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  1. WQLFF

    Question External Bootcamp Drive not booting (blinking underscore)

    So when I try to boot my Windows 10 System Bootcamp on an external drive with my iMac as always it apparently just shows a blinking underscore after I tried to restart because of an iCloud Update. But booting the external drive from my MacBook works completely fine and when I try to boot it on...
  2. D

    Question Computer won't start, fan moves slightly when power button pressed

    So this morning when I tried to turn on my computer, it just wouldn't start. The case fan and the CPU fan would move very slightly, and the EZ Debug LED on the motherboard labeled 'CPU' would flash momentarily. If I pressed the power button again, nothing would happen. I would have to turn off...
  3. F

    Question Pc dead after installing a new ssd. Whats wrong?

    Today I received a new ssd so I decided to install it in my PC. After installing it I plugged everything in an pressed the power button. The PC turned on for a fraction of a second then it turned off. I waited a few seconds and tried again but nothing happened. I tested the PSU and it seems to...
  4. J

    Newly built computer won't start up

    I just built a new computer and it won't start up. I cant find a solution. I think it may be the power supply but I need to make sure. Specs: i5-2400s Nvidia GTX 750ti 1gb EVGA 450w Bronze 8gb RAM