDMI Not working sometimes

    A while back my PC made some weird loud noises at the s, it sounded like a diesel engine. I noticed the sound coming from the PSU, but it always went away after 5 mins. Today I started my computer but it said "no signal". So I checked the inside of my computer but the fans of the GPU were...
  12. W

    GTX 1080 vs 1080 Ti at 1440p

    Is the 1080 at a level of "good enough" for over-60fps at 1440p? Is shelling out the dough for a 1080 Ti basically wasted money at anything less than 4k?