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  1. Question Pc is turning on but is stuck on blue screen and also not detecting any usb device such as mouse or keyboard

    Hello, My pc is showing me this blue screen The main problem is not detecting any usb devices (Keyboard mouse) and even media device for windows installer, feels like it am completely locked out of my pc Please help
  2. sapdacinco

    Question Upgraded PC not working and I have no idea why

    So prior to the upgrade I had a windows 10 pc with a ryzen 7 1700, aorous b450 mobo, rtx 2070, 16 gb of Corsair rgb 3200 ram, an evega bronze 500 watt psu, and a 500 gb ssd and a 1 tb hdd. Yesterday, I decided to upgrade my mobo and cpu to a ryzen 5600x and a ROG b550 - f. I plugged everything...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Clearing cmos on b150-hd3

    I'm 99% sure my motherboard is dead, was playing GTA V, before I play I usually open a program called MSI Afterburner and turn my GPU's clock all the way down or else I will be getting some crazy artifacts. Mid-game, PC shuts down, and does not boot up, literally dead, the only thing that...
  4. W

    Question Computer not booting, red DRAM light on motherboard ?

    I turned my computer on this morning having last used it last night with no issue to find that it would not boot, It would turn on with the LED lights and fans turning on but nothing beyond that my screen remained black. I decided to search this up originally not noticing the DRAM light and...
  5. MiguelSolanoV

    [SOLVED] New Pc built won't boot. The only thing that lights up is the RAM

    Please help :'(. It is my very first built and I was so excited. It took me 5 months to save money for this and now I'm very worried. When I turn on the PSU switch, my motherboard flashes in one second and then nothing. The only thing that "works" is my RAM because it only lights up. I really...
  6. Ryzane

    [SOLVED] Is my CPU or my MB defective?

    So I recently ran into a rather big issue with my PC... I tried to restart it, after not doing anything unusual, and ever since, whenever I try to start it, the power turns on, the fans start spinning, the components with lighting light up and then... nothing. No video output, no power turning...
  7. K

    Question My PC won't power on

    Hi! Hope someone can help me. I've had my PC for a little over 3 years now. It's a ryzen 5 1600 build with a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard and a GTX 1060 in it. For the most parts, it has worked really well, however about 2 months ago, my Evga 500W 80% bronze psu stopped working, so I...
  8. P

    Question PC freezing while booting (boots okay when Linux SSD is removed)

    Giving as much detail as possible, I'll try to showcase what I'll believe to be the most important information I have 3 disk in my PC, all working with windows7 and a partition of one having linux ubuntu(about 50gb). While working with linux it suddenly started kicking me out to user screen and...
  9. PhilippK

    Question Win 10 does not boot after Clone, BIOS takes ages to show up

    So I cloned Windows from a 120Gb SSD onto a 480Gb SSD. I accidentally converted the 480 to a dynamic disk. Now I can't boot from either one and my BIOS take ages to show up. (POST-Screen gets shown for like 20-30 seconds) I have a WIN10 install disk, I can boot to it if I have my 120Gb SSD in...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 wouldn't boot suddenly

    Hi, I recently installed epic games launcher this morning, since I got a free copy of kingdom come deliverance. After less than an a minute, while downloading the game, my PC froze. CTRL-Alt-del wouldn't work, so I hit the reset button. Then after booting again, my PC wouldn't boot normally...
  11. H

    Question Motherboard not turning on

    I transferred everything into a nee case and after doing so, i flip on the psu and the motherboard rgb light barely flickers on and then back off. The gpu power light is on so it cant be the psu, I reset the cmos and still nothing, Im beginning to think i might have zapped the motherboard... Any...
  12. 4

    [SOLVED] Need help ! very strange

    Hello, So i just built my first PC and i couldnt be anymore more upset about all of this being that ive waited over a year to finally build this thing, It took me some time but i finally did it and it wont turn on. Check everything again and my cpu connector was all the way in so i plug it in...
  13. D

    Question Computer won't start, fan moves slightly when power button pressed

    So this morning when I tried to turn on my computer, it just wouldn't start. The case fan and the CPU fan would move very slightly, and the EZ Debug LED on the motherboard labeled 'CPU' would flash momentarily. If I pressed the power button again, nothing would happen. I would have to turn off...
  14. F

    Question Pc dead after installing a new ssd. Whats wrong?

    Today I received a new ssd so I decided to install it in my PC. After installing it I plugged everything in an pressed the power button. The PC turned on for a fraction of a second then it turned off. I waited a few seconds and tried again but nothing happened. I tested the PSU and it seems to...
  15. J

    Newly built computer won't start up

    I just built a new computer and it won't start up. I cant find a solution. I think it may be the power supply but I need to make sure. Specs: i5-2400s Nvidia GTX 750ti 1gb EVGA 450w Bronze 8gb RAM